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anime drawings of people. anime drawings of people.
  • anime drawings of people.

  • Apple...
    Jan 17, 07:32 PM
    Question is in the title. Any thoughts? I know there was an Apple computer that sold for quite a bit a few weeks ago, but I'm sure it was way older. It's in perfect condition and I even have an old Apple printer for it (which works as well). Thanks. :apple:


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  • how to draw anime eyes. how

  • Lord Blackadder
    Sep 7, 09:59 AM
    Lance has said he'll retire or has even retired before I think, but coming out of retirement 'just to p*ss them off' is a bit lame.

    Well, I don't think he'd go to that much trouble just to taunt the French media...If he does race I think the reason will be because that's what he does, and he doesn't want to stop.

    Although, maybe it would be better for him to start competing in other Tours like the Giro d'Italia - he's already put his stamp firmly on the Tour de France.

    PS. Don't diss MJ - you run a good chance of being struck down.... ;)

    LOL, I never was much of a basketball fan but it was sad to see such a legend fade away like he did - it was just too hard to let go.


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  • bella92108
    Mar 28, 11:56 AM
    You can ONLY do a tethered jailbreak on 4.3 (or 4.3.1) currently.. as someone has stated here..

    And only on iPad 1 NOT iPad 2, correct?


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  • KBP
    Jun 22, 12:16 PM
    Brrr. Powell's collllld. Stay warm out there if you go.

    I know, I have been told :( I don't even have one reserved. I hope I get one!


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  • militaryman911
    Apr 24, 10:59 PM
    If you're willing to spend that much then why not just get a baseline 2011 MBP?

    The Intel i series of the new MBPs will be far better than that C2D found in that macbook. See here (

    Hahaha thats weird, you quoted me right before I changed that post to include what you're talking about.


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  • McGiord
    Feb 12, 02:46 PM
    none...get an iphone


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  • Drawing people sitting outside

  • MrMacMan
    Oct 2, 04:31 PM
    Originally posted by Hemingray

    I wouldn't personally call the vertical mounting of hard drives and a goliath-sized heatsink an improvement...
    L0L now we know how it feels like to have a P4 with Uber-Cooling.
    Now quick someone create a document on how to water cool you G4!


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  • xFU3Lx
    Dec 15, 06:22 PM
    Manufacturing defect? :rolleyes:

    No door in my Rev D. 15" PB.Ok, thats good news. Do you know what I need to take off to get to the card?


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  • Drawing anime:

  • DakotaGuy
    Feb 9, 01:57 PM
    Not at the same time, you can't. :p

    What good is doing it all at the same time if you can't keep the call connected?;)


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  • ldkaplan
    Jul 6, 09:17 AM
    Try a Thinkpad T-series. Best-built for the money, with user-replaceable parts (try finding that on most machines today), and a keyboard that puts all others to shame.

    I like my t400. If only it wasn't running windows. The battery lasts forever.


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  • Queso
    Mar 25, 03:37 PM
    though my production is down as of late, i'm still the #6 folder on team 3446.

    Folding? Who does that? Seriously.. :rolleyes:

    :eek: :cool: :D ;) :p

    *beams with pride over his 232 WU's*
    Shamefully looks at his 2 completed WUs :o


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  • Draw Manga, anime drawings

  • zap2
    Apr 1, 10:28 AM
    they get funnier every year....

    joking? Because in the PS3 joke thread, you said you think people shouldn't be allowed on web on April 1st


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  • DeaconGraves
    May 5, 02:43 PM
    Get the i7. Based on what you said you were going to use it for (besides gaming), it'll be worth it.

    I may be wrong, but my understanding about vram is not that the 6790m is not powerful enough for 2GB, but that games right now don't typically need the full 2GBs. That being said, of all the upgrade choices I made, the jump to 2GB seemed the most brainless: not that much more money for a little bit more future proofing.


    anime drawings of people. anime drawings
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  • terraphantm
    Apr 30, 02:23 PM
    I fail to see the need to preserve a baseband that can't be unlocked.

    The team isn't going to waste their time working on 3.10 when they can just work on the most recent, or put serious effort into whatever comes with 5.0.

    Then they'd just have everyone update to 5.0.

    There is the off chance that they'll find a crash in one of the older basebands that was inadvertently fixed in the newer basebands. But I agree in that it probably isn't worth preserving since there's an equal chance that one of the newer basebands will have a crash that wasn't available in an older one... and w/ the iPhone 4 you can only install whatever baseband is being signed at that moment, so preserving a baseband might actually screw one's unlock chances too.

    Hopefully they can figure out the NCK Unlock stuff since that'd be just as good as an official unlock. If the key truly is 40-bits, it shouldn't be that hard to brute force. Everything has been kinda quiet lately though, so who knows what's going on behind the scenes. They might even be saving it for the iPhone 5 release


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  • velocityg4
    Apr 20, 12:21 PM
    this one is listed as being specifically for the samsung HS12UHE

    after many fruitless ebay searches i located this by searching "SATA LIF"

    That must be the correct one. If you count the number of pins on the back of LIF connector you will see there are 24. Since I already managed to get the Air running I have already backed up the data. So do not need one of these anymore. I'll keep this referenced though if I ever happen to need to perform data recovery on another Rev B/C Air. I'll also mention if the one I ordered is for the 40 or 24 pin connector. Though from further research I think it is 40 pin.


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  • Cute Anime People Drawings.

  • takao
    Apr 18, 07:09 AM
    some macrumors specific parts obviously missing:

    13 discussing the color and font of the light bulb box

    5 discussing the actual unpacking of the light bulb

    2 telling everybody to wait for the next revision


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  • Anime Drawings For Kids

    May 5, 03:12 PM
    There should be a -1000 button for threads like these... Or - "Lowest Ranked".

    Haha I guess you're the only one. You're at -39.
    I chuckled


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  • mddharma
    Sep 19, 02:33 PM
    I need to buy a monitor for a powerbook and saw a few companies selling new, in the box 17" Apple Studio Displays online. The price is about $450. I have always loved the look of that monitor, but am wondering how well they stack up with today's monitors. In addition, I believe for the same price I could get 19" - so I am torn. Any advice? :confused:


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  • iFiend
    May 6, 03:18 PM
    I'm just curious if they're going to see that I started it well after when they ended it. I don't know how much information the reps have in-store or what all they do when they upgrade, so I was hoping someone who had done it once already could tell me if they had any trouble.

    It doesn't matter what has happened to anyone, or what we may think will happen. That could all be different in 14 months. Do you really need that much planning ahead?

    Besides, who cares if they know you "did the loophole". Bottom line is you had an OG iPhone and then had another. Who cares :confused:

    Oct 26, 07:22 PM
    I was there before it opened. Using Leopard now.

    Oct 26, 03:24 PM
    So of the people that are going does anyone want to meet up?

    Apr 24, 06:10 PM
    For now - in MAC OS X 10.6.7, I have found the answer.

    The answer is: the parental controls. When parental controls are off then, the IMac will fall asleep.



    May 6, 11:32 AM
    I just ordered an iMac with SSD + 1TB hard drive. I'm assuming that when Apple builds the system, that they just dump everything onto the SSD. What are the correct steps for moving the home directory from the SSD to the hard drive? My plan is to install all applications on the SSD, but have the data (my user files, iTunes library, photos, media, documents, etc.) on the hard drive.

    Mar 22, 12:49 AM
    How many times did you try the jb and what were you using? Pwnage or greenpoison? Just because the jb fails once doesn't mean that it was a disaster. Try the jb again.
    At this point im just frustrated. I changed the host file with this ip Then I followed all the steps and got 4.2.1 on. When I went to jailbreak, I got it into DFU mode but the jailbreak failed. Now I just want to update to 4.3 but I cant because I dont remember what I changed and replace with this Anybody know the original text so I can update to 4.3?