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  • josephfarran
    Jun 6, 06:40 PM
    Did they really tell you to use the Shopping Cart feature in iTunes? Because since iTunes 9 this feature is gone now! The documentation you/Apple quoted is depricated unless your still using a pre iTunes 9 version.

    I miss shopping cart, but it is still around - called wish list now. Click on the drop down arrow next to the file you want to DL and click "add to wish list." Not sure if it works like this on the iPhone OS though...


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  • thunng8
    Apr 19, 05:01 AM
    I've looked at Anandtech, Macworld and a whole bunch of other benchmarks. Intel IGP either performs slightly worse or slightly better than the NVIDIA 320M.

    Those comparisons showing the HD3000 being almost as good as the 320M does not relate to the Macbook Air. The next Macbook Air is likely to use the ULV Sandy Bridge which is hugely underclocked compared to the HD3000 used in the MBP.


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  • jaxstate
    Aug 15, 05:19 PM
    Hey u haven't seen the "200 new features". Just kidding. I'm with you. The only upgrade I paid for was from Jag to Panther, I wanted to use Expose. But I only got Tiger due to the fact that it came on new MBPs. This OS release hasn't shown anything that's really worth it. :rolleyes:
    So far, Leopard is something I'm not willing to pay for.

    I expected just a little bit of a UI change, it just looks like a little updated version of Tiger.

    I really wonder what these top secret features are because the current features aren't impressing me enough to open my wallet.


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  • ender78
    Oct 18, 05:13 PM
    I'm thinking the same thing. Can anyone find the appropriate quote from, say, last year's MWSF? I know i've been waiting since then for the exciting new products he promised: intel conversions don't count, nor do new casings and better batteries for iPods. The MacBook counts as a new product and the sales achieved by it could put it into the exciting category. iTV may fit but it's not coming out til next year. So what did Steve promise for 06? And what fits that bill?

    We'll lets see, we're looking at significant performance upgrades for the same $$$ as well as a successful transition [lets give Apple credit where credit it due]. Apple may have added about a million new Mac users this quarter [that is a significant number]. I have friends who would NEVER has considered Macs in the past coming to me for advice on their next purchase.

    The iTV, and especially the iPhone could be breakout products. I am anxiously anticipating both.


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  • caspersoong
    Apr 13, 04:51 AM
    Pricing would be crazy. I wonder if this would change when more manufacturers make Thunderbolt ports.


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  • nies
    Apr 27, 08:41 PM
    when ive played this game twice how can this be considered weird, maybe this is how i am.. or did you guys not think of that?


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  • al256
    Jun 6, 08:23 AM
    Where's the personal responsibility/Apple shouldn't do things for their customer comments? I thought that was all the rage now a days...


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  • SeaFox
    Dec 2, 07:16 PM
    I for one, welcome our new Adware overloards.

    -1, Overrated


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  • Scrumper
    May 3, 07:56 AM
    Nice to see they retained the firewire ports for dinosaurs like me who still have audio interfaces and camcorders that rely on it. :) Lurvely!


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  • gameface
    May 2, 02:58 AM
    I guess that'll teach him for using his real address on Playstation Network.

    I chuckled. But wouldn't it have been more advantageous to empty his bank account first? ;)


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  • crainial
    Oct 18, 11:37 PM
    Its clear Apple is missing something in the midrange desk top line. Its time for the Cube or Macintosh or headless iMac or Max Mini or something. iMac isnt for everyone and the world has billions of big beautiful displays just waiting for a midrange Mac but if Apple prices it again the same as the towers it will be another failure. Its way past time for the next Macintosh. Needs a real GPU, at least 1 expansion slot and should be priced right along with ugly iMac:D or a pinch below.

    I couldn't agree more. A Conroe machine would fit this bill nicely. I don't have $2500 to spend on a CPU, but want a more powerful desktop. Not that a Mac is a mere PC, but the VAST majority of Windoze PCs are under $600. Why not put out a $700-1000 Mac? Increase the market share even more. Of course then Wal-Mart would want them, a sure sign of the end...


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  • sixth
    Oct 24, 08:37 AM
    MBPRO 15/2.33/2G/120/256VRAM/SD-DL-USA
    ship - Oct 30, 2006 delivery -Nov 6, 2006

    hows everyone else's ship dates?


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  • seanpholman
    Mar 16, 10:39 AM
    Standing at the end of SCP and they cut off the line at the back. I am hoping they have more than all these people, but there are easily 100 people in line. Looks like no luck today.



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  • Adam-
    Apr 12, 09:24 AM
    Am i the only person who is relieved that the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 aren't coming out anytime soon? I feel like i've lucked out buying an iPhone that isn't revised in a year of me buying it! I would be devastated if an iPad 3 came out in september, i don't like being constantly last generation. Plus the IP4 and iPad2 are pretty great as they are


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  • shirwan72
    Apr 26, 12:07 PM
    They charge for everything else, so what's new?!

    With our UK tax, it will be just another cash cow.


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  • cocky jeremy
    Jan 26, 01:01 AM

    I have one of these. Very nice for protein shakes.


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  • Nine9si
    Sep 30, 05:39 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7A400 Safari/528.16)

    Yeah, I hardly try to make calls. I'd rather text or email because even here in LA calls get dropped alot.


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  • centauratlas
    Apr 14, 09:55 AM
    Something like that I'm sure, you have:

    you have the "i", as in iOS
    then you have the "x", as in OS X
    and then you have the Mac
    and you have the possibility of "iX" as in iOS X as in iOS for Mac OS X?

    WHAT exactly it is or refers to, is an open question, but with the i, the X, and the Mac in the iOS App Store, it is definitely interesting.

    Maybe a sign of universal iOS+Mac apps?


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  • Ed91
    Mar 31, 10:48 AM

    I wouldn't mind this UI when iCal is toggles to full screen, but it just looks wrong next to everything else, and totally out of place. I seriously hope they reconsider. Seriously.

    Jul 25, 10:41 AM
    It seems like a major problem with this would be the fact that you get no tactile feedback. However, I have tapping enabled on my iBook and I don't find it odd or uncomfortable at all then I "click" on something. I'm sure it would take some getting used to, but I imagine that it could work.

    The 3G iPod did not have physical feedback, and they worked.

    But the problem here is everyone is assuming that none-touch means you don't even touch the iPod. Did it occur to anyone that it means you don't have to touch the screen? This allows Apple to put a more durable transparent cover over the entire face of the iPod.

    Think about it - a nice smooth seamless iPod face. When you put your finger over the display, the controls appear. Your finger touches the cover, but not the screen underneath. This allows for easy cleaning, and protection of the actual screen.

    Apr 29, 07:29 AM
    Interesting. Well I'm sure it's not a big deal. Why are people complaining over .2mm?

    Apr 22, 05:45 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)


    Likely: same design as current iPhone with antenna tweaks, A5 dual-core chip, more RAM, 8MP back camera, 1.3MP front camera, 64GB capacity (max), iOS 5, incresased battery life, etc.

    Somewhat Likely: "gestures", LiquidMetal, 4G (probably not till 2012, but who knows), improved display, etc.

    Not Likely: complete redesign

    That's what I'm betting on. I know I'm probably forgetting some things, but oh well.

    I really don't see them adding the dual core chip to the iPhone or the iPod Touch, maybe an increase in processor speed but I think the more powerful processor is going to be reserved for the iPad now.

    Apr 26, 03:26 AM
    Maybe what we really need is a display that can rotate 90? and still look good. Then I could stick a pair of 9:16's side by side.

    Hey now, I think you are onto something....That sounds like a new feature that MAC would offer, similar to how the iPod/iPad flip sideways....Excellent insight!!!

    Apr 14, 02:19 PM

    Love it... Full of life...