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  • NameUndecided
    Apr 2, 05:48 PM
    I noticed that I had around 15.6gb on my 25gb partition just before installing the update. Afterward I have 17.32. It could be that some settings or cache or whatever in some places have been reset. I know that my Launchpad needs to have apps placed back into it, but that couldn't take up that much space(?). Could be something else I haven't seen yet.

    All that I have on the Lion partition is the OS install. Even my Home directory is pointed to that on my Snow Leopard partition.

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  • plinden
    Jul 20, 12:37 PM
    Currently reporting at $60.80 at 12:44 ET. Up 6.73 from yesterday.

    Yahoo article reports: According to Gartner, Apple shipped 766,000 PCs in the second quarter of the year, good enough for 4.6% of the U.S. market, and a 15.4% increase over a year ago. Apple's growth rate exceeded those of the No. 1 and No. 2 PC companies, Dell Inc.:)
    Just to give some more figures - Gartner says worldwide PC sales are 55 million compared to 49.5 million this time last year, and 16.6 million in the US compared to 15.6 million last year.

    But I wonder where they got 766,000 from. The sales figures separate out retail from regional sales, but considering that most Apple stores are in the US, the vast majority of the 216,000 retail sales would be in the US, so US sales could be anything between 642,000-858,000. That's 3.9%-5.2% US market share. Looks like they picked a percentage right in the middle, but I would say it's nearer to 5%. Of course, worldwide it's still only 2.4%.

    To put this in perspective, Dell sold 9.73 million PC worldwide and 5.3 million in the US, ie. 7x Apple's shipments.

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 18, 01:32 PM
    so i hit 5 million points on jan 27, and i hit 6 million points today. so that last million took me 49 days. not my best so far, but hopefully once i get back to my apartment next month i'll be back in business

    Grats on 6 mil!!

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 25, 05:49 AM
    At least another USB port would be nice. Two was pathetic, three's OK, but
    four is more realistic number nowadays!

    Um, the Mini does have four USB-ports, and a FireWire-port.

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  • cmustin
    Nov 25, 09:30 AM
    No clue but could you please tell me where to purchase it? Its exactly what Im looking for!

    Any Army surplus store will carry it.

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  • reflex
    Aug 7, 06:04 AM
    Since AMD took over ATI I think we won't be seeing to many ATI cards in future products of Apple.

    Not letting Intel vendors include ATI products would be the best way for AMD to lose a lot of money.

    You can also look at it like this:
    ATI products sell well --> AMD makes lots of money --> AMD spends more money on research --> AMD makes better cpus --> AMD sells more cpus --> AMD makes even more money

    (and yes I know it's of course a very simple way to look at things that are quite complex)

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  • Killyp
    Aug 7, 07:31 AM
    The ability to exclude certain windows from Expose "Show all Windows". Kind of irritating when there are, ahem, certain windows up that you would prefer your parents don't see...

    When your finger misses F10 and gets to F11, it can be kind of irritating...

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 19, 06:18 AM
    Its always a tough call, if you don't go in you risk something like:

    Where over half a million people are killed.


    You know I am almost always critical of US military action, but in this case...

    It might need to be taken.

    We do have an obligation to stop atrocities if we are aware of them.

    That said, this needs to be an international action, not like the "coalition of the willing" that went into Iraq. In fact, id prefer it if the US was NOT the main force by any stretch. We should give plenty of support, but we should be careful to not give the impression that we are taking the primary role in another conflict.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 21, 11:17 AM
    A number of observers have pointed out that Apple did respond to location-tracking concerns ( last July, noting that such information could be collected, batched, and sent to Apple to assist with generating and refining its database of cellular and Wi-Fi access points for providing location services. Location tracking is also used to aid in targeting iAds to customers based on their geographic region, although this information is not passed on to advertisers.

    Once sent to Apple, it should be removed from the phone though, which is not happening right now according to reports. This is wrong. The problem isn't the feature per say, it's the persistence of this database and it's very accurate, low-resolution.

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  • uv23
    Sep 5, 09:11 AM

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  • Gem?tlichkeit
    Apr 3, 10:27 AM
    IMHO, I dislike it. I don't like the guy's voice which sounds phony and overly-reverential. Once you call something you make magical it automatically sucks any magic it may have had out. And the ad is saccharine to me. I generally hate Apple ads but enjoy their products.

    I know that's your opinion but you really are missing the whole point of the Ad.

    It's like critiquing the way a piece of art looks based on the frame it's in and not the art itself.

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  • imperium
    Oct 23, 05:43 PM
    I much prefer the US style (a first for me! :D), and will probably hope to buy a new computer before I leave for this specific reason. For example, what is with the tiny UK return key?

    I am so with you. It's almost the main reason why I want my next Apple (MMBP, obviously) to come from the US. The narrow vertical return key is a PoS. The $$$ saving over ??? is almost secondary! ;)

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  • mavis
    Sep 15, 12:09 AM
    I always think it's odd when someone would join the board the same of day of their post simply to write something very negative like this which flies in the face of most user experiences. :rolleyes:

    Then allow me to confirm what he said. I cannot use my iPhone 4 at home without a case; every other phone I've owned (including several iPhones) has always shown full signal in every room in the house. The iPhone 4's antenna problem is real, and listening to Apple sheep swear up and down that it's not doesn't change the fact that my iPhone 4 says "No Signal" when I make the mistake of holding it in my left hand. :rolleyes:

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  • Dave K
    Aug 27, 08:51 PM
    Could the deciding factor be the noise?

    Not arguing about whether a Conroe would fit in the iMacIntel case - but wondering whether the extra heat would result in extra noise from the cooling fans.

    The iMacIntel doesn't have to as fast as it possibly can, especially since the New Form-Factor Conroe Mini-Tower/Home-Theatre Mac® will be there for people who want a bit more power without the size and cost of the maxi-tower ProMacIntel.I know Maximum PC was playing around with the Core 2 Duo Extreme and, with an aftermarket heatsink + fan, were able to keep it at ~50 degrees C running at 100% U. on both cores. For fun, they unplugged the fan, made it recode an entire DVD to DivX and couldn't get it to a) go over 75 C, b) report a cut in processor speed, or c) shut off in protest.

    So, with a well designed cooling system, i suspect they shouldn't have any problem fitting that in a iMac and keeping it quiet.

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  • Yakuza
    Nov 24, 09:21 AM
    Even more awesome is that's the brainchild of Dan Akroyd.

    ahh now i understand it.

    i went like, whaatt!? brainchild of Dan Akroyd? lolol.

    with a little help of google, i read the story :p

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 19, 01:15 PM
    Yay, news that's something other than iOS related.

    Now hopefully the Mac Mini will get updated as well.

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  • hob
    Jan 1, 06:28 PM
    Who really needs more iLife. Honestly. I think they should bundle it with OS X, and update it all at once!

    BlueVelvet, you have ruined my life forever :p First time I've read that! So true though!

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  • PantherJeep
    Mar 1, 03:28 PM
    That may be true of the huge American diesel truck engines, but go examine a new VW, BMW or Mercedes diesel and you'll see that this is just not the case anymore. They sound a little different, smell a little different, but not worse than gasoline - it's just that we are so used to gas engines that everything else is assumed to be worse somehow.

    This. You can barely even smell the exhaust - if at all - even from the new truck engines with DPFs. The Cummins ISB in the Dodge, in particular, is effectively odorless (though they were having durability problems with their DPFs - dunno if that's solved yet or not).

    That said though, right this moment I'm very glad I don't have to buy diesel fuel. The price per gallon for #2 is hovering right around $4/gallon ( at all the stations near me (North San Diego County).

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  • Mlrollin91
    Mar 25, 03:41 PM
    The original iPad is only just hitting 1 year old. At least put in the article the status of the game for the iPad 1...does it work...doesnt it?

    iPad 1 does not support HDMI out, so I'm assuming no, it doesn't work.

    Nov 27, 07:10 AM
    What do you think of this drive?

    I'm still waiting for it :(

    Aug 25, 03:27 AM
    I dont think they will go core 2 yet, the mini is entry level, they will rather upgrade the macbook and the imac first before they go for the core 2 in the mini. That sayd, why not keep the solo and lower the price (3 mini models maybe), for many the reason why they arent switching is because of price, and with a lot of people only doing light office/home stuff the solo is good enough.

    Wait.... there is something else out there?? ;) :DThere are no single core Core 2 processors. That's why. 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo is the bottom of the line. Cost Apple same they paid for Solo 1.5GHz Yonah.

    Yeah I thought mini would go Core 2 last. But maybe Apple is getting such a huge shipment that they can go Core 2 across the board right away. I don't know. Hope Springs Eternal. :p

    Aug 16, 11:19 AM
    Actually, you can get Sirius in Canada and are able to stream Sirius anywhere in the world IF you have an account registered in the US. I've heard of many international customers setting up accounts to listen abroad.

    I'm just saying that I think the two would compliment each other nicely. You could use the service as just an ipod, a receiver for Sirius or BOTH.

    Apr 20, 01:50 PM
    But I'd guess that statement would come from someone who's only ever had rubbish cars or lives in a city where public transit is the more convenient option

    My other cars (except for the '78 Nova) haven't been rubbish. ;)

    I spent a week with a 2000 Camaro SS some time back, it had a 6-speed, but it didn't make the act of driving it any more pleasant. I ended up not buying it.

    Sep 6, 08:29 PM
    What planet are you on?
    Planet Germany ;) The not so expensive part of it though (other Germans are quite surprised too). Macs are pretty expensive here though, IMHO. And there isn't a single store you can get Macs... in a town with 200000 people or so. Oh well...