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  • longofest
    Nov 29, 02:10 PM
    Already been done...

    That is absolutely fantastic!

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  • mccldwll
    Sep 1, 02:49 PM
    New form for imac--
    --headless, docks to 17", 20" or 23" isight enabled displays (have to buy display w/ mac--priced together)
    --but can buy displays separately for upgrade
    --home entertainment model
    --headless unit can be carried to tv room w/o hauling display (putting old imac near a TV very bad design since 2 focal points, and SJ hates bad design)

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 23, 03:00 AM
    Good. The classic controls are far superior IMO when using quickly and trying not to look at it. This is the reason I will not purchase an iPod touch for use in the car.

    I've used iOS since June 2007 and it had never even got close to the perfection of the click wheel. When I go on any trip of more than 100 miles, I always take my 60 GB 5th Gen iPod. For me, part of it is space - but it's mostly for I/O.

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  • Ingot
    Apr 19, 11:16 AM
    What is this world coming to when quotes are coming from Brian Tong???

    Last month, CNET's Brian Tong claimed ( to have received information from a source indicating that updated iMacs should debut by the end of April or the first week in May, a window of time that is just now set to open.

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  • pika2000
    Mar 22, 05:05 PM
    For all those saying about SSD - don't forget that after approx. 2 years of regular use, the drive is pretty much useless. read/write speeds drop off considerably as they age. As unbelievable as it may seem, SSD still has a long way to go before it can replace the hard disk drive.
    :rolleyes: SSD is far more reliable than a spinning platter on a highly portable handheld device. Read/write speed? This is for an MP3 player, not a gaming PC. And it's not like the performance of the hard-drive on the current classic is great either. There's always a lag here and there for the drive to spin up. Try browsing cover flow on the classic, it's painful.

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  • poppe
    Jul 14, 10:58 AM
    I thought that there were other benefits to BD, therefore I've been backing their effort. I read that the scratch resistance of a BD is amazing. I know that there's a size issue at this point, but 25G on one layer is nicer than 30 on 2. Yes, you're going to pay for it, but there's much more "potential" with BD. We justified the expense of our macs using a similar argument. Finally, I think that in the future, we'll be needing that extra space on the 2-6 layers of a BD for uncompressed or losslessly compressed Hi-Fi audio/video. And is BD limited to MEPG-2, or can't it do MPEG-4 h.264 ? But all this may be bunk. I'm waiting for the first HVD to come out, then I can just stour a few TB on each disc. I'll just burn a main and a backup and keep all my digital data on them.


    If we are gonna base the present of potential then logically you should be going for Holographic disc since they have potential to bring out a single layer 300 gb disc at the end of 2006...

    Or is that what you meant by HVD?

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  • PaperQueen
    Oct 2, 06:53 PM
    My dermashot case came in on Friday.. been using it since.

    My initial thoughts - this case looks cheap and has a loose feel.

    My thoughts now - the case has a nice style and even though it is not as snug as it should be, it fits fine. It has not fallen off at all and has a real nice feel too.

    As one of the first to get the Dermashot (see earlier posts in this thread), I’ve been living with it for a while now...and the loose fit has really become annoying. Sometimes, I have to “feel around” to get the power to toggle off since the button doesn’t want to stay properly aligned with the corresponding “lump” on the case.

    The one upside is that it does keep its nice jet black finish—isn’t a dust or fingerprint magnet like others.

    My quest for the perfect case continues...... :(

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  • Horrortaxi
    Apr 27, 09:16 AM
    you manage to be pedantic and mistaken at the same time
    He's perfect for politics. Narrow-minded, wrong, and insistent--sounds like a politician to me. Maybe we should lay off him before we end up on some kind of government blacklist.

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  • balamw
    Sep 8, 03:58 PM
    Airport Express still shows available within 24 hours, so looks like Extreme is getting updated but Express is not.
    Or they have a decent inventory of Express units and just want to throw us off... :p


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  • bwintx
    Jul 20, 06:58 AM
    I bet that Vista will run on several year old machines. You might not get all the bells and whistles, but I don't have all the bells and whistles of Tiger on this Mac Mini of mine either. And since just about all OEM's wil preload Vista on their machines, the sales-numbers will be HUGE. And then we have those who upgrade their existing machines.

    You are correct. Existing PCs will run Vista but without the Aqua-ripoff pretty interface. For the Aqua-ripoff (I refuse to call it anything else), that's where much more RAM and newer video cards come into play by necessity. So, essentially, you get two classes of Vista users (imagine having to write the "requirements" text for Windows software in the near-future; ugh), and a giant opportunity for the memory and video card companies, which are probably buying their magazine and Web banner ad space right now -- not that anybody should alert the media for such info.

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  • emotion
    Aug 16, 07:36 AM
    Wonder if the wireless ipod wont be the iphone.

    I'm thinking this too. I thnk the rumours of a new nano enclosure may also be the iphone. I guess we'll see but as Chundles points out this isn't the most reliable source of info (Digitimes).

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  • JUSTIN Bieber#39;s mom has been forced to lawyer up! Pattie Mallette has reportedly hired her own legal team because she feels she is being cut out of the teen

  • NebulaClash
    Sep 14, 10:10 AM iPhone 4 still gets the best reception of any phone I've ever owned, regardless of how I hold it or whether or not it has a case on it...

    Yes, of course that's the case for most people. But you'd never know that if you listened to the drumbeat of the media saying that this iPhone version too has reception issues (I say "too" because this is not the first model of iPhone where reception issues were blown out of proportion ( to the percentage of users actually affected).

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  • ZipZap
    May 3, 04:48 AM
    It seems like any time there's even a slight implication of any software being tuned to be easier to use, there's a barrage of negative comments lamenting how it's been "watered down."

    What's with all this baseless elitism?
    (Over uninstalling an app! Such a trite matter)

    I see lots of people saying they'll stick with their version, or that it's the end of whatever paradigm they had before... why? Because it's what... "harder to use?" Who is that going to impress?

    Not just for Lion, but this is exactly what happened with FCPX.

    Which direction would the evolution of software go? Harder? Of course not...

    I really wonder what the reasoning behind all this negativity is...

    I dont think this is elitism...

    Perhaps we can just say that Lion will offer a new level of refinement for a Mac OS.

    Lets hope the iOS uninstall is implemented as a real uninstall...otherwise what's the point.

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  • petej
    Jul 18, 02:30 AM
    Movie rentals good. I rarely watch a movie more than once so this would suit me fine. I don't rent as much as would like to currently because I hate the trudge of taking the damn thing back to the rental store.
    Movie subscriptions bad. I don't watch enough of them for it to be worth my while to subscribe to any Movie service. Work and kids make sure of that.
    Movie download to own - no way. The last thing I want to do is fill up my HD with mountains of films that I'll probably never watch again and then have to back them all up to CD/DVD.
    Kid's movies - These do get watched over and over again so hey, I can buy the DVD.

    Now what would be cool added value is if I could choose the movie I want to rent from anywhere in the world and get it downloaded to my playback device (doesn't have to be a mac as such could just be an apple media center box) at home so that it is sitting waiting there when i get back. That could be great use for WAP / 3G mobile phones.

    Streaming movies are hopeless. My broadband may be fast but it still suffers from way too much congestion at my ISP for this to be reliable for anything other than a low res movie.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 07:43 PM
    Why is it necessary to keep your location a secret? What are Google and Apple going to do to you? What *exactly* and *specifically* is there to be afraid of?
    Your location is *never* a secret, unless you're the President and it's a national crisis.

    What, are you worried that Apple and Google saw you shop at Target? LOL

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  • Porco
    Sep 6, 09:04 AM
    What do you mean by "G5"??? PowerPC is long gone from Macs.

    I think he's [quite obviously] talking about the iMac G5 exterior (as opposed to the 'sunflower' iMac G4, or the original G3-based CRT iMac), the form factor, which didn't really change much from PPC to intel. He even mentioned the intel chip in his post, I think no small amount of pedantry is involved in the "???"s :)

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  • MightyQuinn
    Feb 6, 04:38 AM

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Sep 6, 06:34 PM
    I am with the rental bandwagon. I would pay up to $4.99 to rent a movie that deleted itself after a certain period of time from the first play. Also, I could care less about how long it takes to download because if they implemented a queue ala Netflix then the next one could just download. It should still be faster and more convenient than Netflix. I would even be happy if they used Bit torrent technology to help subsidize their bandwidth costs. Until there is a model like, this I won't give up Netflix and there is no way that I want to buy movies online unless they are under $9.99 and are at least DVD quality and burnable to a disk. It just isn't worth it without physical media. As it is, there are already tons of people who rent and burn movies with impunity so distributing content electronically might be a great way to get some money from those people because they would be able to have a DRM that limits the number of burns, as well as, watermarking to stop unauthorized distribution.

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  • hyperpasta
    Sep 1, 02:32 PM
    I, for one, think the iMac and Mac Mini will get Merom due to their form factors, and a yet to be announced minitower will get Conroe (just ask AidenShaw).

    But that's not true! If Apple puts in Merom, I want to see it even thinner... the very same case held a G5, much more demanding than Conroe, as of last October.

    Feb 23, 05:18 PM
    MacBook Pro 2.16GHz C2D with Dell U2211H (
    Visidec monitor arm ( and laptop arm (
    Macally ICEKEY Keyboard ( with Logitech mouse (this ( is the current version of it).
    Galant desk ( from IKEA.
    Other things include juggling balls, dry-erase markers, an iPhone, and a card from my grandmother.

    May 2, 04:26 PM
    Perhaps, though I suspect for some people, the MAS will be the only way they interact with apps on the Mac.

    Let's hope it doesn't give Apple any ideas. You know... lowest common denominator ideas... :(

    Jan 7, 05:13 AM
    Not too bad, if it's a modern one. Depends if he rags it all the time, but you'll get 35+ out of it I imagine.

    Apr 20, 09:23 AM
    So close... I'm going to finally upgrade from the dual 867Mhz G4 "Mirrored Door" from and am also running Tiger.

    I was using it daily till 2009 when I received a hand me down PC from 2006 in my sig which is getting me buy until the new iMac comes out.

    Aug 7, 05:13 AM
    Boy, we are a quite a multinational group. If only the rest of the people in the nations of the world could come together through Macness the way that we all have, then there would be no more wars. Actually, it'd probably just mean we'd have different kinds of wars, like the Nano vs. Video iPod war. :p

    I can see a war over that already brewing! :p