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  • franky303
    Mar 31, 01:39 PM
    they should have better added a week view for iphone's ical ...


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  • Stridder44
    Mar 31, 11:38 AM
    I love these new UI touches.

    But UI changes are not enough for me to spend $129 on alone. If it were $29 like Snow Leopard was, then that'd be different, but I highly doubt that'll happen this time around. Let's see some real features (ones that haven't been mentioned yet).


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  • gibbz
    Apr 26, 12:00 PM
    No real surprise here. Apple has been charging for MobileMe. Why not this service.


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  • leekohler
    Nov 8, 10:27 AM
    I won't get it but:


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  • TrollToddington
    Apr 19, 03:27 PM
    For me and many other potential MBA purchasers, a CPU bump from the media processing abilities of the Core i processors would be welcome, and GPU performance over and above the ability to play real-time HD video is useless. We shouldn't be saddled with an out-of-date processor or forced to subsidize "unnecessary" frame rate performance just to appease game-players. And that perspective is as valid as yours.

    +1, besides, the 13" MBP + 128GB SSD provide far better value-for-money than any present 13" MBA.

    The cheaper solution, the 11", tells another story but even then anything past the base model comes so close to the price of a 13" MBP+SSD that it's impractical to get a 11" from a performance point of view, especially when it's equipped with the slow 1.4 C2D. The 1.4 i5 will provide far better performance (certainly far more than 40% of speed boost). We will still be able to watch FullHD movies despite the less capable IGP. Games. Don't tell me you want to play WoW on a 11" monitor.

    Also nobody said the processor upgrade is useless or "unwelcome". FX4568 said "We have enough to accomplish our tasks, and any more would be an overkill in the things we need our computer to process.". Overkill means the increased processor speed will not be of any use, or, in other words, useless.


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  • rmrt84
    Apr 22, 05:54 AM
    yes I agree the hands in both those pictures look extremely similar.
    I am going to have to side with Samsung on this; apple stole their hand.

    As far as the phones go? the looks are similar but still different looking.

    Mmmm this sort of comments make me believe people do not really understand how production of something like a phone works. Do you guys think Apple started drawing the general outlook and tech aspects of the iPhone just AFTER seeing Samsung's P.o.s.? It doesn't take 1 month to come up with a project like iphone. I think Apple had this thing going on probably years before Samsung even started thinking about a touch phone! Point is, Apple makes the standard and everyone wants to copy it. There's leaders and followers. Apple is a leader. Period.


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  • wordoflife
    Apr 22, 09:25 AM
    So what is Apple waiting for with the iPhone 5?
    If there are no chips until 2012, then just give us the iphone 5 now :)


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  • skunk
    Apr 27, 04:14 AM
    As long as my daughter is in there, I will have a say who goes in the bathroom.What are you going to do, big boy? Stand outside with a shotgun? Feel up anyone who approaches? What threat do you imagine a transgender person offers to your daughter? The fruit of the tree of knowledge?


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  • mattster16
    Sep 30, 12:20 PM
    wow Matt, you must live in a special area of Minneapolis, because my experience with AT&T coverage in Minny is terrible! I was over in St. Louis Park just yesterday and my wife and I both had NO SERVICE until we got into Edina, and when my wife was in downtown at her patent lawyers office (IDC) she had 1 bar on Edge, and could not stay connected for more than 30 seconds before dropping the call. Thankfully in Prior Lake, I have decent coverage.

    That's odd because I get great service in St. Louis Park (I'm in that area a lot) and I live and work downtown and get great service both indoors and out. I very rarely go below 5 bars anywhere I am in the metro area - I only experience diminished service along I-35 heading north to Duluth. My roommate has an iPhone as well and has the same experience I do. I've had AT&T now for about 3 years and have never had problems. I do agree that Sprint has great service as well in MN, I had them before the iPhone came out.


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  • Keleko
    Apr 8, 01:59 PM
    Ferrell's Hamburgers in Hopkinsville, KY, is the home of the best burgers in the world! (


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  • xPismo
    Aug 15, 02:58 PM
    Progress is good, but I don't see any killer apps which will make me upgrade day 1. This might change, but really 10.4 does everything I need it to do so far.

    I guess my pro apps will probably force me to upgrade at some point.

    Does anyone else get a kitten ichat image with the third spotlight image? Is that a new feature? (/me missed something.)

    [edit] ah I get it now. That image should have some context around it... its a preview image in spotlight... maybe I' slow today. :)


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  • WelshBluebird
    Apr 24, 10:46 AM
    While I don't doubt that Apple are working on an iPhone that works on T-Mobile US's 3G band, is there any actual proof that this phone is connected to the T-Mobile network in the US?

    We have a T-Mobile network in the UK, and they use the "normal" 3G frequencies, so any GSM iPhone 4 would work on it.


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  • agentdavo
    Apr 18, 12:14 PM
    The all new AppleTV. Available in a range of colours. ;-)


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  • renewed
    Sep 14, 12:04 PM
    Wait till you get that platinum card !


    I actually want the Lutetium card.


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  • random47
    Nov 28, 11:19 AM
    8GB ram for my macbook pro.

    Is really all i need.

    maybe i should get 100 usd for charity.


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  • randyoo
    Apr 14, 08:35 PM
    Are people firing up their lawyers because Apple does not update their iPhone 3G that came with iOS 3 when they bought it in june 2010 ? Doesn't the licence flyer in the box say Apple will supply the current iOS version +1 ?

    Disclaimer: I don't use an iPhone 3G, but I have plenty of friends who do.

    It's a shame that Apple isn't at least back-porting security fixes for 3G users. No new features, just security fixes. (although that new version of WebKit would probably give them a nice speed-boost, too!)

    There are still plenty of iPhone 3G users under warranty. Maybe if they start getting hacked (by simply navigating to a "wrong" website), and Apple has to replace their phones, something might change... Meh, who am I kidding? They would still simply weigh the number of phones they'd need to replace against the number of sales they might lose by providing updates, and go with whatever makes them the most money, just like Ford execs figured it would be cheaper to pay out victims of the Pinto's tendency to go up in flames from minor accidents, rather than pay for a redesign.

    I hated to see support dropped for iPhone 3G, because that means my (and my wife's) 3GS is next on the chopping block. Now, it's just a matter of waiting for the axe to drop...


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  • DisMyMac
    Apr 11, 01:41 PM
    I just want a TB-USB 3 adapter. That's all


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  • Nikolai
    Oct 24, 08:39 AM
    Finally updating my PowerMac G3. Thats right...1999.

    With my student discount, and the fact that I'd want 2gig ram, there is about a $400 difference between the 2.16 and 2.33 15-inchers. How much practical difference in speed will the 2.33 have over teh 2.16? Do you think it'll be $400 worth? Thanks.


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  • arogge
    Jun 27, 04:26 PM
    Well IMO you'd feel differently if your credit card incurred an accidental and irreversible thousand dollar charge. :p

    Not really, because you can file a dispute with the credit card company for being charged an unreasonable amount due to an accident. If most items in the iTunes Store are between $1 and $5, and you happened to accidentally buy the one that was $1,000, that could be considered an unreasonable accident because there would have been no confirmation that the credit card was present at the time of purchase. Let the credit card company deal with it if the merchant won't accept the excuse.

    My iTunes is set up to prompt me when I attempt to purchase anything that costs more than Free, and that prevented me from making one or two accidental purchases due to an Apple error that failed to mark some items Free in the database, even though they were listed as Free.

    Apr 22, 12:05 PM
    Stop it please, you're hurting me... OpenStep is a specification of which GNUStep is a GPL licensed implementation released by the GNU project. Foundation and Cocoa are the NeXTSTEP acquired implementations that Apple is using.

    OpenSTEP is not licensed under a GNU project license at all...

    POSIX is not a kernel. It's a standard programming interface that UNIX systems used to make sure that one program written for a UNIX system would compile another as long as the standard was followed.

    Minix, while being a POSIX compliant OS, was a complete implementation done by Andrew Tannenbaum for a book he was writing.

    Your grasp of all of this history is quite muddied. Seriously, who are you trying to convince here ? You've gotten about every fact wrong about this whole thing. The plain fact remains, I was right all along, your correction was quite wrong when you said :

    You completely misunderstood my post when I said Bash was part of the GNU project. Bash has always been GNU, always will be. The GPL is very much "GNU licensing".

    Enjoy easter yourself and use the days off to work on your grasp of the whole UNIX and open source histories.

    From ( :

    Again, the Foundation is called the FSF, from their site, ( :

    Stop getting it wrong, we're on the Internet, the sites are there to correct you.

    Lastly - yes you are correct re POSIX - my bad.

    Apr 4, 03:02 PM
    ISO 200, 92mm, 0 ev, f/6.3, 1/640

    Apr 22, 04:40 PM
    I find the ip4 to be way too heavy and awkward to hold. I like this design, it allows weight to be shaved off and perhaps (!) be more ergonomically friendly.

    I agree that the back should be made extra study and NOT in chrome. I see them using the same type of backing as the ipads...

    One more thing that the tapered back will enable is ease of use while its on a desk because the viewing angle will be nicer. On the other hand, it would make it more awkward in landscape mode and for playing game because one side would be thicker than the other. Perhaps its easy to get used to? time will tell!

    Apr 22, 03:18 AM
    Got to love those championing Samsungs televisions.

    Horrible, cheap, nasty, overly plastic, flimsy pieces of *****.

    Their LED's and Plasma's are reasonable, but I'll never touch their LCD's again.

    Had them, sold them, put Bravias through the house. Sorted.

    Oct 20, 10:05 AM
    My MBP is up and running 24/7 now, HP laptop working during business hours, and my CD iMac is running at night. I should be back to my "normal" output.

    Now I am itching to buy a MP :p