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  • scem0
    Oct 27, 02:12 PM
    Originally posted by Inhale420

    not only that, but there is a limit to where bigger is NOT better. a 30 inch screen placed 2 feet in front of you doesn't seem to make much sense.

    Exactly. I mean, how many of these could they possible sell? And imagine the costs of making one. There would (most probably) be a whole bunch of dead pixels...


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  • slug420
    Oct 27, 02:57 PM
    can anyone confirm that the UConn (or CCSU) bookstores are selling leopard at this discounted price? If so what do you need to buy it (student id?) and is it available today or in a couple months or something?


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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 25, 06:21 PM
    That is not really a cracked software you use, as cracking software involves cracking.
    Do not post software serial numbers or keys or refer people to specific websites, software, or techniques whose purpose is to break or bypass software licensing methods, distribute cracks, or obtain or use commercial software or media in violation of its license and/or for copyright violation. Do not ask for or give such help.

    from http://guides.macrumors.com/Help:Forum_Rules#Things_Not_to_Do


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  • jamper
    May 4, 03:17 PM
    I feel some vibration on the table where my imac is.
    When i lift the imac, the vibration disapears. also the huummmm sound disapears.
    I think it isn't a normal behavior. If you can easily change for another imac, go for it.
    I didn't change mine because this was the 3rd imac, due yellow tint


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  • Chone
    Mar 27, 09:00 PM
    Doesn?t this thread belong to 2000 or something?

    10GB iPods? N64 expansion paks? Heh, doesn?t look like a new post thats for sure.

    As for your question it improves the image quality somewhat but some games (like Majora?s Mask) require it so its not a bad purchase... as for getting one, try ebay...


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  • hob
    Mar 6, 10:33 PM
    My Illustrator class instructor does and one of our assignments was to do something of that depth. I'll try to dig up the website, if you're interested.
    I'd be interested to see that

    Do you know of any good tutorial sites to get me started with illustrator?


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  • Interstella5555
    Apr 10, 01:04 PM
    You mean do I respond to overblown media hysteria and people who don't really understand how cell phones work? No, not really.


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  • gkarris
    Feb 17, 07:24 PM
    I think I saw that house in a documentary somewheres - sort of ugly and nothing at all special... who cares?


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  • BRLawyer
    May 6, 11:38 AM
    Undoubtedly 10, it's the best desktop on Earth today.

    And despite all this BS that Winblows fanboys love to spread around here, I am yet to see a PC beating my 2008 iMac in terms of overall performance, UI responsiveness and REAL multitasking capabilities (not the crap that Windows represents).

    NONE of my friends and relatives (all of them NORMAL users) has a better-performing machine - so please be careful when reading posts from hobbyists about "building your machine" and the like. No ordinary customer does that or wants to do that.

    - The iMac has the BEST screen in the industry;
    - The BEST OS in the industry, with the option to run inferior Windows if you want to suffer;
    - The BEST AIO design, and none of the bulkiness common to the ugly Windows world;
    - The BEST keyboard;
    - The BEST standard, multitouch mouse (magic mouse) - just genius;
    - Even for an older machine like mine, EXCELLENT overall performance;
    - Multitasking responsiveness that is miles ahead of Windows machines (remembering my pathetic PC at work);
    - Almost totally silent;
    - The best customer service in the world.

    Windows PCs nowadays are just for three types of people:

    1 - Hardcore gamers who love to brag about irrelevant specs or one extra FPS;
    2 - People like the above who need to change their GPU every month or like to tinker with their boxes;
    3 - Masochists.

    Just buy your iMac and be happy - you're not gonna regret it.


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  • talmy
    Mar 1, 10:00 AM
    I've had this happen to me.
    Seems to happen only when I've rebooted a system (maybe from sleep state -- see the next paragraph for a possible explanation). I guess it sees some ghost of the old system around (BonJour I expect) and renames itself to avoid conflict.

    I've got a Mac mini server handling DHCP/DNS. I know this only happens on a specific system that doesn't have a fixed IP address assigned using the "Static Maps" page in Server Admin. But it might not be the server at fault. I also have an AirPort Extreme that does the Wake-on-LAN for the system. Since it responds to BonJour requests for sleeping systems, if it thinks the system being rebooted is asleep when a new one appears with a different IP address (via DHCP assignment).

    If I'm right, you can solve the problem by having the DHCP service assign a fixed IP using the Static Maps.

    Now if it is the server itself that is changing names, and it has a static IP, I'm baffled.


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  • Chupa Chupa
    May 4, 08:06 PM
    Can I run two external displays from the 21" iMac? One from mini dp with vga converter and one from thunderbolt to vga or hdmi? It looks like the graphics card only supports one external display by the specs.. so what would be the point of using the thunderbolt over the mini display port right?

    I would get a 21.5" iMac to go with my two 22" ips monitors if I knew it could work...

    No. There is only one TB/MDP port (they share the same connector) on the 21". Only the 27" has two.


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  • Luke Redpath
    Jul 25, 07:03 PM
    You are quite mistake, this second preview is near feature complete. It needs some polishing, but for the most part it's nearly ready to be shipped.

    Sorry, but it is nowhere near ready to be shipped. It easily needs another 3-6 months. It's still buggy, has performance issues and many features are still missing.


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  • LarryC
    Apr 26, 09:38 AM
    I'm sorry about that. It is fixed now.


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  • Billicus
    Jul 9, 05:35 PM
    Are they some of these? (http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?cgiurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.com%2Fws%2F&krd=1&from=R8&MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&ht=1&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&query=PowerBook+17) Some of those bids seem rediculously low for someone to be selling them...:(


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  • SciFrog
    Nov 19, 05:30 PM
    They need to recode for OpenCL, anywhere from 6 months to several years...


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  • Rt&Dzine
    Jan 11, 11:17 PM
    Another vote for FontExplorer X. I've been using it for years and it works like a charm. (I do follow Suitcase's recommended organization of fonts.)


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  • katie ta achoo
    Sep 24, 12:54 PM
    How big do you wanna go?

    (If you can deal with the ugly :p) the Dell 2005 FPW may be the way to go. 20" LCD.
    It's around $500, so you could get your dual-monitor on, or get one for yourself and one for me, too. :)


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  • janey
    Jul 10, 03:18 PM
    Originally posted by jimthorn
    OK, I just have to ask. What happened? Did you fry the other memory slot or do you just need another memory module? I just added a 512MB to my iBook and I have an extra 128MB one I don't need now...
    the ram cover won't come off lol
    since i really don't want to do it myself, i'm taking it to macenthusiasts to get it off since that's what the apple store genius dude told me to do.
    i have a 512mb stick somewhere...i should really go...maybe i'll go right now.


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  • Stinkysteve
    Jul 8, 07:21 AM
    I liked the hockey puck mouse and still use one on my G4 tower.

    I thought the original Pro Mouse with the adjustment on the bottom was very good, the mouse with the scroll ball on top was just awful with how quickly it would gum up.

    Now I'm happy with the Magic Mouse, happy after a bought a charger and a few sets of batteries to have on hand...

    Feb 3, 02:59 PM
    i was thinking of buying one of the 16x lacie drives

    are they worth it?

    has anyone had any problems with burning etc

    also are there any solid, reliable external drives for under ?100

    Aug 15, 12:37 PM
    Put the mirror on the door or maybe on the wall next to the dresser.

    I agree about the floating bookshelves.

    Feb 8, 07:58 AM
    no it works you won't damage your machine. I have a 2009 2.66 mini with 8gb ram it works fine for more then 16 months. your chance of machine damage is nil because it is 8gb ram.

    May 27, 11:50 AM
    I don't like this. Mass Effect is a story made to be told as a video game, not a movie. It just isn't Mass Effect if you can't make a billion decisions that all have consequences.

    jane doe
    Apr 16, 08:51 AM
    The Xbox doesn't upscale DVDs over component. Here's a good FAQ on the issue, http://forum.teamxbox.com/showthread.php?t=477767 . I does do it over VGA, though.

    I don't know how accurate this is, I'm not saying that its upscaling the DVDs but I am getting 1080p thru component. My TV will show me the resolution at the press of a button and when it changes. The Xbox is 1080p and when I place a DVD in the drive and play it, it does not (any longer) change down to 480p.