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  • wovel
    Apr 20, 05:18 PM
    1)The who cares it...great reply.

    2)The nonsense you speak of is why Amazon is killing the iPad as an e-reader. Don't believe me? Go read the tens of thousands of comments about how hard it is to read a book (not a website....not an email...a book) on an iPad.

    We have both an iPad 1 and Kindle. Absolutely no comparison for reading books...iPad just stinks.

    Who said anything about fail? You need to ease up and stick to the comments otherwise you look like a fool. Too late I guess.

    I am not sure that your premise is correct btw. Amazon has never told anyone if they sell more books on the hardware kindle or the iOS apps..Not even sure how they can measure since I have a kindle, 2 macs, a pc, an iPad, and an iPhone all on my kindle account.

    One more point on this subject, I have never purchased an a book from Apple :) The Kindle store is obviously a better choice, no matter what device you have.

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  • yellow
    Feb 20, 02:35 PM
    Check out /etc/rc.boot.

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  • Chris Bangle
    Oct 26, 08:06 AM
    I find the interface of this thing more interesting the the button thing... This must be the interface of the future because the menu system on the present ipods, i know its brilliant but its a bit old, by the way its more remote control than ipod, i think theres too much info on the screen for it too be an ipod... i reckon its a media remote control thing.. The patent doenst mention ipod so i think its a remote for bringing music to the living room... im probably wrong but thats what i think.. Anyway ive been waiting for touch screen not touch sides...

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  • Tomorrow
    May 4, 07:30 PM
    With my car system, volume 18 with my iPhone maxed is equivelent to around 30 with my Nano - at this volume I have the sound of gentle hissing when paused. Not cool.

    What kind of system are you connected to that the iPod volume even makes a difference? :confused: Mine connects to the truck's USB port and it's treated like a "line in" - the volume can only be adjusted with the stereo deck in the dash.

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  • ChrisTX
    Apr 20, 06:52 PM
    Apple has been the extreme minority in selling personal computers since 1986. Their pc marketshare has been below 10% for how long? 20+ years...and still is even though they are selling like hotcakes.

    I like the Macs...I also like the Wintels. And I also, as a consumer, am not going to plunk down $1200+ for a Mac when a $600-$700 PC will allow me to do 100% of the same stuff just using different name-brand-products. :) And other consumers who are out there looking to buy a new computer to surf the web, play music, surf Youtube, upload pix, go to Facebook, use online chat, read email, (and a billion other online activities) are going to ask themselves "why am I spending $1200 for a Mac using Firefox when I can buy a $600 PC using the same Firefox?"

    I don't want to go too off topic but suffice to say these days, so much pc time is spent online that you could be using any computer manufacturer/OS in the world that supports Firefox or Safari or IE and you'd have the same experience. Why spend double?

    No one wants to pluck down $6-$700 as you claim every other year as their Windows PC's fall a part. I'd rather just throw down for a Mac that will withstand the test of time.

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  • creator2456
    Mar 29, 03:49 AM
    I played AC4 to death when it came out. Haven't touch any others for more than 10 minutes when a friend happens to have one. Not sure why...maybe I burned myself out. I will give this a shot if there is a demo so I can say I at least tried it.

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  • velocityg4
    Feb 21, 08:45 AM
    Sounds like there were much bigger issues here than a simple spelling error.

    Perhaps he took being a grammar nazi too seriously.

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  • Cassie
    Mar 24, 08:15 PM
    Lets be honest, it wouldn't. There is a comma in there ;)

    Although that could be my eyes messing with me again.:) :rolleyes: ;)

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  • 2807
    Apr 9, 01:05 PM
    It's either or... not both simultaneously.

    Ok, thanks.

    So: I do believe I can have both Bootcamp and Fusion.. Do they both access the same "Windows" install where I can see my files and stuff? Or is at two separate installs of Windows each only accessible solo?

    I hope I can "see" the same Windows 7 via either one. I can use Fusion for quick access and Bootcamp for heavy lifting?

    If so, what is the protocol for install?


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  • toke lahti
    Jan 24, 03:18 PM
    To video folks: For those of you working with motion graphics, particularly in HD (lets just say 1080p to be safe), do you find the response time on the ACDs to be sufficient for working with HD content? How about full screen HD playback?
    I find ACD's really good quality all-around purpose displays. IPS is faster than PVA, so they hold their name pretty good. ACD's are also pretty fine without profiling, which most other dislpays need badly before any color work. With profiling ACD's are naturally even better. If you need higher quality, you'll have to get displays with hardware LUT.
    Personally, I decided that I won't buy anything to myself (displays or graphics adapters) without hdcp.
    Also, I'm considering getting a 17" MBP (soon, I'd like to wait for a refresh but the money isn't coming out of my personal coffers); what is your feeling about it pumping out HD content to a 30" ACD? The ACD would actually be for home use with the MBP. How does it perform pushing HD content?
    I'm also waiting for led backlit 17", although I couldn't afford it now, so it's nice it's not showing up...:rolleyes:
    MBP should have no effort to playback 1080p. At least if it isn't too fat bandwidth, so that hdd/lan can stream it.

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  • Sky Blue
    Jan 16, 06:10 PM
    Do you know where I can sign up for the beta?

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  • macam
    Oct 4, 09:25 AM
    You are foaming at the mouth. :)

    HELL YEAH BABY!!!!! iPhone is the one thing that I have been waiting for - for like an age man!!!! If it has these features then - I don't know what I'm going to do - I'm going to be wanting to travel around and use this bad boy and also be at home to able to use my mac....

    Who needs a social life when you have an iPhone - you can make new friends and get there quickly!

    Woo hoo!


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  • windirt
    Apr 30, 09:55 PM
    Yes, I noticed the issue yesterday. all my events splited into several same name one.

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  • shadowfax
    Jun 30, 02:21 AM
    i can't speak to the whole issue of whether the AC charges it faster or not. i would guess not, as it's probably designed to charge at a spec that both the firewire and the adaptor must meet. as for the charging while asleep, if the iPod says charging, it is charging. do you have it plugged in when it does this (the laptop, that is)?

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  • danielowenuk
    Apr 15, 08:11 AM
    4.3.2 jailbreak might be ready soon :)

    Seems to be for All devices :)

    Stefan Esser has just confirmed that his 4.3.1 untethered exploit still exists in iOS 4.3.2

    So the untethered expoit that doesn't work on the iPad 2 still exists, that's hardly for all devices.

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  • idonotliketostu
    May 7, 01:24 AM
    hi guys!

    I am looking for buy 2 iPhones for my pals in another country =)

    please offer me prices with shipping included to NY, 11379
    include capacity + the shape its in


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  • Intell
    Apr 23, 02:33 PM
    The replacement hard drive is probably blank. You need to install Mac OS X onto the replacement drive before it can run. If you are sure there is a proper OS on the drive, hold down the Option key at boot and select the replacement drive if it appears.

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  • mcmlxix
    Apr 18, 10:32 AM
    Tax day makes me grumpy.

    Not me. Ka-ching.

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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 22, 04:52 PM
    Coleman, how does that help us if we have V1.1? It doesn't ;(. What we need is a cracked V1.0.
    LOL I know but I can't strip the DRM since my iPad isn't jail broken. Either we find someone with 1.0 on a jail broklen iPad or we wait until an iPad 2 jail break comes out for me to upload it.

    Oct 30, 03:34 AM
    I know the recording industry are a resistant and mercenary group of individuals, but how much $$$ would they want for just the lyrics, considering you have bought the song already?
    That is right where it gets messy. The labels generally don't hold the rights to the lyrics, and the rights needed to get lyrics and sheet music aren't quite the same ones needed to use a song in a recording. :(

    Sep 29, 02:32 PM
    I recent had to make this same decision......

    In my case, I had to chose between a Quicksilver 733 that CompUSA had for $999 (including 2 year warranty) or one of the new ones (in my case, probably the dual 867) for $1699.

    I went with the Quicksilver, and with the money I saved from the new ones...I've replaced the stock hard drive with 2 WD Special Edition drives, maxed out the RAM at 1.5GB, and will add a DVD-R drive. With the upgrades, I've still spent less than $1699.

    I don't regret my choice at all....I realize "official" benchmarks will show my machine is slower than the new models, however, after having played with them in the store, my eyes can't tell any difference. Yes, for Photoshop and iMovie, the new ones would probably save me some time, but the Quicksilver will hold me over nicely until there is a "major" upgrade.

    I'll be content to keep this until Apple goes with the new IBM chip, which seems to be able to offer a significant performance boost. Until then, I'll have a drink and wait :)


    David Schmidt
    Jan 24, 01:20 PM
    Virtual ][ ( - Apple II, II+, IIe emulator; has a very refined user interface. Free to try, with a timed nag screen.

    Sweet 16 ( - Apple IIgs emulator; simple to use user interface; free to use.

    GSport ( - Apple IIgs emulator; Unix-like user experience on OSX, hand-editing configuration files and all. Open source, free to use.

    All will require you to supply ROM files.

    Sep 12, 09:14 AM
    I was in Saudi Arabia playing cricket with a few friends when we heard we should go home and turn on the TV...

    Sep 12, 11:25 PM
    That is the real question.