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  • ialamo
    Mar 16, 02:41 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I'm going to Brea around 6. Trying to get a Black 64 GB AT&T, for my Dad since he has to go to work. I know what a nice daughter :P

    Good Luck to everyone!


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 22, 04:11 PM (


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  • MattyMac
    Jul 25, 09:45 AM
    I payed more than that for my Apple BT mouse a few days ago:mad: :rolleyes: :(
    Take it back!


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  • Brien
    Mar 12, 03:09 PM
    Managed to score a 16GB black wifi iPad. Was hoping for white, maybe I'll get lucky and someone here wants to trade.

    If not I guess I'll live. I ended up 'settling' for a black iPhone 4, so this isn't much different.


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  • lordonuthin
    Nov 24, 10:54 PM
    By "small render farm", I mean small! It's made up of 6 Dell GX270, running P4 2.4ghz single core, with my MP as the Que controller (Ubuntu via Parallels). But they should working out pretty good for continuous folding for the time being. I'm building 5 dual processor, dual core Xeon servers (all 2.66ghz) to replace the Dells but that won't happen until the end of December (i'm getting ready to move from Japan back to the States in two weeks and I have most of my stuff packed up). Once I get settled back in the States and have the new servers running, I should be able to commit some good firepower towards the team effort.

    Wow, I haven't been anywhere but here for a really long time, I'm starting to solidify I think. I spent some time in Europe long before the wall came down, but then again the Huns were still roaming around - or was that dinosaurs...

    We'll give ya' a while to get set up before we set the hounds on ya' :D In the mean time maybe you have a calculator or abacus you can use in your spare time, ya' know, foldingbyhand I think it's called :p

    Cheers and welcome back!


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  • SuperCachetes
    May 1, 10:16 PM
    So the figure head who has had little to nothing to do with Al-Queada (a leaderless brand name of extremists at this point) since 9/11 is dead. Woo hoo. Meanwhile, terrorism in the world has only increased since the "war on terror" (something that was predicted and well known by US planners when gearing up for it).

    Time to start the USA chants. :rolleyes:

    Yep. It means nothing.


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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 09:03 AM
    200th post!!
    Ok maybe I should post more..
    WOOO! Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo! WOOO!


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  • appleguy123
    Apr 17, 08:55 PM
    Read post #3 in this thread :)

    I really don't know how I missed him in the list. I swear, I did read it. :eek:


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  • Eriden
    Mar 10, 11:01 PM
    For the 1st gen iPad launch at Brea Mall, I arrived about 3 hours early, and there were approximately 100 people in line ahead of me.

    I'll be hitting Brea about 4 hours early with my iPad and catching up on some reading. Maybe a game of Infinity Blade or two. I'm hoping that the InvisibleShield kiosk outside the Apple Store will have iPad2 specific screen shields in stock on day 1. I just want the lady to work on a few iPad 2s before she tackles mine to build up some experience.


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  • manic
    Aug 15, 01:23 PM
    * Black bezel (like the floating controls in iPhoto)

    I think that black bezel stripe is IDENTICAL to the taskbar in VISTA. It looks good, but its too similar. eek!


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  • NoNothing
    Mar 29, 01:53 PM
    The 3GS was quite a bump from the 3G. Anyone thinking/claiming otherwise has never owned a 3GS.

    An iPhone "4S" would still be quite an upgrade over the iPhone 4, even if it is just more ram and an A5 chip (with a much better SGX543-MP2 GPU). And it would still very much be the iPhone 5 as in 5th Generation iPhone. Just like the iPhone 3GS was the 3rd generation iPhone to the iPhone 3G's 2nd generation status.

    How about an "iPhone 4G S"? It is 4G for "HSPA+/LTE" and "S" for "Speed". That would ge consistent with the "iPhone 3G", and "iPhone 3G S" names.


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  • Adidas Addict
    Apr 24, 02:20 AM
    The USA mobile networks are such a random mish mash of technology and frequency. I can't believe they have existed so long in this way, talk about overcomplicating things for no reason.


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  • MacGeek1993
    Apr 22, 10:04 AM
    I dont know of any wireless phone that could support real 4G speeds. Besides on a mobile device, do I really need more than 20mb down, 5 up? Thats already faster than my cable modem lol.

    I think Verizon 4G is useful at times. YouTube videos load quick on it, and the upload speed is 5x as fast as my cable modem speed :P. My Verizon 4G speed is about 15 down, 35 up. When YouTube videos stop and freeze while loading and you have to wait, you somewhat wish you had the 4G speed.


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  • Heilage
    May 2, 12:58 AM
    From a moral standpoint, I can't be happy that he is dead. No one deserves to die. He should have spend the rest of his life in a prison cell, waking up every day to the realization that he failed.

    However, I'll grant you that if someone was a ****** member of society, it's that douche.

    EDIT: Also, HAH! The Democrats got him!


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  • johndope83
    Apr 12, 03:55 AM

    Russ Swift in action from the recently concluded Manila International Auto Show 2011 Philippines.

    First time to post pics here! Didn't know this forum has a lot of good photographers!!! Anyone from the Philippines here? :D

    you can check more of my photos



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  • robbieduncan
    Oct 24, 08:29 AM
    Hmmm...I've never seen a power adapter on a plane, and I flew a few days ago (on a cheapo airline, but still...).

    Normally only on long haul and even then only in Premium Economy and up. The cheap seats get no love!


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  • hayesk
    Mar 29, 08:08 PM
    3. A scalper bought a huge portion of the tickets to resell. Apple does not let you transfer tickets. You must check-in at the registration desk with government issued ID (4th year attending).

    To be fair, you can transfer WWDC tickets before they're activated. There are some on eBay right now. Otherwise, a company couldn't buy them for more than one employee.


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  • SPUY767
    Jul 25, 05:27 AM
    This says one thing. Apple is continuing to innovate, and that makes me smile. I would imagine that Apple is also a bit wary of carrion fowl such as creative who would swoop down on a market conquered by Apple, and demand a pittance because their own product was a failure.


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  • crees!
    Jul 26, 02:28 PM
    I still don't have a desire to touch my LCD screen

    Unless they can figure something out where that doesn't happen, I'm not impressed.
    When this is released you'll be touching it like a sick middle-aged bastard drooling over on screen images of kiddieporn.

    Apr 13, 04:45 AM
    wonder what the price is. Actually, not sure if I want to know.


    Jun 7, 11:05 AM
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! My brother actually did this!!!!!!! This article is about my brother!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, he is 10 not 11

    Pics or it didn't happen...

    Jun 18, 01:12 PM
    Check out today's Dilbert strip. It seems doubly relevant!

    Apr 15, 01:18 PM
    I'm really liking how Apple are putting these dev previews and updates out (no physical disks and such).

    I wonder what's different in this one? Release log anyone?

    Apr 14, 05:45 PM
    I have the iPad 2 running 4.3.1 and I have no such setting available.

    You have to activate it using XCode 3 or better ... here's how: