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  • SciFrog
    Nov 8, 07:24 AM
    Got #7 spot on the team!

    Now it gets much harder, a month and a half at least.

    The team is doing great with 230k PPD 
    we should maintain our rank at least, but I have a feeling many windows teams have not discovered the bigadv units yet. Rumor is if GPU3 is stable, it might make it to Linux.

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  • maxinc
    Mar 24, 01:07 PM
    Good. The new iMacs must be getting pretty close now. Can't wait!!!

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  • mightymike107
    Oct 23, 10:22 PM
    What TIME are the updates on Tuesdays usually made? EST? PST?

    Also, can we be certain that the update is tomorrow? Wouldn't this be too soon for them to update? It seems they've given almost no time for the resellers-then again, does apple usually make suprise announcements, completely out of the blue like this?

    Someone with more experience please clarify.

    no later than 10pm EST if it's a silent update. obviously later if it's at some kind of conerence or whatever.

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  • iSee
    Oct 23, 11:17 AM
    Hey, if there's a rumor every single week that upgraded macbooks/mbps, it will eventually be true! :D :D :D

    When it finally does come true, MR will announce it snidely: "Apple announces upgraded notebooks today, as predicted..." and link back to the one rumor (of dozens, I think) that was accurate.

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  • MattG
    Aug 7, 07:23 AM
    In addition to printing and font management, how bout adding to the list networking access. The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    Totally agree...that's one aspect of Windows that I do like better. Local networking on my Macs seems very sluggish compared to Windows.

    Ever connect your laptop to a share on the network at work, put the laptop to sleep without disconnecting that share and then bring the computer home? Once the computer notices the share is no longer there, it basically hangs for about 30 seconds until it asks you to disconnect. Windows handles stuff like this MUCH better.

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  • SpinThis!
    Apr 12, 09:43 PM
    Yeah, I will not be shocked if this ends up being a Lion-only application.

    Definitely. For better or worse...

    The audio aligning features are going to be underrated but nice.

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  • jwa276
    Nov 15, 09:12 AM
    Gosh, I'll be able to email and type Word docs SO much faster!! :p

    If all you do is email and type freakin Word documents, why the heck would you spend so much money on a new Mac Pro? You could have been fine buying an iMac or even a MacBook :confused:

    Using applications like After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, and other media apps these 8 core computers will ANNIHILATE my render times and cut production times in half, if not chop them into little pieces and spontaneously combust.

    Obviously these machines are geared towards video editing, 3d animation, and motion graphics.... hence the PRO after the MAC.

    I'll take all the cores I can get, for this will be a huge improvement!!

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  • JAT
    Apr 21, 02:46 PM
    Only ones upset over such news is Johny what's his face who hangs out at the local booby bar, when his wife thinks he's somewhere else. :eek:
    If that's going to bother her, she can track him, anyway. And if it does bother her, there's an easy solution. Try saying "yes".
    al franken?

    I thought it was just us "tinfoil hats" as was said yesterday by some in these forums, who would be upset about this?

    Guess not. :rolleyes:
    Uh, Franken sells his homemade tinfoil hats right on his personal website. What are you comparing him to?

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 11:26 AM
    I am considering making this my signature.

    Many thanks friend. Stay Well :)

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  • milo
    Jul 20, 10:19 AM
    With Netflix, you can't just say, "Let's watch a movie tonight." You have to plan ahead your movie schedule. Netflix will die once iTMS comes alone. It's all about instant instant instant.

    With NF you get three movies at a time, and you can get plans with more. It does require a little planning, but right now, the quantity of content you can get in a month for the price can't be beat. If you think it's so stupid, what do you propose as the smarter alternative?

    For iTMS to beat it, it would have to match netflix's pricing as well, which would be $1 or less per rental. I don't see that happening. They'd also have to have better quality and include all DVD extras with all movies.

    Until then, I'll happily stick with netflix.

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  • jxyama
    Mar 19, 03:29 PM
    this is exactley why marketshare has dwindled for Mac, they tell you its our way ( powermac) or if you dont submit then we will cripple the Hell out of the othermacs and leave you wanting, so the worlds says screw you Apple and buys a PC with everything they want in it and makes do with a OS that is less then perfect. This is why Apples new computer sales went to 1.7% of all new sales. Apple is a dictator mini monopoly.

    i highly doubt that many computer buyers even look at Macs.

    i don't think they look at iMacs or eMacs and think that they are crippled compared to PMs and decide to go get dells instead. i simply don't believe that many of them go that far.

    most of them "know" computers as running windows and purchased from dell catalog they get with their newspaper each week.

    if they know anything about Macs at all, they know Macs as expensive and upon seeing that the base model eMacs cost $800, they go back to ordering $400 dell.

    mac's marketshare has dwindled - that's a fact - but i don't think it's because customers think iMacs and eMacs are crippled computers. i think it's because they are simply unaware of Macs or think they are too expensive, period, not in comparison to PMs.

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  • dr Dunkel
    May 3, 03:06 AM
    I just wish they could make open programs stay at the bar for easy access and that there would be a delete option in the right-click menu.

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  • 4God
    Nov 27, 03:26 PM
    I don't understand this. Apple has carried a 20" monitor as their low end for two years. Why offer something even smaller after so long? This seems like a step backwards.

    Exactly, as someone here said earlier, "the 20" is the new 17"

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  • kdarling
    Apr 23, 09:10 AM
    -- The cache is good

    Let's be clear: the cell/hotspot lookup caching was undoubtedly an innocently added coding feature.

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  • Axemantitan
    Apr 2, 08:17 PM
    Is this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?

    Yes. Peter Coyote was the narrator for Ken Burns' documentaries. He is the second person to speak in this clip:

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  • whooleytoo
    Mar 24, 02:00 PM
    Is it unusual for Apple to start supporting so many graphics chips in one release?

    If it was just to support a new line of iMacs/Mac Pros, they surely would only have 2 or 3 new chips. But 10? Please oh please tell me that with the increasing importance of games to Apple's bottom line, they're starting to take gaming more seriously.

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  • Chris Bangle
    Sep 5, 03:13 AM
    2pm GMT

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  • spyderracer393
    Nov 27, 02:34 PM
    Wow, for the first time ever I actually beat MacRumors:

    I think a 17" model would be a good idea for Apple. It'll stop people buying Minis from getting their LCD fix from elsewhere to some extent and won't cost Apple a bean in R&D costs since they already use 17" panels in the iMac and have all the internals ready because of the 20" and 23" ACDs. It would only need a different sized chassis to be designed.

    dude you may have "beaten them" by getting on the front page, but I sent this tip in this morning at 8 AM and it was not from digitimes, it was from industry resources and factories in Asia so HA I beat you.

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  • chutch15
    Sep 12, 09:43 PM
    The photos on the BestBuy and Belkin websites are pretty good as far as fit and shine, but they do show the color as way too light and much too purpley. It's much darker and much closer to midnight blue than violet. It certain light there is a very slight violet hue, but it's a very cool deep color.

    Here is the best I can do for a photo right now...

    Sep 6, 04:12 PM
    Better than nothing.

    Aug 6, 10:06 PM
    I have a feeling tomorrow will be a great day ....

    Jul 18, 02:21 AM
    If true, an iTunes movie download service could drive sales of Mac Minis as a home-entertainment device. Not that it is (of ever will be) an all-in-one solution... but development of Front Row will continue and this is just one step towards something good for Apple and consumers alike.

    I, for one, am all for the movie rental model. I'm interested in actually purchasing only very few movies. The others I watch only once, maybe twice. If I had to buy them, they'd sit on the virtual shelf until the next video format (VHS, DVD, BluRay/HD-DVD, ???) comes out and I'd just have to buy the same movie again. Please, let me rent.

    As for quality, I'd expect nothing less than DVD. Apple thrives on progress. Although I'm willing to bet Jobs is pushing for some level of HD, 720p for starters?

    Mar 23, 09:28 PM
    Of all the Apple stuff I own, by far the most used is my Classic. I know a good bit of people don't have a wide library of music but some people do and its nice to have this option.

    Mar 2, 04:57 PM
    the fact that after the second generation Jetta, VW had to rename the car in germany/europe (Bora, Vento) and still had lousy sales there, should have been a warning sign

    the last few generations of the jetta have been absolute rubbish ... i hoping this new generation is actually better

    Mexico may come around, in time.

    Japan sure did, Korea has, and China is well on it's way.