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  • fun173
    May 19, 07:18 PM
    375 shipped!!!


    Exactly :(


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  • celaurie
    Jul 5, 08:34 PM
    I'm not allowed to swear here, or else I would!

    Do we really need anymore sensationalist titles to Apple related 'issues'? I've had enough between alleged iPhone and iTunes Store problems in the past week.

    People, take a chill pill before heading up posts! At least before the bozos in the media get ahold of more gubbins!

    /end of speech


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  • Big-Mike
    Jun 24, 06:04 AM
    Chillin in the reservation line. This is crazy how many people showed up.

    I showed up about 3:50am and found a line with 100 or more people. With the supply issue I don't they have that many for walk-ins so I came back home and went to bed. It will be interesting to see if anyone post how many they had non-reserved.


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  • MacBytes
    Jun 23, 12:43 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: XCode Forums launched, a community-based resource for Mac OS X developers (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug


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  • skiltrip
    Sep 25, 02:08 PM
    They already do look alike. Honestly, most average people won't know the difference. I've already had people ask me if my new touch is an iPhone.


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  • rmitchell248
    Feb 22, 02:17 AM
    yes it would be nice to be able to purchase before 250 but its no big deal


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  • diorio
    Dec 20, 03:34 PM
    Good idea in making this forum arn. Now general mac discussion won't be littered with "why should I switch" or things like that.


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  • Sydde
    Apr 14, 10:44 PM
    This one has better sound effects:


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  • Kwyjibo
    Jul 10, 06:07 PM
    Originally posted by Daveman Deluxe
    I had trouble upgrading the RAM on my iBook the first time I tried too. Those screws are REALLY sensitive to the size of the screwdriver you're using. It HAS to be a #0 Phillips-type screwdriver, or it just plain won't work.

    i did it with another screwdriver and pretty much stripped the screwsbut i eventualyl got them off and back in


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  • whiteangel
    Sep 16, 02:50 PM
    Cool so the votes are towards an icekey.

    I guess I should try to get one off ebay then.

    The thing about this two keyboards is that they are not easily available in the uk, and that they are quite expensive if you can find them online.


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  • OutThere
    Nov 3, 08:03 PM is easy to set up and will provide quite a bit of flexibility in making a very straightforward blog.

    You might be able to host images on MyPhotoAlbum...

    which makes a simple way to share pictures and store them online. Otherwise you can use Imageshack, which isn't as robust but allows linking the photos from offsite and allows for hosting unlimited images.


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  • MattDSLR
    Apr 23, 09:32 PM


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  • chrismacguy
    Apr 28, 05:01 AM
    Perhaps Lion will cost relatively little, such as the Snow Leopard upgrade.

    Possible, but highly unlikely. Apple did this before with 10.1 for 10.0 owners (Since 10.1 was what 10.0 shouldve been, and 10.6 is what ideally 10.5 shouldve been) - Id expect it going back to $129, since its a full release instead of an improved Snow Leopard.


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  • dornoforpyros
    Aug 18, 11:08 AM
    anyway, i simply wanted an alternative page to direct specific ad runs to as opposed to a blog posting. and while you may not find a coldplay ad interesting - 22,000 other people did. :)

    hehe yeah, personally I will never understand the appeal of coldplay. I think the best review I ever read about one of there shows was "Coldplay is a sugar overdose for the masses" :p


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  • maflynn
    May 6, 09:47 AM
    Is anyone running Lion on a lower-powered machine? I'd like to hear feedback on those who have tried it on an 11" MBA.

    Search this forum, there's some threads about folks running lion on a core duo (not core 2 duo) cpu


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  • navigates
    Apr 29, 12:55 PM
    It?s been a very long time until any news in and around unlocks is out now. During 3g, 3gs, the unlocks were very quick. On the IP4, the wait was around the latest release of the 4.3. Now we are 4.3.1. I believe 4.3.1 has changed the baseband again to a new algorithm. I'm not sure if they will hang on for some time with the new algorithm or release the unlock.

    I just went for a short business trip and used data roaming which costs about 19.95 an MB. Trip was sudden and I didn't have the time to purchase the rebel or gevey.

    In my opinion it is wrong in AT&T's part to not genuinely unlock the iPhone when there are legitimate users satisfying the contract. In any case they have an early termination fee any ways.

    Instead of us pursing the dev team, we should start an online petition to enable AT&T unlocking the iPhone legally.


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  • gsfesz
    Apr 14, 05:43 AM
    Thanks guys really appreciate the help
    I'm gonna do a clean install and drap all
    My data back


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  • zdobson
    Apr 19, 09:43 AM
    I'll try the suggestion of hooking up a monitor first. I'm currently formatting the HD to remove personal info, so I'll have to wait until after that.

    What should I do with this machine? Should I replace the logic board? I found a used one for $100 on eBay ( I'm planning to buy a new MBP and would like to get any money I can out of this.


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  • Sir_Giggles
    Jan 12, 10:24 AM
    Well Soundtrack is being bundled with FCPexpress, which makes more sense to me, since Soundtrack was hardly embraced by the pro community, to the aspersions of Logic and BIAS.

    Apr 11, 06:46 AM
    It's a shame EA and co are rushing out ports before their actual games come to the market. But ah well, Blackhand is supposed to be great and I actually want to play that snowboarding game (name escapes me).

    The scramble started around January for dev kits. It's going to be a while but there is going to be a surge of games coming. For better (variety) or worse (most will probably be crap).

    Sep 17, 07:50 PM
    Originally posted by Mac2006
    Is the price difference between the dual 1ghz and the 1.25ghz worth $500, why or why not?
    depends on what you're doing...dont forget it has twice the L3 cache as the new dual 1 ghz (same L3 cache as old dual 1 ghz) your getting approx. 500 more mhz split between two chips, which in motorola terms is pretty significant. consider it like this...the 1.25 is technically 20% faster than the 1ghz, mhz wise. Factor in the additional L3 cache and you have yourself a beast (though I think a used 1ghz tower with 2mb L3 per chip is the best deal you'll find around)

    Feb 10, 12:32 AM
    i think that shows a retina display

    Apr 12, 09:01 PM
    Sweet. I'm very jealous!:(

    May 3, 07:35 PM
    Hi all,

    Just purchased my first mac and have a couple of questions.

    1. When I use an external monitor and choose mirroring to show on the external the display is really bad compared to the laptop. How do I fix this, I want the external display to look as crisp as the laptop. Also, I'm using the HDMI adapter. When i go to display properties it shows 1280 x 800 is max I think...Any ideas?

    2. Why won't safari pages and itunes go to full display? Does that make sense? All i get is the small pages when you open them up. I see the green button but it dosen't seem to fix my problem.

    I'm sure I will have more as I get more into this.

    1. As previously mentioned, you're mirroring, which is pretty self explanatory, you're making a mirror image of your computer screen, resolution and all. Tell us how you truly want to use your external display: extended desktop, or as a main screen when at home? We'll be able to tell you more.

    2. Because maximizing everything is a very windows-user and useless thing to do, once all the info/text on a page is on screen, any bigger is completely useless and just blocks everything out behind it. Macs are meant to multi-task, and not maximizing helps doing just that. If you truly want to maximize everything for some obscure reason, just drag the bottom right corner and resize the window manually.