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  • Multimedia
    Nov 21, 11:19 AM
    This rumor seems to be only a rumor! Its Nov 21st today, when will octos come? Next year i guess... damn it!:mad:Yeah I think this was the drop dead day for it being this year. I thought the mini would go Core 2 Duo today and even that didn't happen. So I guess the mini stays Core Duo 'til January along with the MP staying 4-core 'til January or beyond - depending on if Apple wants to wait for Stoakley-Seaburg (SS) (http://techreport.com/etc/2006q4/clovertown/index.x?pg=1) or not:

    11.13 Tech Report First Look At Clovertown: (http://techreport.com/etc/2006q4/clovertown/index.x?pg=1)"...However, quad-core Clovertown CPUs will also work with Intel's upcoming Stoakley platform, which is due to debut in the first quarter of next year.

    The Stoakley platform is based on a 90-nano shrink of the Bensley architecture. Bensley's dual 1,066/1,333MHz front side busses return, this time with support for upcoming 45-nano Penryn chips. Stoakley also features plenty of PCI Express, with 44 lanes of PCIe joined by a pair of second-generation PCIe x16 links. Generation one PCIe links can be used to hook into a variety of peripheral chips to provide Serial ATA RAID, Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI-X connectivity.

    Seaburg is the codename for Stoakley's Memory Controller Hub (MCH), which features four channels of FB-DIMMs at 533 or 667MHz. Up to 128GB of memory is supported—double that of Bensley's Blackford MCH. Seaburg also offers an enhanced memory controller that Intel says improves sustained throughput by 25% and a larger, smarter snoop filter optimized for quad-core chips..."My gut says wait for SS as the management of all those cores will probably be much more efficient that way along with whatever help Leopard may provide as well.

    I know some of us are anxious for more cores now. But perhaps we need to be a little more patient so when we get them we won't be disappointed by too little a performance boost before there's SS and Leopard inside.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 30, 08:41 AM
    Those speeds line up exactly with the T5000 series of Merom.And Yonah:
    Intel T2400 Core Duo Yonah 1.83GHz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2400
    Intel T2300 Core Duo Yonah 1.66Ghz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2300

    Looks like the CPU speeds match onto Yonah parts too :rolleyes:That's why I'm thinking Apple is going to use indentical 32-bit Yonah speeds short term until Intel can keep up with Apple's Merom needs at a reduced price for the stop-gap short-term Yonah supplies. I'm thinking Intel will get caught up by November when Apple will quietly switch the mini assembly lines to Meroms. Almost a stealth switch except the packaging and docs will brag C2D on them.

    This makes a lot of sense and adds immediate value to the mini line while Apple can't yet receive enough Merom processors to fulfill their short term needs while Intel is cranking up production. I think losing the single core mini is a huge big deal. Anyone who thinks they don't need two cores just doesn't have experience with that setup.

    I think everyone here who is still on a single processor really can't understand why multi-core processing is so important because they don't know what it feels like. If they did, they would be on two or four already. Even the old Dual G4's are a huge advantage over the solos. :)

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  • skinniezinho
    Nov 27, 07:38 AM
    Where did you buy that watch and for how much? I really like it :o

    I bought it on a friend's store@45eur but it is available @50eur on almost every watch store.
    Check it here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtSP6Qj8PDk).

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  • shervieux
    Apr 19, 11:42 AM
    But no money to upgrade :(

    My 2008 macbook could use to be upgraded... It still runs great, but I need something with more storage, RAM, and a little faster for video editing. I need a quad core, 4-8gb ram and a min of 750gb hard drive. I have moved to externals for now - but that is a pain when you need to go somewhere.

    I mostly use my iPad when I am out - however I still need something powerful. Since my min spec would be the 15-inch MBP, that is a little big to carry around. Thinking about an iMac; but either way I do not have the $2K for the specs I need.

    Man, I wish the economy would improve so that I can find employment. Especially a type of job I am passionate about, not just one to be miserable; but pays the bills. But right now I don't have a job so beggars can't be choosers.

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  • twoodcc
    May 4, 09:32 PM
    Building your own is fun but can be a real pain sometimes, especially if you use Linux :eek:

    tell me about it. especially using linux inside windows! :eek:

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  • skunk
    Mar 28, 11:43 AM
    All I'm saying is that behind the scenes when you look at the facts, there's a different story and you can't take everything at face value...and you should know that about politicians too. I think some of you are "glad" that it's finally not purely lead by the US and this is like some "dream team" thing. But I'm just afraid that you are just in denial. :cool:What exactly are you trying to say? Iraq was a US war of choice, and Bush was fortunate to have an equally vainglorious partner-in-crime in Blair or he'd never have been able politically to do it. Afghanistan was also a US thing. Why would anybody else take a lead in those? Libya was a UN thing, and on Europe's border, so naturally the impetus came from Europe, and Europe is taking proportionately much more of the load.

    Next you'll be saying that the US won WW1 and WW2.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 12, 08:31 PM
    Here comes Super Final Cut Express (SFCE)...

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 6, 06:36 PM
    Luckily I get .Mac for free, but $99 is very expensive when compared to using flcker, gmail, youtube, etc.
    Not to mention the ?99 we pay each for .mac over here.

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  • Compile 'em all
    Apr 3, 06:31 AM
    I like.

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  • strabes
    Apr 2, 07:15 PM
    "Technology gets out of the way"

    That's why I got a Mac/iPhone in the first place. Get out of my way, Windows/Android!

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  • kokako
    Apr 26, 01:27 PM
    This annoys me, no way in hell should another plagerist company be allowed to ride apples high, why should they, c'mon mac users get behind apple on this one.
    On mac computers we've always had "Applications", windows have had "programs", when apple made the iPhone they put mini applications on it and called them Apps which is short for small Applications, so amazon call yours PROGS and call it a Progstore but don't STEAL man !remember the widgets on your macs they are where the idea for the Apps on Iphones came from, Windows came along and stole the Widgets idea and initially called them Gadgets but now every other copycat calls them Widgets too, the same is happening again man it's bull, apple sue these leeches all of them.

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  • The Beatles
    Apr 3, 12:18 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Hmmm... not really. I hate marketing. Nothing they say will change that. They also need to stop calling the iPad "magical". It really isn't. It's very nice, but not magical.

    Keep up that attitude and continue wondering why no one talks with you as you type on your laptop in the middle of the coffee shop across from De Anza college. Sure, you may have helped get DB2 started and you still work in a DOS window but don't blame your wife for leaving you as you worked late at night too long. How much of the money from the IPO went to family attorney and court fees?

    What in the world are you talking about? He just said he thought the iPad was nice but not magical. And that he doesn't like marketing. Chill out.

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  • milo
    Aug 29, 05:49 PM
    Huh? What happened there? Didn't Think Secret used to be the place to go for the most accurate rumors? I definitely trust macrumors and appleinsider a lot more than think secret now though.

    They used to be pretty good, but they've been consistently wrong (or make worthlessly vague predictions) for a couple years now.

    I don't know that I'd say I trust macrumors. They don't really report any rumors, they just link to rumors on other sites. The trustiness completely depends on who they link to.

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  • pyramid6
    Apr 26, 02:28 PM

    The store is called the App Store. You can't copy someones store name.


    Yes you can, that's why you trademark your name. If it is trademarked you cannot copy someones name. If it is not, you can. Doesn't make it right, but that is the way it works.

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  • BJMRamage
    Mar 25, 03:54 PM
    what I thought would/could happen with iPhone/iPads/iPodTouches. With Airplay this would be even better. pretty much how i had envisioned it with teh iDevice as teh Gyro-scopic motion joystick

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  • Macula
    Oct 23, 10:47 PM
    There is no way I am buying a MBP without NAND.

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  • Compile 'em all
    Apr 3, 06:31 AM
    I like.

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  • Hans Brix
    Apr 14, 12:17 AM
    having driven a manual for over 10 years, it gets annoying quite often...

    Driving in traffic never bothered me. Pop in first, let off clutch to get moving, and then back into neutral. Second nature after a time.

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  • nospeed411
    Feb 18, 04:41 PM
    I want that poster!!! Where did you get it?

    Mar 21, 02:34 PM
    It's really obvious from the very beginning despite what "news unfolds", is that we will be obliterating Quadafi's army killing any leadership that makes a difference where we can. It was never a "protect the innocent ppl weilding AK-47's and RPG's in defenseless pickup trucks" mission. :rolleyes:

    The best bet Quadafi has is what was done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hide (including "important ppl" supporting the current gov), and wage asymetric warfare in the cities and destabilize the new government until "Western forces" call it quits. Which I think the news at one point mentioned that this is what Quadafi vowed too. He will hope to draw "western advisors" into the ground battle and try to kill them because this will make westerners, namely the American ppl sour and create "arab resentment" which if it works, bring others into his cause against the infidels and the usual rhetoric. If the French bring in ground "advisors" too, that would be great because French citizens believe Frenchman are too good to die any other way than while eating wine and cheeze during sex...with multiple partners.

    Otherwise, this will just be another "boring paragraph" in the history books. Not too many ppl give a crap about this "war". Just search youtube and Lybia clips has such small hits while Japan ones have like a gazillion. No one gives a crap...unless our "poor 18 year old boys start dying". This is what Quadafi must do because he can't win on a head on battle. No way.

    Apr 21, 12:51 PM
    Does this really surprise anyone? Genius, Ping, App store. Apple has been Big Brother for a long time.

    Did you know every time you use the calculator on your mac it dials out to Apple? That's right the calculator.:confused: I block it and much more with Little Snitch. Wish they made it for Apples mobile products

    Apr 12, 09:41 PM
    Ground up rewrite = a whole load of bugs.

    It'll be interesting to see how many shops use this for production work when it's finally released.

    Depends on how long and wide the beta goes.

    Sep 6, 07:38 PM
    Even though Apple is Apple, going up against Amazon, which will have more movie options at the time of launch is going to be tough...

    unless... they release some sort of new hardware [full screen ipod, plzkthx] that will take the spotlight.

    Here's hoping for "one more thing"... on Sept 12.

    Feb 21, 03:53 PM
    Current setup, just got a Dell u2410 to go with the iMac

    http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/30/20110220at153835223.th.jpg (http://img820.imageshack.us/i/20110220at153835223.jpg/)