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  • Apple all life
    Jan 27, 06:49 PM
    To add to my post-workout recovery drink:,TopRight,0,0AA300_SH20_.jpg,TopRight,0,0AA300_SH20_.jpg

    My post-workout recovery drink:

    After researching, I discovered that chocolate milk has the same carb to protein ratio that expensive recovery drink mixes have (such as the P90X Recovery Drink). So, instead of spending around $60/month, I've elected to go with the chocolate milk, and to add a few supplements that are important for muscle recovery (which are found in those expensive drinks). Any excuse to drink chocolate milk is a good one.

    My moms boyfriend did alot of research and some tests about it. I used to play paintball and he always told me to drink chocolate milk after and sometimes during.


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  • drewu
    May 2, 05:27 PM
    My friend is working an overnight with the visual team tonight at a UK apple store. that only means one thing. cannot wait for tomorrow.

    My friend works for Apple too, but he is working late tomorrow night.... but also said he has been informed (from other employees) that the refresh will be tomorrow daytime. Which is a bit odd. The only reason i can think of, it maybe they are delaying the POS until the US markets/stores/etc open. I am guessing Apple wouldn't be too keen to release something whilst the natives are still asleep!.... but your friend is working tonight.... soooo :confused:

    I really really hope macs are good! I have a ?1500 HP, and a ?1900 Sony Vaio, and both are playing up! After only 2 years! :confused:


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  • bluebomberman
    Jul 12, 07:28 PM
    I'm at a loss trying to figure out how this thread got a bit crazy...

    The actual program used in Snowy's case matters little in getting it ready for the printer. You give the printer the file to print, and he/she will print it for you. Doesn't matter if it's a pdf from Word, a pdf from Pages, a doc from Word, an Indesign file, or a Quark Express file. If they can open the file, they can print it.

    Again, most copy shops have elaborate folding, binding, stapling, and saddle stitching services that don't require the customer to figure out how to non-sequentually order pages. A skilled copy machine operator should be able to set up the job in less than 10 minutes.


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  • pdjudd
    Jun 6, 08:53 AM
    Good thing that Apple takes parental controls as seriously as they take porn in their Disney store... Oh, wait. They don't.
    Exactly what does parental controls have to do with this story?


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  • DJRizzo
    Nov 4, 09:57 AM
    I just got an email from VMware about beta testing VMware for Mac. Can't seem to download the stuff because their store is having errors. Hopefully once I get to download it, I can give you guys some results.

    I'm on a PPC but plan to go MacTel next year when Adobe releases Universal versions of Creative Suite. I have some questions about VMware & Parallels if you don't mind me adding it to the thread:

    1. Do they require Windows partitions, and if so how much disk space is needed?

    2. If a partition is needed, can you run the partition on an external drive so as to free up space on your internal? (I'll be using a MacBook Pro so that's why I ask).

    3. Can anyone tell me anything about syncing a Palm device with Parallels or VMware? In particular I'm wondering how easily (if at all) I could sync my Treo with Windows apps as well as OS X apps. This would be huge to me.



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  • Billy Boo Bob
    May 3, 08:10 AM
    About $50 US per Gig for additional RAM from Apple... Just a minor beating this time, instead of an all out rape like they usually do compared to third party.

    Wish I had the money to get one right away.


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  • DeathChill
    Apr 30, 11:05 PM
    Of course there is. iOS runs on two currently available Apple smartphone models: 3GS and 4. The iOS that runs on these phones is sufficiently different in feature sets from the iOS that runs on Tablets, media consumption devices, and Apple TVs:
    -Larger resolution on tablets
    -Communications handled separately - No phone app or visual voicemail on Tablet or iPod Touch
    -No installable apps on Apple TV

    I think you already understand the differences. You just would like to lump everything together so that it seems that Apple still has dominant marketshare.

    Pretty disingenuous use of statistics, if you ask me..

    You are honestly trying to act as if slight hardware and software features and differences make it a completely different platform, regardless of whether or not it has an effect on applications? Seriously? That's like saying Android devices from different manufacturers can't be lumped together because of different resolutions or skins.

    EDIT: Also, I was only mentioning that AppleTV technically runs iOS, not that it should be officially be counted.

    The only thing disingenuous is to try and compare an entire platform against a single device in a platform and call it fair.


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  • batchtaster
    Jun 6, 09:53 AM
    sure. apple has no problem giving a refund, as they keep their 30% that the developer now has to pay. that's a cool $300 that apple just ripped off from the developer all to protect their mistake and their idiot customers.

    And you're basing this conclusion jumping on, what? You win for the most ill-informed, knee-jerk, baseless response in this thread.


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  • basesloaded190
    Apr 11, 03:01 PM
    I've seen what TB can do and it's great. But what I'm saying is that it will be HARD for TB to step into a USB-dominated computer industry and just kill USB altogether from all angles. Will TB be faster than USB 3.0? real world use by 90% of the consumers/prosumers out there? Maybe. Maybe not. It's like asking Bluray to come in and just dominate the DVD's been trying and 3+ years BluRay is doing well, but the average Joe understands he needs to re-purchase all this movies as well as purchase a hi-def tv and stereo receiver to take advantage of all the features of Bluray (I love Bluray, by the way). It's time, money, and not everyone sees the value or HAS A NEED for that value.

    Will people throw out all their USB devices and twiddle their thumbs waiting for TB devices other than hard drives (cameras, printers, video cams, keyboards, mice, flash keys,)? No. Of course not.

    Speed vs. Speed is 1 argument...versatility is another. But again, what I'm really saying is to look around you and ask yourself if the world is just going to dump USB technology for TB? Nope. TB will likely coincide with USB 3.0 just like eSATA and Firewire.

    We'll see in a few years where we are.

    I agree. USB isn't going anywhere. The thing that really gets me excited about TB is what other's have said: The ability to have a hub of some sort coming from one TB connection and at the other end having let's say a USB, FW, DP, Audio, and Ethernet. The ability to do things like that is what makes TB really stand out a something much better than USB has the capabilities to do.


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  • bpaluzzi
    May 3, 08:45 AM
    Do you want to buy 4 iMac 27''? Really nice :rolleyes:, but why??

    And also, a couple of Time Capsules? What are you planning to do with a computer?

    I imagine he's kitting out a lab / office. No matter how nice the machines are, 4 of them is a bit much for a personal user ;-)


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    Apr 25, 08:04 AM
    They won't. Even if this deal gets approved, T-Mobile will remain a separate company. Everything will remain as it is, except the fact that all revenue will go to AT&T.

    this is probably what they were saying over at the Cingular offices at the time of that deal...Tmobile will be independent NOW...once the deal is more Tmobile just the Death Star


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  • hexonxonx
    Apr 16, 02:56 AM
    I love my AT&T iPhone 4 and 3GS. On the iPhone 4, upgrading to 4.3.1 was flawless with no problems. The 3GS started having battery drain. Within 6 hours, it would be at 60% with just a bit of usage. I would usually be at 60% after 24 hours. I downgraded to 4.1 where I was before. Nothing on 4.3.1 was worth upgrading to. I don't have a supported printer for air printing and for airshare, the only thing I can share back and forth to is my MBP.

    Any battery problems on this latest update?

    I have had a flawless experience with AT&T over the past few years and will remain with the next iPhone.


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  • FireStar
    Nov 16, 03:42 PM
    Did you google the Panerai?
    Unfortunately...... :p


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  • Keleko
    Apr 8, 01:59 PM
    Ferrell's Hamburgers in Hopkinsville, KY, is the home of the best burgers in the world! (


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  • displaced
    Jul 21, 01:29 PM
    Marketshare matters.

    Why? The biggest and the most obvious reason is that developing for and porting software to OS X becomes more attractive to developers. Greater market share also helps Apple in its dealings with major partners like Intel and Microsoft.

    The other big benefit for consumers is that we may see more product offerings from Apple as the number of macs sold increases. How about that Mac media center everyone's been talking about? Or the fabled Mac tablet?

    True, I was being pretty flippant with that reply.

    Having said that, I was attempting to underline the point that marketshare is a percentage. Even an apparently low figure (even 5% which we're all hoping for is still a small percentage!) represents a sizeable market, considering the size of the computing industry in general.


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  • Ammo
    Apr 26, 08:48 PM
    The theoretical never actually happen though. That's why I'd take a superior network standard with a lower frequency, and thus better building penetration, any day.

    Well AT&T is rolling out LTE as well so it's really the best of both worlds.


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  • MichalM.Mac
    May 3, 08:12 AM
    (Apple called it 5750) : 2010 iMac


    2011 iMac

    Interesting :-)


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 17, 08:04 AM
    What about a Magic Trackpad?

    Trackpads and touch screens are quite different input devices. Touch screen input requires that you actually "touch" what you want to manipulate. With a trackpad, you don't have quite the precision to precisely put your finger on an object on screen, since the object is not displayed on the track pad.

    It just doesn't translate that well. Trackpads still very much require cursors, which iOS's UI lacks.


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  • iCrizzo
    Mar 31, 12:09 PM
    Looks good to me.

    Jul 28, 02:34 PM
    Microsoft has waited WAY too long to make any type of impact on the portable music device industry. iPod has been around now for too long, and has too strong of a grip on the marketshare for anyone to try to threaten their hold. This Zune thing will have to have some aspect to it that is totally it's own for anyone to take any notice to it whatsoever.

    I just set up a webpage where you can cast your vote for Zune or iPod. Check out


    -- - for iPod users who love to travel

    Apr 24, 09:35 AM
    This would make a possible model for Videotron and Wind Mobile in Canada and probably give Apple more carrier options in other countries also. It makes sense in a non-US Centric view.

    And looking at "carrier acquisitions" here, Rogers acquired Fido ages ago, yet even though the networks worked on the same GSM bands, they still haven't merged. An AT&T purchase of T-mobile would probably take years for a merge to even occur, and a few technology changes. AT&T isn't going to retrofit T-mobile's network and change their frequencies, requiring all the existing customer base to change phones.

    So even in a US Centric view, it makes a lot of sense. Basically, don't let an AT&T acquisition of T-mobile trick you into thinking this is a false rumor.

    No, it looks like AT&T is going to get ride of T Mobiles 3G so make room for 4G LTE.

    Its really not a bad idea....turns the purchase of T Mobile into something more then just one time growth. Also unless everyone followed Nokia with pentaband 3G devices, it would start to become a hassle.

    Apr 14, 04:27 PM
    That animation crap only started with 4.3. The previous releases were all fine.

    Message deleted by author; no value added to thread by comment.

    Apr 23, 08:40 PM

    I thought AT&T's buyout means T-Mobile is going bye-bye?

    408 area code, that means cali. is that steve jobs' personal number? :P

    No such place as "cali". Please try again.

    Sep 14, 08:39 AM

    Congrats. When's the housewarming?