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  • homsar
    Apr 19, 11:04 AM
    A relatively predictable spec bump? Performance bumped to exceed the new MBPs (edit: i.e. Sandy Bridge), Thunderbolt replaces the Mini DisplayPort (could conceivably have two, but I doubt it), FaceTime HD. A RAM upgrade seems unlikely but possible. SSD option may or may not move to the MBA one, probably will (to consolidate stock). A new form factor seems unlikely given current precedent; new screen sizes also seem unlikely due to lack of rumours. They could conceivably bring back the 24" (common panel size would mean fewer rumours), but I doubt they will. Thinner profile (especially on the 27") is also conceivable. Maybe they'll make the Magic Trackpad standard? Free upgrade to Lion when it releases?

    Edit: As others have mentioned, a bumped GPU is obviously also on the cards.

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  • jav6454
    Mar 25, 03:36 PM
    Can the new GPU even do 1080p?... apparently so

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  • johnwiseman
    Aug 25, 07:23 AM
    Has Dell or any other PC manufacturer started shipping Merom notebooks or Conroe PC's?

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  • spencers
    Feb 23, 02:41 PM
    Fantastic setup, would love to get those speakers, I'm in the UK also, what make/model of speakers ?

    Elegant setup. What speaker is that?
    Stop being lazy and click the Flickr link he posted and you'll find out. :p

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  • coupdetat
    Jan 30, 06:24 PM
    Best handling car i have ever driven.... have a 5 month old little boy though so i think its days are numbered in favour of a truck!

    Why would you need a truck to haul around a 50 pound boy? Keep the Lotus! Don't let your wife pressure you into buying a Toyota Highlander!!

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  • applefied
    Sep 8, 12:17 PM
    belkin has some, but the order pages just say "coming soon", I don't even think you can pre-order.

    Scosche has some pretty cool ones, you can pre-order now, they ship "mid September"
    http://www.scosche.com/products/sfID1/210/sfID2/212 (scroll down to see the iPod touch cases)

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  • Compile 'em all
    Jan 6, 05:52 AM
    11.05 New kernel for Mac OS X. Mac OS X high level subsystems built upon Windows. New operating system. "Mac OS W". Leopard is Mac OS W 11.0.

    11.08 "Best of Apple, Best of Microsoft, everything will 'just work' from now on"


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  • fastlane1588
    Sep 5, 08:37 AM
    come on mbp!

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  • aiqw9182
    Mar 25, 12:15 PM
    The SB documentation says it supports Compute Shader 4, a subset of the DirectX 11 level Compute Shader 5.

    What that means in terms of OpenCL, I don't know.

    Intel said they'll continue to evaluate OpenCL during 2011.
    It doesn't mean anything, as I've noted about three times already.

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  • flottenheimer
    Mar 26, 12:12 PM
    Very, very, very nice.

    For a split second it almost convinced me to sell the family WII. Unfortunately my kids would miss Mario, Kirby, Klonoa and all the other Nintendo heroes way too much if I did that.

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  • Agaetis Byrjun
    Feb 21, 05:30 PM
    It's finally all finished. Put the Craftsman tool chest in this weekend. It mostly hold cable and repair tools for guitars.

    The white box on the front right leg of the desk is actually a Belkin remote. I've wired the desk so that when I hit that switch the 3 displays, audio monitors and all USB controllers will turn on.

    I hate wires showing so I went to great lengths to hide them.

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 6, 09:57 AM
    The Superdrive option in the base model has gone.

    Earth to Apple: a Combo drive in 2002 was state of the art. A Combo drive in 2004 was a reasonably priced alternative to a DVD burner. A Combo drive in 2005 was an acceptable means of marketing differentiation. A Combo drive in 2006 (particularly with no option to buy a DVD burner) is an embarrassment...

    i agree. i would never buy a computer that didn't have a dvd burner....and i'd never advise someone else to either

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  • MacPanda
    Nov 29, 02:52 PM
    i think you will be able to purchase stuff directly off itv and i am hoping you will be able to use some sort of wifi to sync it to the next generation ipod with wifi - i really want to be able to share songs between iPods and although the zune only lets you do it 3 times wifi needs to happen.

    iTV has a small form factor and i hope they will keep it that way too - looks like a neat idea.

    Peace - Anthony

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Sep 1, 11:52 AM
    i find 17'' way to small for a desktop computer.

    You what? Well I guess its a matter of opinion but a 17" with a decent resolution is plenty! Heck, I even know people who use a 15" MBP as a desktop replacement. :)

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  • Cheffy Dave
    Jun 24, 01:40 AM
    ******* that. I'll be switching to Windows or Linux if that's the route Apple wants to take.

    buh-bye porn guy!:eek:

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  • janstett
    Mar 23, 09:31 AM
    The chance that the iPod Classic is updated to 220GB is zero. Apple has no plans to ever update a hard drive based non-touch portable device (they would not waste their time), and they've shown even less interest in increasing the capacity of any device beyond even 64GB flash.


    Wasn't there a decrease from 160 to 120? But I see now it's back to 160.

    I'd like to see Apple take it to the next level -- 500gb - 1TB. I have a 500gb Archos (as well as two 240gb iPods) and none of them makes it past an altitude of 33,000 songs.

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  • HunterMaximus
    Nov 25, 03:47 PM
    Looks practical. How much?

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  • griz
    Jun 22, 03:23 PM
    My goodness...

    I'm just hoping Apple continues to make a few machines that can do actual design and coding work.

    As long as Apple needs people to build Apps for their touch screen devices, you will have a machine that can do design and coding. They will be the workhorses that support the consumer product line of handhelds like the ipod, iphone and ipad. Don't worry, the Mac is not going away. It might get a whole lot cooler with added features, but it's going to be capable of running Xcode for a long long time.

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  • Rocketman
    Jan 2, 11:24 AM
    Thereby adding $300 to the price...? Doesn't seem likely.
    Need four cores? Buy a Mac Pro.

    Since Intel is releasing the 2.0 Ghz C2Q chip this week, it seems likely to find its way into an iTV and/or iMac device. That's four cores on the cheap.


    Apr 20, 03:12 PM
    I doubt it. The older, Rover K-Series, powered Lotus Elise was about the last cr in the UK like that. But that model was not approved for sale in the US. The Toyata engined ones have servo-assisted brakes and electric windows :(

    The power windows on the Toyota powered S2 were part of the Premium Package for the US. Manual cranks were standard.

    The shifting is still atrocious, but, for the most part, the rest of the car makes up for it. Well... excluding the Toyota parts, anyway.

    Sure, I understand it has to have the emission controls on it but if I could get a car without all the electronic stuff on it that tries to disconnect me from the feel of the road.

    Take an Elise or a Mini for a drive.

    I can't think of a car (aside from kits) that you can buy in the States that doesn't at least have assisted brakes.

    My other cars (except for the '78 Nova) haven't been rubbish. ;)

    I spent a week with a 2000 Camaro SS some time back, it had a 6-speed, but it didn't make the act of driving it any more pleasant. I ended up not buying it.

    Were your other cars manual? The Camaro isn't helping your argument any more than the Lotus is helping mine.

    Sep 16, 04:39 PM
    Got these from eBay for $1 each, good quality.
    Link (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290471004347&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_3465wt_913)

    The Incipio DermaSHOT would have better quality, right?

    Jul 18, 03:45 PM
    I've watched every movie I own at least 15x, and most of them many more than that. I for one won't rent from itunes, I'd rather not is all. If they make money off of it, more power to them

    Nov 28, 04:32 PM
    ...here is a link (http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/11631/) to the CNN review of the zune. I wouldn't be surprised if they were payed by Apple given how it ends.

    thanks for this
    what a laugh
    poor M$

    Sarah Hastings
    Oct 19, 01:39 AM
    I think I am going to check out eBay?I saw few there a couple of months back.