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  • JMax1
    Nov 29, 05:20 PM
    It's true then; Apple are releasing a toilet with an iPod dock! SWEET!!!! :eek:

    I don't know if anyone has told you yet...



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  • longsilver
    Sep 5, 08:56 AM
    As i said earlier

    9AM Eastern is the most obvious time to do it, I guess. (But, to be pedantic, did you mean 2pm GMT or BST? ;) :) )

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  • Bacong
    Oct 21, 06:15 PM
    Got my switcheasy colors case. It's awesome. I love having all the ports connected :D

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  • nonameowns
    Mar 25, 09:01 PM
    I can hook it up to my TV and play in 1080, but....why would I want to? I watched the video on YouTube, and compared to Gran Turismo 5, F1 DiRT 2 and the upcoming Shift 2, etc, this game looks like crap. And I get to play it with no wheel or even a gamepad? Thanks, but no thanks.

    Why compare a mobile device to a game console? That's stupid. It's like comparing bananas to apples.

    This is LAME and I'm say that in the nicest most passive agressive way. ;)

    I'm coming from the standpoint of someone that owns a G25 racing wheel, a Track IR 5 head tracker, and racing games and sims all of which support my toys. Games that run dead-locked at 60 fps -- as I enable what's called VSYNC --- at a substantially higher detail level than any low-powered GPU/CPU can currently muster.

    Sure it might be lame and inferior in your taste, but can you take your toys with you? Yeah. That's the power with the iPad.

    In the future, the iPad will have the graphic power of PS3 or Xbox 360.

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  • Unspeaked
    Nov 28, 11:33 AM
    I know that it's not quite fair to compare the two right out of the launch (a baby product versus a mature one), but MS didn't help themselves by setting up this product to compete directly with the iPod. If they had tried to target a different market (maybe primarily video as opposed to music), they might have more success, and let the hype build from there. But the way they seem to be playing it now, they're going to just throw a lot of money into something that will be in Apple's shadow. It'll offer a compelling alternative to some, but will not necessarily convince too many to become switchers. :p

    Wow. Substitute "Mac OS" for "Zune" and "Windows" for "iPod" and that could have been any random post on Mac Rumors from the last five years!


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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 6, 09:13 PM
    Anyone believe that it could actually be released today...like for consumer consumption?
    I hope not! :eek:

    It would be kind of nice if ISVs could have a chance to make sure their stuff runs properly under the new release.

    Apple will also want there to be a reason for people to pay for upgrades, and third party software that uses new features would be a big part of that.

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  • aussie_geek
    Oct 24, 03:58 AM
    aussie_geek: since this upgrade is so trivial and meaningless to you ..... why do you keep reading and posting in this thread? LOL!

    I've been waiting for this upgrade since Core Duo debuted in January, and I'll be up, bright and early, to order a C2D MBP in the morning! wOOt!



    just to stir the pot!! :p


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  • SiliconAddict
    Jul 18, 11:57 AM
    meh. I already have Blockbuster's online rental. If I want to take something with me on the go I rent it, rip it and away I go. Yes this has more instant gratification but I'm a patiant person so meh...for those who aren't on a Netflix or Blockbuster plan I can see this as being nice...as long as its priced right.

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  • iZac
    Apr 2, 07:28 PM
    Far better than the "if you don't have an iPhone" ads. It eludes to enriching your life rather than showing off to your mates down the pub.

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  • MartiNZ
    Apr 20, 06:08 AM
    Hope Apple surprises us... And not just a Sandy Bridge upgrade alongside Thunderbolt.

    Agreed. With the big up in GPU they gave the MBPs I am hopeful that they just might. The 27" saw the first desktop CPU in an iMac, right? I wonder if they can't now manage the same with the GPU. If it is decent, I think I'll be pretty tempted; and I've been running on only laptops for ages, so that's saying something!

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  • macfan70
    Nov 27, 01:28 PM
    To fit in to the Mac line up, the price for the 17" Widescreen should not be over 399 at which point you might as well get an iMac. I think if it is real, then Apple will fill the product gap and sell them for 299. Still iffy since most 17" LCDs go for at least 50 bucks less. :confused:

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  • kelving525
    Sep 14, 11:29 PM
    Says it's available, but from working in retail in the past in a store with online checking of stock I know that what is listed as "available" is not always accurate. But I will walk over there tomorrow and check it out, not far to go anyhow. :)

    I haven't noticed that case today, they were all Griffin. They may have it there tmr, so who knows? :)

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  • PBF
    Mar 30, 09:18 PM
    Full screens apps now have a transition-drop down menubar rather than one that covers up the top of the application now.
    Care to upload a screenshot? (only and only if you feel comfortable)

    P.S. Are we allowed to ask questions in this thread?

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  • ethernet76
    Sep 6, 10:47 AM
    i agree. i would never buy a computer that didn't have a dvd burner....and i'd never advise someone else to either

    Remind me to never ask you for computer advice.

    The parents bought a top of the line g4 iMac back when superdrives were 2x.

    They still haven't used the superdrive to burn a dvd.

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  • protox
    Apr 19, 11:38 AM
    Just in time. My wife's desktop PC is on it's last leg. Lasted a good 5 years and now due for an upgrade to an iMac. When does the back to school promotion normally start?

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  • miloblithe
    Aug 31, 02:23 PM
    You know what the difference in cost is between a Combo Drive and a Superdrive?

    About $5

    Well, that may be, but Apple likes nice round even numbers.

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  • WildCowboy
    Nov 27, 01:17 PM
    meh - does this matter? Isn't 17" is getting to be a bit skimpy by any consumer standards.

    I don't think so. Many people (myself included) who use notebooks as their primary computers without an external monitor. 17" widescreen is a great size.

    Entry-level mini buyers don't want to spend more on their monitor than they do on their computer.

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  • ModestPenguin
    Sep 1, 03:51 PM
    Here's my idea

    drop the mini

    make three tier imac line
    17" Merom
    20" conroe/merom
    23" conroe

    then add in a cube like deskop for a pro-sumer computer with three tiers and upgradeability


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  • davidgrimm
    Sep 23, 08:25 PM

    Consumer Reports used to influence my opinion, but when they actually rank things I know a little about, I always find fault with their methods and so they really aren't that influential to me anymore. I mean if their methods stink on the categories I know of, they probably stink for the categories I don't know about.

    Apr 2, 07:28 PM
    Far better than the "if you don't have an iPhone" ads. It eludes to enriching your life rather than showing off to your mates down the pub.

    Apr 12, 08:47 PM
    From what I understand that was Steve Job's doing. The guy made a separate simple movie app, and Jobs liked it so much he decided to make it the new iMovie.

    I remember the keynote... He was on vacation and wanted a super easy way to edit his home movie. So he whipped up this "new" program to do it. Steve liked it and it became iMovie. And in the process threw 50 years of video editing out the window. Great if you've never edited before, but if you want to edit, iMovie isn't an option. If you want to slap together a super quick video, it's almost faster to cut and paste clips in a QT7 window then use iMovie now.
    Speaking of that. I really hope they fix QTX today also, at least bring it up to par with QT7 in features.

    Sep 6, 08:29 PM
    Renting would never fly. It's far too easy to just burn the movie to DVD if it's already in digital format. The movie executives would flip. It would take some impressive coding to prevent users from doing this, and even then... somebody will figure out a way around it.

    So, no. I don't think any movie corporation will allow digital movie rentals.


    Jul 19, 04:28 PM
    Most critical applications to be out in september? wouldnt adobe fall into this category???

    could be the universal binary of Office

    Aug 29, 11:31 AM
    My dream mini has a HD-DVD player, HDMI/DVI out, optical audio out (mainly important for those that want to connect to a surround sound receiver) and add some Netflix-like movie download subscription service added to iTunes. Put those together with space for a 3.5" hard drive and run Front Row 2.0 and I'd be psyched.

    I really want the Mac Mini to be a basic TV hub device. It doesn't have to have a DVR, cable card slots or TV tuners built-in. Sure, if Apple could build an all-in-one box that's better than my HR10-250 (HD Tivo for DirecTV) or the upcoming Series 3 from Tivo that would be great. But for now I'd be happy with one box for TV watching (HR10-250) and one box for everything else (DVDs, music, movie downloading, casual web surfing).
    I would like to see a "media center" with a basic built-in TV-tuner so I could use it as a TIVO. It cant be that hard to add a TV-tuner...