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  • ann713
    Feb 28, 02:29 AM
    My humble little corner. :o


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  • lilo777
    Apr 3, 12:40 AM
    It was the brain scans..

    Like when your competitors can't compete on usability and applications, they talk about meaningless "features" no one actually cares about.

    Like when device can be useful with poor specs. Are you talking about those iPad 2 cameras? How useful are those with their embarrassing specs?

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  • hulugu
    Nov 29, 08:58 PM
    Why are we still talking about the Zune. Does anyone really care? It's just another mp3 player among so many others behind iPod. :rolleyes:

    It will never match the iPod's popularity, ever.

    I think the feeling was, this is the last full measure for anyone expecting to knock the iPod off its pedestal without a serious sea-change in technology, to mix my metaphors a little.

    Sony tried, Dell tried, Creative is trying, and really only Samsung and SanDisk are having any success. The real threat it appeared was from Microsoft who could use their money and leverage the support of WMA, the XBox, and other technologies to support the Zune.

    Instead, Microsoft made a clunky box, reinvented the software wheel, and severed the Zune from all the PlaysForSure companies. The only real leverage the Zune has is it's connection with the XBox, which the iPod can do as well. The Zune is a massive duplication of effort, and will surely do more to eliminate the smaller players in the market, such as SanDisk, than affect the iPod's sales.

    Furthermore, I would ask anyone to avoid buying the Zune, no one should reward Microsoft for releasing a product that is effectively unfinished. Really for $250.00 you get to do their beta testing, and that's not a privilege anyone should have to endure.

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  • Project
    Jan 12, 12:38 PM
    The google cache for adium usage stats page: http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:-KC3ZK_6EgEJ:www.adiumx.com/sparkle/%3FforceShow%255B%255D%3Dmodel+macbookair&hl=en&strip=1
    It was retrieved on 9.jan and it already contained Macbook Air entry, few days before the rumors came.
    Basically the name Macbook Air seems to be real. Only thing is what stands behind that name. :)

    Great detective work.

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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 12, 10:25 AM
    Really? I guess they've never heard of Nike before then.

    People thought the iPhone would be called the iPhone for years.

    I think that they should go with 'MacBook Pump' instead. The Reebok Pumps were so cool. Pump it up!


    Cisco already used the name "iPhone", but that never stopped the almighty Apple!

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  • tedrjr03
    Aug 27, 01:11 AM
    I hope that this is all true because i plan on picking up a new intelimac or mini.

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  • iRobby
    Apr 19, 02:55 PM
    This is What I Wanna See:

    iMac 27" (Quad Core)
    $1,999.99 (Base)

    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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  • Bodypainter
    May 3, 04:03 AM
    oh guys, don't you understand what is going on here?

    the iPhone and iPad is very sucessful therefore apple wants to bring all the user interface elements to the Mac too. and this actually makes sense. the only problem: we are used to the Mac os and don't want to give up our habits.

    but there is no way around: it's time to melt iOS and Mac OS x. and apple is going to bring so many things to the os x that will confuse so many people. they have to solve so many problems like deletion of programs or the fullscreen dilemma.

    I am very sure that they want the Mac os to behave like iOS. but iOS is based on the home screen and this terrible multitasking bar (double-click on home button) no trashcan (oho!) and no finder.

    but there is also a good side to it. maybe the iOS is getting the "widget screen" too, because if apple is totally logical, the have to introduce this too (and mission control).

    (written on an iPad)

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  • bretm
    Jul 20, 10:11 AM
    iPod sales GROWTH is slowing, but iPod sales are still speeding up.

    30% more than same quarter last year...

    Increasing. Not speeding up.

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  • Link2999
    Sep 24, 01:47 PM
    Something I noticed about my Grip Vue today. The back seems to be collecting quite a bit of germs (dirt, etc.). For those of you who use a Mighty Mouse, think about how that collects dirt, but on a case.

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  • treblah
    Jul 18, 01:44 AM
    I'm sufficiently excited. Here's hoping for higher quality (than the current TV shows) and Netflix-esque pricing.

    Start "TS isn't accurate/only for the US" whining in 3, 2, 1…

    If I'm going to spend all that time downloading a movie, I should at least be able to keep it. Bah.

    You've never streamed a Quicktime movie? You don't have to wait for it to end before you start watching it, unless of course you were going to watch it on an iPod…

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  • afrowq
    Apr 21, 12:34 PM
    Performance and specifications determine whether or not it's a "Pro", not the people who use them. I'm not a professional race car driver, but my car has over 400hp. Does that mean that my car is not the high-performance sports car that the automotive world widely claims it to be?

    And besides, how do you know those people aren't using heavy-duty applications? Is a thirty-second observation at Starbucks enough to justify such a statement?

    Yes, a 30 second observation of people surfing FB on their Macbook (pros) is sufficient for me to assume that they are not performing complex video rendering or multi-filter Photoshop layering.

    Laptops are not Pro machines. A 13" laptop with shared memory and a glossy screen is not professional. Unless your profession is being a writer. The "pro" moniker is a marketing ploy.

    I realize the 15" and 17" are more powerful, but you still can't edit 4K RED footage on one, for example. But a Mac Pro? There's nothing professional you can throw at it that it can't do.

    Also, regarding the car metaphor: put your 400hp car up against a NASCAR or Formula 1 vehicle and see how well it does on the racetrack against other REAL professional cars.

    The car is nice, I'm sure, but is not a vehicle doing professional high performance driving. The same is true of macbook pros. They're solid machines, but they are not professional performance machines.

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  • NateEssex
    Sep 27, 10:25 PM
    I just want to confirm that I did send them the $26 donation they asked for from their subscribers. I believe in what they do, even if I disagree with them on this issue (as noted ad naseum in this thread).

    Wow, I think $26 is a bit too high. I would pay $15 max.

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  • Ted Witcher
    Mar 22, 05:38 PM
    Just put it in a YoTank case like I did. You can drive your car over it without damaging the iPod.


    More pics here (http://www.substrata.ca/blog/uncategorized/portable-music-rig/).

    That's an Emmeline DAC? You're not using USB?

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 30, 02:30 AM
    Who says Intel will keep selling Yonahs for long time once Merom comes out?

    Link (http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2808&p=2). In short: "You'll note that Intel is quite aggressive with ramping Core 2 Duo up, but going into 2007 over a quarter of Intel's mobile processor shipments will still be Core Duo. "

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  • Eric5h5
    Aug 6, 09:44 PM
    wow, that's some bold statements by Apple. i'm sure that they'll back them up though

    Nothing they haven't done before. Like the "Redmond, start your photocopiers" thing for Tiger. And Redmond did exactly that, it seems. ;)


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  • Willis
    Aug 6, 09:00 PM
    Hasta la Vista, Vista

    classic!! I want to see a pic!

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  • Machead III
    Jan 2, 08:41 AM
    There WILL be an Apple phone at MWSF

    -- HOWEVER --

    it will only have modest music playback capabilities. If you want a good music player AND a good phone then you will have to buy a Nano AND an Apple Phone.

    If wish this was more than just paper thin speculation, because this is exactly what I want to be the case: there's nothing I want to do less on my phone than play music.

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  • noservice2001
    Oct 23, 07:15 AM
    o please red!!!

    Aug 24, 05:43 PM
    I hope it happens soon......that new iMac is sounding nice!!! I think it is obviously coming "VERY SOON." What happened to September 5th? Is that the tuesday after labor day, I think it is....

    This article refers to the Mac Mini, not the iMac...

    Nov 27, 01:59 AM

    Replacing my quote with a cliche picture...... how witty.

    Oh, I think you missed an 'e'.

    /been a member for over three years, never been called that before:rolleyes:



    I bought two more iPad apps. Both are pool games..... I couldn't figure out which to buy, so I bought them both. So far, Pool Bar > Pool Pro Online 3

    http://a1.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/018/Purple/90/60/ab/mzl.qihqavai.480x480-75.jpg http://theportablegamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/photo-13.png

    Apr 26, 02:11 PM
    Try again what ? It's not a word mark, it's a typed drawing, meaning you could trademark Pet Store too if it is a different drawing all together (different font, different shape, different color).

    It's basically a logo trademark, like let's say : :apple:

    Your point is that you cannot find such a trademark as "app store" in the standard character format because "app store" is too general right? The other person posted that "pet store" would be a ridiculous example of this.

    "Registration of a mark in the standard character format will provide broad rights, namely use in any manner of presentation."

    Source: http://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/basics/index.jsp

    Ok fair enough. Pet store was registered in the stylized or design format.

    But your basic argument against Apple is that they cannot use app store as a trademark in the broader text format because it is too general. But this is not the only example of such a thing.

    If this is the case then Apple Store will be thrown out too. It is the same type of trademark. Two words, not one and not preceded by "the".

    App Store
    Apple Store

    The other argument is that "app" is too generic and that the term was around prior to the trademark. I do not believe this is valid either as "app" may have existed but was not widely used. The argument would have been used agains the prior trademark of "appstore" in that case.

    One thing is for sure. Our opinions will have no bearing on the final outcome.

    1. Look, the form in which it was trademarked matters. Otherwise, there would only be 1 type of mark. You can overrule it all you want, in the end you were wrong.

    2. App is as much a part of the lexicon as pet. I know I've been using it for more than a decade.

    You define the lexicon of the overall society?

    The point that has been brought forth to the USPTO is that Apple has no right to an exclusive mark on App Store because of its descriptive and generic nature. This is not like the examples you cite, the problem is not that Apple has a shoe store they want to call Yellow, it's that they have a shoe store they want to call shoe store.

    That is the problem defined by people who object to Apple's trademark. It has not been decided whether Apple's trademark should be invalidated based on this opinion yet.

    Jan 13, 01:46 AM
    Apple and several other companies began lobbying the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates use of the airwaves in the

    Apr 12, 09:11 PM
    I've found that old iMovie still works great for some of my work flow (I edit for public access) but that new iMovie, though it is different, is quite easy to use and works for other projects quite well (web video). I have also used FCP for other projects and the differences between any version of iMovie and FCP is that FCP doesn't stand in the way of your creativity. If you can imagine it, it can be done in FCP and there are probably 2 or 3 ways to do it also. At least for me.