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  • BlizzardBomb
    Aug 29, 01:16 PM
    intel will sell yonahs for quite some time besides merom. why sell them when merom is better? answer: because they will sell them for lower price

    The pricelist from Intel themselves (PDF). (http://www.intel.com/intel/finance/pricelist/processor_price_list.pdf)

    Core 2 Duo: Merom pricing.

    Yonah prices in normal font, Merom in bold
    1.66 GHz - $209/ $209
    1.83 GHz - $241/ $241
    2 GHz - $294/$294 etc. etc.

    They cost the same! Intel hasn't announced any price drops yet.

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 21, 04:31 PM
    we can only hope that that point will be reached with as little casualties as possible.

    I think this would be conterproductive to the end result though. If you inflict swift and high casualties on the opposition, the rest might be detered from dragging out a lengthy insurgency where even more people suffer (including lots and lots of bystanders).

    It's human nature and you can put yourself in their place. When you see your comrades (not just machines that you didn't even pay for) die ruthlessly in a hopeless battle, chances are you would be grateful that you were spared and realize both that you will surely get killed for nothing if you continue your defiance...and that the new regime will be strong. i.e. Most people want to be on the winning side. It "might" be different if you have been oppresed all your life and don't give a crap anymore, but in this case, it's just changing some ways to run the country.

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  • Mr. Gates
    Mar 23, 04:53 AM
    I would need a 2.4 TB iPod to store all of my Music.
    Right now I'm using an 80 gig and choosing different playlists on my monthly sync.
    I only use it for the car so I'm not too concerned with upgrading.

    With my iPhone I use the app "ORB (http://www.orb.com/en/orblive)" and have full access to the home server anytime but that depends on DATA and is sometimes slow or in bad coverage areas.

    I only need this for the car, so no big deal.

    But if they stop making the classic I would be bummed out

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  • h1r0ll3r
    Feb 22, 11:47 AM
    Man I hate this friggin monitor. Can't wait until I get a new(er) one.

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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 22, 06:57 PM

    it's been gone for a while.

    I feel your pain man. I have a 2 year old myself.

    They all ready sit in Recaro's ;)

    Seriously though, we've got a 3rd on the way, so we had to go to something large enough to fit 3 car seats.

    Never heard of that brand.

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  • generik
    Oct 14, 07:03 PM
    Since I'm home for the evening and didn't see your post until now, I can't give you any specific side-by-side tests, but I can give you a rough estimate of the speeds.

    Overall, the Dual G5 is faster, not by a landslide by any means, but it is faster. Of course the G5 has 1.5 gigs of RAM vs. the mini's 512K, and the G5 has a 1Ghz BUS speed vs. the 667Mhz of the mini. If I were to slap in 2 gigs of RAM in to the mini then I'm sure I would see a little more performance, but I think the G5 would still be faster.

    But the mini is still very zippy, no beachballs or waiting on Apps, very fast and clean for average use. Now if I were to do some Photoshop or, say, FCP comparisons, I'm sure the G5 would clean up in those areas.

    I'm really happy with the purchase though, it's perfect for what I need it to do.

    Oh, I installed Windows XP via BootCamp and after having to burn an illegal copy of my legal disc (the retail disc was bad) I got it running with no problems. I must say, this mini is the fastest Windows machine I've ever had.

    Ok, that is not being very fair to the mini... at all.

    I have a Mini and did my own ram upgrades on it, the before and after results are very significantly different. The Mini is horrible at 512, and at 1GB it starts picking up, at 2GB it is actually pretty damned good.

    Perhaps you should strip 1GB of ram off the PM and redo the comparison, also bus speeds can't be quantified the way you did... the PPC actually needs more bandwidth due to the risc architecture.

    You talk about the price but I look at it this way. shore it might not be that great for the price and the difference between the hign end mini and the low end imac is not worth the hign end mini price but the point of the mini is to get people off the windows crap.I was going to switch back when the first intel mini came out but wanted something bettter for the price I ended up getting another windows one but now that the low end mini has due core and more ram I'm looking at selling my pc and getting a mac.I have been a fan of apple and the mac for many years and can see that it is not there hardware that sells the systems but there OS. I feel vista is doomed to fail and apple will be there to pick up the pieces when leopard comes out. I think Macworld 07 will be the best yet and will put windows and the pc on the down fall for good.Apple will be king in 2007 and we need to stop complaining and know apple will keep on putting the goods out.

    Not really, the cheapest iMac is $999 which is $200 more than the top end Mini, and even at that price the Mini wins out with a DVD-writer and the remote. At the expense of those you get a faster processor (probably not huge improvement) and a 17" screen. Displays are pretty cheap nowadays so if you need a DVD writer you have to shell out extra to get the next higher up iMac model.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 26, 01:19 PM
    The one argument Amazon can make is that they used "appstore" instead of "app store".

    "Appstore" was a trademark held by a computer store that was later abandoned. When you search for "app store" in the TESS you find both but Apple's trademark is specifically "app store" with two words.

    Not that I am an expert on the law of trademarks. Let them fight it out. What do I care. I'm just pointing out that the one word version of the trademark may not fall under Apple's two word trademark.

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  • Waterboy4
    Apr 19, 01:05 PM
    The iMac update is likely to be a spec bump, Sandy Bridge, better Graphics, etc...plus Thunderbolt. I plan to hang on to my current model for now.

    I am more excited about a potential Mac Mini Update, because I need one of those.

    +1 for the mac mini update. My G4 is getting long in the tooth (ancient by computer standards), but still chuggin' away. I want a MM and Lion upgrade.

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  • theBB
    Jul 19, 08:30 PM
    Vista will often require users to upgrade older computers to make it usable will play to Apple's advantage. The upgrade (hardware and software) disruption that Vista is going to cause is a perfect point for folks thinking about switching to a Mac to make the jump... they have to spend the money anyways so why not get a Mac (especially since if they don't like Mac OS X they can fallback on running Vista or XP on it).
    But, look at it from the other angle. If Vista and Leopard does not look all that different, why switch to a Mac? Tiger would be a bit more user friendly to maintain, iLife might end up being less buggy, but you gotta balance that againts the "fear of the unknown", repurchasing some of your software and lack of close friends etc. to "borrow" software from. I am not that upbeat about 2007 for OSX.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 26, 02:25 PM
    This debate made me think of this. Now that I've thought about it more this is actually really interesting. Reminds me of Kleenex, or Xerox.

    This has nothing to do with the current case.

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  • hoveowl
    Feb 6, 08:01 AM
    Here in the upper midwest, we're having a nasty winter. However in a couple of months it'll be warm enough to get the top down.

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  • CEAbiscuit
    Jan 5, 09:57 AM
    Do you have any idea if it is possible to get such a feature working on non-intel machines (e.g powerbook G4)?


    http://iscroll2.sourceforge.net/ - sometimes a little clugey, but it works...

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  • iGav
    Mar 9, 02:18 PM
    So I don't think they did any modifications to the suspension.

    I'd hazard a guess that they probably did? just because of the difference in preference in ride quality, European cars are naturally exceedingly firm? the same cars with sports suspension, excruciatingly so.

    The Insignia's not a bad car by any means, the OPC/VXR concept looked particularly mean, especially in wagon form, but the rear of the hatchback looks a little odd to me, fussily unresolved with so many bad lines? but that is probably to be expected given it's World Car origins. It's wheelbase looks far too short as well.


    I agree. If you look at "small" cars these days, they really aren't that small. Of course, what made the Mini special was packaging, and I don't think we've seen a revolutionary new "package" since the Mini.

    I'd suggest that the A2 was the last truly innovative car with regards to packaging, spaceframe, double-floor (like the A Class, but much better implemented) etc.

    Something like the Smart is too compromised in achieving it's small footprint, and the IQ is as conventional as they come. As are cars like the Ka/500, i10 etc.

    I think VW was on to something with their up! concept, (rear engined, 2 or 3 cylinder engine (I forget which), and a minimalist cabin) but then they decided the layout was too difficult to make work (read as too expensive, can't be bothered) and it's becoming a conventional FE/FWD hatch? when they could have launched the new people's car for the 21st century, with an innovative drivetrain and modular interior functionality, based on something like an iPad type device (which is what VW's new Hackney Cab concept looks to be implementing).

    Chevy definitely has a lot of work to do to establish a brand presence in Europe - especially since Opel already covers so much territory with its lineup. Apart from niche vehicles like the Corvette, there isn't much of "American" Chevy that can make the transition to Europe. And in the long run,

    I can't help but think GM would've been better repositioning Opel. They're making unnecessary (not to mention needlessly expensive) work for themselves with Chevy. It's a bit icy out isn't it? Is that the captain at the bar? ;)

    Chevy can't rely on rebadged Korean cars.

    They can't? especially when rival Korean cars are very, very good indeed, if still a little dull.

    Damning with faint praise!

    What can I say? it's ingrained. :p

    In the context of this thread I am happy to see a Cruze diesel come to the US, and I think the Cruze will be an improvement over previous GM small cars,

    It's considered more mid-size here if anything. In Holden form, right up until the C-Pillar it's a fine design, but like a lot of cars today, it's got bum trouble.


    It is true that their biggest problem is coming up with a reason to buy it over other similarly anonymous cars.

    I think that would be my issue, if I were thinking of dropping the ?$?? on a new car, I'd be thinking to myself, is a new car so important to me as to stomach the depreciation that drops like an atom-bomb, or do I buy myself a new Golf?

    And we never got to see it here.

    And is it any wonder that Ford U.S. almost went the way of the muff?

    if any car company has shown to have any knowledge about badge engineering/branding it's VW AG

    Indeed, this alone would be a thread in itself wouldn't it. :p

    believe it or not back in the 70ties Opel actually had a trendy, sporty and young reputation image

    That'll be the Manta. :p

    Vauxhall have never really had that image. It's no coincidence that in Cockney Rhyming Slang, that Vauxhall rhymes with Dull.

    it's not exactly GM alone:
    yes VW are really bland looking too, but opposed to many GM vehicles if you take the badge away you would be still able recognize that the vehicle is a VW ...

    And you highlight exactly where many/most car manufacturers go wrong when it comes to developing a World Car and why they're seldom truly successful. BMW & Mercedes have been producing World Cars for decades haven't they, some would say successfully so. Why? Because they're completely & unapologetically Germanic.

    seriously the new micra is bringing the bland back to the brand ..

    True that? it looks older than the car it replaced. :eek:

    at least hyundai finally realised that those names they were putting on their models weren't the brightest idea in 95% of all cases

    The i10 has gotten rave reviews over here, frequently voted best city-urban-girls car or something? I heard that when a man drives one, his balls shrink and he assumes a pre-pubescent state. ;)

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  • speedythecat
    Oct 6, 12:55 PM
    That looks great! I too am thinking about getting the Belkin Grip Vue. My BestBuy currently has all the colors in stock. Looks like the night sky is the hot seller there.

    Question.. Just how big of deal is it that the volume and sleep buttons are covered? Just looks like it would be sort of a pain in the butt to push through the material to get to and then push the buttons, or is it less squishy than it looks??

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  • bassjunky
    Mar 23, 08:33 AM
    Apple is totally a lone player in this market of HDD-based high capacity MP3 player. The only thing prohibiting me from nabbing one of these is the highly scratchable chrome back. If Apple goes with full unibody aluminum enclosure, I'll nab one for sure.

    Seriously? The only reason that you haven't picked up a high-capacity iPod is because you might scratch the back side? :confused:

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  • ZrSiO4-Zircon
    Jan 11, 05:55 PM
    I really don't think Apple will come out with external optical drives... That is just too... complicated. Personally, and I think alot of people will agree, if you're going to have a small computer device, you don't want to carry another piece of equipment with you everywhere you go.
    What's more believable (to me anyway) is the sub-notebook that syncs kind of like the iPod through iTunes.
    Maybe iSync will handle that kind of syncing with what I have in mind?
    I'm no fortune teller :p

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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 7, 12:25 PM
    As other people have recognised..... the reference to G5 is in relation to the exterior, not the chipset.

    "G5" is processor branding which refers to the 970 chipset, not the design of the machine itself, so you are using that terminology incorrectly. Do people go around saying, "Gee, that new Pentium Dell sure is nice!" :p :D It's the equivalent of saying that you like the design of the V10 BMW when in fact you mean the M5. If the current iMac design only housed G5 chips, and was changed when the Intel transition occurred, then fine, that model could be associated with the G5 chip, however this is obviously not the case.

    No worries, just pointing out how you are in error. :cool:

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  • Night Phoenix
    Aug 25, 09:50 AM
    Hey guys,

    I will soon be getting an older Pentium 3 for free from my dad who is remodeling his office, and I was thinking of installing linux on it and turning it into a dvr / media box for my tv. Have any of you done this with a mac mini? Any opinions on this?

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  • network23
    Jul 19, 04:46 PM
    I fully believe the lower desktop numbers are due to people waiting for the Intel-based desktops. The wonderful thing about Macs are that they aren't always in need of updating, so it's not a problem to wait until they are released.

    Expect a huge increase in desktop sales the next quarter or two (if indeed the Mac Pro with Intel line appears next month).

    Jan 12, 12:45 AM
    This is the dumbest fabrication of all time.

    Existing Rumor + Sign = Macbook Air

    So, so stupid.

    Mar 25, 04:55 PM
    This will make a great game even better.

    Mar 27, 04:13 PM
    There is a difference between being realistic about devices and having your head in the clouds. I LOVE my apple gear and can't wait to get an ipad, but I am realistic in it's current capability

    I assume that's what you meant. Because we've seen touchscreen devices advance by leaps and bounds since June 2007. In two years' time it will very likely be an entirely new ballgame with such devices being a dominant force in tech, including gaming.

    This little demo is just barely scratching the surface.

    Apr 21, 01:59 PM
    To those laughing at this and pointing out that Android phones don't have a file recording your movements:


    (NOTE: I did not write this)

    Mar 25, 03:55 PM
    At this pace the iPad3 will come close to the PS3 in terms of performance when it is released next year...

    I'm really impressed by the increasing performance of the ARM architecture. Mind you all this is coming from a tiny SoC which doesn't require cooling or any substantial power intake.

    Impressive indeed!

    Maybe we'll be seeing ARM based Desktops by the end of the decade... or sooner?