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  • aznguyen316
    Sep 14, 10:40 PM
    The BB I got my Griffin case from also had a couple other griffin gloss ones of hard plastic in bright blue, black - although it was more smoke/gray, and I forget, one other color. You can check stock on bestbuy.com search for ipod 4th and it'll come up with a few cases and etc for it. then do check store inventory. good luck!

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 02:44 PM
    Uhh, no bro. The CPU and GPU are two separate things, and Sandy Bridge smokes Fusion on the CPU side. If you want to argue OpenCL for all of the zero current day applications it currently has then be my guest and do so. Fusion is DX11? Wow, more vaporware that rarely gets added in modern games due to wanting to be backwards compatible, how exciting!

    Once again, run Sandy Bridge and a discrete GPU if you are really looking for performance. There's your OpenCL and DX11 support that you need so badly. It will smoke anything AMD has to offer.

    OpenCL are COMPUTE tasks. If you can't do them on the GPU, you would need a HUGELY powerful CPU. That's why having true OpenCL means you have a better "CPU".

    In one or two months after Bobcat Fusion was introduced there are already 50 Fusion-oriented Windows apps.

    I'm not taking about DirectX 11 concerning games, but concerning OpenCL.

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  • nagromme
    Apr 2, 07:05 PM
    This ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Aug 24, 05:43 PM
    I hope it happens soon......that new iMac is sounding nice!!! I think it is obviously coming "VERY SOON." What happened to September 5th? Is that the tuesday after labor day, I think it is....

    This article refers to the Mac Mini, not the iMac...

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  • Yebubbleman
    Apr 19, 04:43 PM
    Don't speak so definitively and pompously.

    I work with these machines on the daily. Their service manuals are three mouse clicks and the type of my password away. My co-worker has at least two of them bare naked chips and bits exposed and all at his bench on the daily. It's hard not to stare at them as I take my morning walk to the break room to grab a cup of water. I can speak definitively because I know what I'm talking about. As for pompousness, sorry my tone offends you. Perhaps you might try ignoring it?

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  • Uragon
    Apr 21, 12:03 PM
    no, all politicians wave the "privacy" banner... they don't want their employers (i.e. you and me) to know where they've been.

    +1...., the best

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  • quadgirl
    Sep 1, 01:29 PM
    Talking about the iMac chin, isn't it time for a new-look iMac? I couldn't imagine a 23" wide chin :eek:

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  • puuukeey
    Sep 6, 07:18 PM
    Why exactly is fixed pricing so important? isn't that.. well.. a bit anti supply/demand? Anyone have any stats on the percentages that bestbuy, a local music/video store, and apple are making on a normal purchase?


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  • JML42691
    Feb 21, 06:11 PM
    Nice office Agaetis Byrjun, and you weren't lying about the wire thing, very well hidden!

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  • CQd44
    Mar 27, 10:54 AM
    I don't think touchscreen games/consoles could ever completely replace traditional ones. A separate market, yeah, sure. But button-and-joystick consoles won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

    Also, every time LTD posts I have a hard time discerning if he's trolling or not.

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  • I made for Justin Bieber?

  • fun173
    Feb 8, 07:43 PM
    ..........its my favorite color!

    Gorgeous, love the color :)

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  • sochrisash
    Jan 5, 04:22 PM

    No show winner, but its mine :P :D

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  • Random Passerby
    Oct 24, 01:19 AM
    I should be posting to the 'update before the holiday season' string to help it get to 4000 posts - but I was wondering at what time of day would an update happen, were it to happen?

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  • Booga
    Jul 18, 09:24 AM
    In the music business, Apple has taken advantage of people's willingness to give up some sound quality (ie MP3 and AAC formats) in exchange for ease of use in buying and using the music. I don't expect the movie service to offer HD, at least not for most movies. I expect they'll do the same thing they did with music-- actually offer slightly LOWER resolution than DVD in exchange for a very convenient package.

    That's how Apple got the music industry on-board, and it would offer a great story to the movie studios, who are constantly worried that the higher and higher quality formats mean they're "giving away their masters". Instead, people may be very willing to buy lower quality copies as long as it's extremely convenient.

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  • OliverOSX93
    Apr 19, 04:29 PM
    As much as I want an Air, every time I'm in an Apple Store I drool over the 27" iMac. There's just something about that beautiful aluminum behemoth sitting on a desk that says I'm in the right camp.

    Dare we dream of a 30" model?

    it wasn't too long ago that apple discontinued the 30 inch ACD in favour of the 27 inch one. so I'm doubtful on that. sorry mate :(

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  • boncellis
    Jul 18, 02:51 PM
    I have mixed feelings about this. The only way I see this really becoming big is if Apple releases a Mac Mini media center. By so doing, Apple will catch a huge market of people who say, "What do you want to watch tonight?" How many times have you been in this situation. You've looked at all your movies, which you've seen at least three times each, and decide that you don't have anything you want to watch. Would if, from your remote, you had a whole movie store IN YOUR HOME? That's right. Who needs to go to Blockbuster or wait for NetFlix. Just point, click, and...hello, movie. You get to keep it for a few days.

    This will only work, though, if it is that easy. If people have to figure out their own way to get it to the TV, they will simply go get the DVD from Blockbuster, because the player is already hooked up to the TV. If Apple wants to make it in the movie business, they need to build something that is meant to hook up to the TV right OUT OF THE BOX.

    I'm excited to see it!

    Right. Just like that super successful venture Moviebeam.

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  • ingenious
    Apr 7, 09:19 AM
    really, this is what Ive been taking about...I think that most Mac users don't want to hear it

    maybe thats because its not true and most mac articles are written by very wintel biased writers.

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  • skiltrip
    Oct 6, 01:07 PM
    That looks great! I too am thinking about getting the Belkin Grip Vue. My BestBuy currently has all the colors in stock. Looks like the night sky is the hot seller there.

    Question.. Just how big of deal is it that the volume and sleep buttons are covered? Just looks like it would be sort of a pain in the butt to push through the material to get to and then push the buttons, or is it less squishy than it looks??

    The volume buttons are a little stiff, though the sleep/wake button is perfect. I'm hoping the volume buttons will loosen up a bit over time. I can adjust them pretty easily with my pointer finger when held in my right hand, but I can't do it very well with my thumb when holding in my left hand.

    For what it's worth, I think part of the reason for the stiff feel of the volume buttons is the actual angled placement of the volume buttons on the iPod touch itself. They are awkward to press sometimes as it is, even without a case, so a case just exacerbates this. Even with that I still like the case a lot. And I do believe the material around the volume buttons will break in over time and become easier to press.

    I Also just ordered a black Grip Vue (Tint) from Belkin's website ($24, free shipping). Basically the Grip Vue, but the semi see thru type , in a smokey black. I'll put up some pics when I get it.

    Here's the stock image from Belkin's website, and the actual page link...

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  • kriskkalu
    Jan 5, 06:31 PM
    At macworld 2007 Apple will announce that you can download The Beatles music on iTunes and possible there will be a Beatles branded iPod.

    Nov 15, 01:34 PM
    8 Core Mac Pro won't be cheap..

    It turns out the 2.66 Ghz 8 core chips are about the same price as 3.0 Ghz 4 core chips. So the price differential will be product positioning, not raw cost.


    Nov 15, 08:34 AM
    8-Core Mac Pro! :eek:

    ***drool*** :D :cool:

    I'd love to see these test done in Vista, slower than XP i suspect. :cool:

    Aug 7, 07:30 AM
    For the sake of those who want to remain surprised until we see the video, there should be a page on MacRumors that says "will post link when video available" - so I can just check that page for the video to be uploaded later in the day. I plan to completely avoid all news until I see the video.

    dpaanlka, you are stronger than I. ;)

    Mar 1, 05:07 PM

    My set up.

    Sep 1, 02:05 PM
    How big and small an iMac would consumers actually want? 50"? 10"?

    Will we eventually see an ad with Verne Troyer and Yao Ming working side-by-side on their big and small desktop Macintoshes?

    I'd take a 72" iMac.

    Like some said earlier, anything above 23"s would be prfect as a TV replacement.

    You have the remote, the wi-fi, the DVD (possibly Blu Ray) player - who wouldn't want a 72" LCD TV that does all THAT and can also be used as a computer??