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  • damarsh
    Apr 26, 01:10 PM
    anyone else getting a little bit fed up of apples lawsuits?

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  • DrEasy
    Mar 23, 02:08 AM
    With a bigger hard drive, it would be conceivable to think of the iPod classic as a portable hard drive that you could also use for Time Machine backups. I would have a greater incentive in backing up my files if I could use my iPod that is always nearby. It would back up my files as I'm recharging it.

    Or look at it the other way: there's plenty of portable hard drives in the market, but how many of you carry one "just in case"? Whereas if the portable hard drive doubles up as a very competent MP3 player, you will always have it with you.

    Now there should be some data protection scheme so that if someone steals your iPod they can't use all your data. Encryption + some kind of pairing with your machines should do the job.

    I know I'd buy such a thing...

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  • PODshady
    Oct 23, 08:27 PM
    I believe that there is a very good chance that the entire Intel line of Macs will get upgraded to 64-bit processors since Leopard has extended 64-bit support beyond the UNIX level

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  • wizard
    Jun 22, 03:53 PM
    Exactly. When did the keyboard and mouse become public enemy number 1? These technologies have been perfected over years and years of real use.

    If Apple introduces a touch iMac it's clearly a money grab, to sucker the public into thinking touch is somehow superior when in fact it is vastly inferior on a desktop monitor.
    Not in every case but certainly in most cases a Touch screen on the desktop, supporting most productivity apps, is a TERRIBLE idea. I work in a plant full of touch screens supporting various systems and frankly they all suck for general run of the mill interaction or data entry. There is nothing about Apples GUI that can improve this as it is more of a physical ergonomic issue.

    However that doesn't mean that touch screen are never useful on the desktop. On the contrary there are apps that can effectively leverage a touch screen. The problem is these are not the apps that most people will be making use of.

    In the end I believe you are right about people getting suckered into something they might not ever use. Further I'm more surprised that this rumor is desktop related as a touch screen might actually get used more on a laptop. In the end I just hope this is a bogus rumor.

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  • zep1977
    Apr 21, 12:31 PM
    al franken?

    I thought it was just us "tinfoil hats" as was said yesterday by some in these forums, who would be upset about this?

    Guess not. :rolleyes:

    justin bieber new hairstyle pics. Justin Bieber New Hairstyle
  • Justin Bieber New Hairstyle

  • blueflame
    Sep 6, 09:22 PM
    I think everyone is obsessing about quality. someone here said earlier that its about convinience. these are going to be the same resoluition as the tv shows, and cost 3.99. i actually dont think they will be letting you burn it on a disk either. I agree that a movie rental system is the way to go. but honestly, for these prices, i can get through time warner all the on demand stations, (stars, stars2, cinemax, showtime, and like 3 hbo channels.) this is the future, there is no waiting to download anything, this model is waht for all reality needs to be used, then if you like the movie enough, you pay $15 for you to burn it to one dvd only (comes with label pictures and cover) maybe they even mail you the emtpy case. for that price, they will afford it.) anywy. maybe this set top box everyone wants is some sort of propriatary thing they are making like tivo, with a burner, from an apple cable server, with an ipod port. I like it. but this is such an exciting time.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 27, 09:19 AM
    "App Store" is a trademarked name of a particular store. "appstore," or "app store" in generic terms and context is a description of a particular thing. How hard is it for these companies to understand that that's possible? Just the same as "Windows" vs. "windows." Actually, I think they do get it, but they don't want "App Store" associated only w/ Apple so they can jump on the bandwagon and (continue to try to) confuse consumers.

    Capitalization does not impact trademarks like you claim. "App Store" is the same as "app store".

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  • JackSYi
    Jul 18, 02:14 AM
    Too bad Steve couldn't cut a deal from the studios.

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 28, 11:57 AM
    yeah i'm sure the Zune will evenually sell. but i don't think it'll sell like the ipod though

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 29, 10:47 AM
    I don't care about a measly speedbump. Begin to produce the media center already! How hard can it be? Just slap in a TV-card and beef up frontrow. done.
    ok, slightly over simplified... But I dont see why Apple procrastinate on this matter. They would sell a bundle by releasing an Apple "media center".

    Maybe FrontRow 2 (I believe/assume comes with Leopard) is where this will play in. Maybe instead of making a single device and labeling it a media center Apple will allow for any Mac (any new Mac...) to be used as a media center via FrontRow 2.

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  • Goldfinger
    Aug 31, 03:07 PM
    Knowing that Apple doesn't pay listed prices, it's not unreasonable to assume that Apple could get the Yonah chips for less than Merom ones.
    But the same is true for Merom chips. It's not that they aren't getting volume discounts just because the chip is new..

    Also, Apple has historically liked to scale its product lineup to encourage buying then next item up the scale. Some have even referred to it as "crippling" the lower machines.

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  • fr0
    Aug 16, 11:43 AM
    The Register has an article claiming that Apple Taiwan has come out and denied this claim.

    Read it Here (http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/08/16/apple_denies_wireless_ipod_claim/)

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  • ipedro
    Apr 12, 10:26 PM
    You're not taking into account that the price is for FCP X alone, not the whole suite of app's

    In fact I was. I said Final Cut Pro should sell for around $300, not Final Cut Studio.

    - iMovie for the general public.
    - Final Cut Pro for those who want more control ranging from the semi-pro to the big movie studio.

    I'm guessing that the other apps will be announced as part of Final Cut Studio before FCP comes out of beta or you'll be able to buy those apps as standalone in the app store.

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  • cinder1280
    Nov 23, 10:05 AM

    I have to order a new workstation in the beginning of dec.
    I want the Powermac in a top config with the 30" Display.
    Now I wonder to wait the release of the 8core system for two reasons:

    If the price will be equal to the actuall one of the quad 3Ghz: Fine, I ll buy the mac pro with clovertown

    If the clovertown system will be much more expensive than the actuall 3 ghz, maybe the 3 ghz will get a little bit cheaper. So i will buy the 3 Ghz system.

    Should I wait to Jan or Feb ? ( The release in November just a rumor :( )
    I dont know what to do. It will be my workstation for the next 4 or 5 ähm thousand years ;)

    Sorry for my bad English, I m working on it ;)

    Greets CindeR

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 22, 11:47 AM
    To me this is like the people that don't support war. If a veteran was killed in action and a funeral is happening they can picket the funeral all day long (talk about bull ****!) But yet if we don't let them picket they freak out scream free rights free rights. Well guess what those veterans (me included since I serve) gave them that freedom to stand there in picket.

    Which anti-war groups picket veteran's funerals? The only group that I'm aware of is the Westboro Christian anti-gay Church.

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  • SiliconAddict
    Sep 7, 12:01 AM
    Meh...I said it before and I'll say it again. I can find better deals on DVD's at Hollywood Video and Blockbuster in their used section. $12 and in some cases 2 for $20 is not uncommon. A move store only appeals to me personally in the event that I need something spur of the moment and even then. $1.99 is impulse buy territory. $9.99+? No so much. On the other hand a service where I can get 4 movies a week or something. That I would do instead of waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I think Apple is on the wrong track here. Right on the money with much. Right on the money with TV shows. (Just want something higher res.) But movies at that kinda price? thanks but I personally will pass. For those who would bite more power to you.

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  • garybUK
    Mar 10, 06:50 AM
    Interesting thoughts iGav. Apparently it's up to the Indians to get creative with their Tata Nano.

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  • viperguy
    Aug 29, 01:55 PM
    The discussion in thinksecret is so fun at the moment, you can't even imagine how.
    Basically everyone was talkin about it's video card, how it should be upgraded and things like that
    But then these messages came into topic

    I think the Mac mini has a future as long as they can get a better video output and a DVR.

    It'd be great if they added a nuclear reactor.

    Will it include a pony?

    Coments? Mine: LOL

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  • DewGuy1999
    Feb 28, 08:21 PM
    Thank you, Yes my office room here had single pane windows originally. The rest of the house has windows like what is on the outside but they are double pane from when the house was built. For some reason not in here. The house has a lot of history and the windows are beautiful so it would be a shame to take out the originals. They are the very thin glass that you can see the distortion when looking through(I am not sure what to call that). In this room the heat loss was bad but in order to preserve the old glass and original look outside this was a decent option We back up to a river that the american army crossed through during WWII and the last of the bullet holes from the fire fight in the back of the basement were just patched up with the latest renovation work.

    I see, so, the inside windows are essentially storm windows. I'm glad to hear that you kept the original windows, too many people think that replacement windows are the only solution to old windows. They're not, there's a reason replacement windows are called "replacement", because you'll be replacing them, probably sooner than later. I don't think the old glass has a name, but most people refer to it as wavy. Thanks for sharing.

    Aug 29, 09:26 AM
    Very predictable. Just release the darn thing already!

    Nov 30, 08:53 AM
    Wonderful equals bad taste?

    Isn't our country about the right to have bad taste?

    Aug 18, 12:49 AM
    Add to this the fact that the iPod's storage capacity has remain unchanged for, perhaps, the longest time in iPod history. With video capability, 60GB just isn't that big anymore. Hasn't Seagate had an 80GB 1.8" drive available for several months?

    We need to have a new, improved, (and thinner?) form factor, with larger capacity, at the current price point.

    But.... I never keep ALL the vids i've downloaded on the iPod. Do you personally need to? or can you do as I do and just uncheck the boxes in the iTunes lib (or use the manual transfer method) for videos you don't want at that time/for that trip?

    I usually put enough to last me a trip and a few extra - my oldest son insists on his Clone Wars Vols. 1 and 2 and some Mystic Force Rangers, my youngest, Baby Einstein and some ripped kids shows off of Tivo - not Tivo supported yet on mac but my wife's PC laptop from her lab gets the shows transferred and I muck about with it - COME ON Tivo, get with it!!!! - and I insist on my Streets videos and presentations in Keynote.

    On that point, someone mentioned wireless usefullnes in the presentation arena but it is quite easy to just use the iPod as an HD and run it from there or use a dock w/ remote, but I do appreciate/like that wireless idea for this app nonetheless :cool: ; maybe as an add-on like an FM transmitter or iTalk with its own power supply/easily swapped AA, AAA, independently rechargeable or whatever batteries so as to avoid my issues with wireless killing iPod play time capacity during untetherd use?

    Not as elegant or "SEXY-WOW!," as mobile OS X or whatever but I've sold quite a few old-time PC guys on the merits of apple by showing them the difference between the real Keynote presentation straight off a mac laptop and the exported - more or less; less mostly - PPT show run from the iPod through their windows box in the briefing area.

    The iPod mobile Firefox and the ability to do that with any software really (given the effort and skill) also had them excited. Security, uniforminity and transportability of essential info/prefs/forms data/ pushing info out to such devices in the hands of squad leaders and even the regular soldier/security contractor a la an ITMS type interface are a big concern for us which this type of development provides to a degree.

    And the iPod or a mac laptop coupled with Keynote and it's ease of use, clarity and attention grab during the few briefings I've handled has already convinced a few of my superiors to 1) pay for a new mac laptop for me asap and 2) requisition some more on a test basis to work out just how much more secure they are than leaky windows boxes and, I extrapolate, the Zaney or whatever MS will call their iPod Killer if it makes it to market. (comments, ideas, proof-of-concept walk-throughs would be helpful in my crusade in this area. Maybe "Crusade," is a poor choice of words....:rolleyes:

    The rest of my family's personal vids, video-grams, "miss you" videos, etc I keep archived in iTunes on one drive location shared by all computers authorized to do so - or backed up somewhere if you'd rather do it that way - but with drive storage getting even more affordable by the minute and the soon to be pervasiveness of Network Drives without the need to log into a "server" as such, I've no issue keeping them (unchecked so they don't sync to the iPod next time) in my regular library shared between all my computers (when I'm at home).

    My wife has no issue keeping up with this way of doing things while I'm away and she's not really as computer savvy as I :p and includes a work PC :mad: in the mix. We just point all the home machines to one of our big external drives dedicated to music and video - or you could use an alias on each machine that does the same thing I suppose. She's been able to troubleshoot that herself with minimal input from me after the initial walk-through/discussion of the theory behind it. Once I cycle back to the states and spend some cash we will be able to afford - and I hope I will be able to convince my wife of the necessity of getting netdrives; it'd be convenient for her work from lab - yeah that's it... and we're going to soon need to have separate HDs for music and video with the relevant appps pointed accordingly to the right location. Two, three clicks in the apps pref panel. Easy as making MREs.

    This also does away with the need to have shared music libs on the same subnet, duplicating libraries on each machine and thus wasting space, the headaches of making sure we all have the same access to the same libraries or doing backflips/using unsupported hacks to make sure everyone has the latest download purchased on "Machine X" available for all other authorized computers - all you need do is access the drive(s) wherein resides the "real" library you need for that particular app.

    That said, being rather far from home at the minute I have been reduced to having a real (read: extra) copy of everything on my laptop here and it's a real pain in the ass. Especially when one of us buys a new track or video and I need to get it FTPd from her to me, me to her or sent some other way back and forth so we all have an actual copy, but this is only temporary one way or the other...:eek: It was just too snail slow doing it the aforementioned way from here.

    Depending on quality offered with the alleged movie service, however, a bump to 80Gig wouldn't be bad but I think I could make do with my 60gig with some planning ahead as noted above.

    I think we all agree on the need for bigger screen real estate but when you start adding the bigger/better res screen, an HD bump of at least 20gig high end, the no-touch thingy, the wireless everyone but I seems to find useful/feasible, etc... into the price factor, the iPod looses some of it's appeal to the masses and becomes the must-have-tech-geek-mac-fan gadget my gen 1 was way back when.... Oh you should have heard my wife then. And do you still remember being in public with one - the only one? :)

    Geeky, but we (or, more precisely, Apple) were right.

    Also, the "smaller" form factor you mention would, I think make battery life even less satisfactory for long haul trips w/out the ability to recharge often or at all. Add the wireless some are clamoring for and you might get 30 minutes if you're lucky. Hell, the latest Streets exclusive video is longer than Thriller at 20 minutes!

    Tangentially, has anyone else seen the news stories (mostly since the Dell battery issue) about fuel cells or some other sort of power source for these devices that seem to be more and more dangerous from a heat standpoint?

    Anyone with some technical background in that area with some insight on cost, size, cell life, feasability for an iPod like device, etc??? Would that make sense in a next gen iPod (and/or laptops, tablets (come on apple! I still love my Newton!!), an iPhone/vid chatter/presentation device thing, etc...??) maybe that's a partial solution to some of my and others' concerns with all this wireless talk and hoped-for new features.

    Oct 23, 09:26 AM
    Since there is little to no hope that apple will bring back the 12" casing, my powerbook will have to for now. It just seems to keep chugging... the new (free, because of recall) battery seems to further my resolve in resisting to make a move. The earliest purchase of a new powerbook will wait until next year when I can have a new OS. Simpleton's rule...

    Jan 8, 12:22 PM
    my 2003 540i M Wagon. upgraded w afe intake and remus exhaust. custom catback piping + resonator delete. stock 290HP/320torque :) 92K miles. next mod is prob full aluminum radiator + electric fan. i heard the cooling system starts degrading around 100K. got the water pump (replaced OEM plastic w metal impeller) and hoses done when i first bought it
    took on a 3200mi road trip last year-- really fun on the highway and surprisingly gets good highway mileage

    Great looking wagon!