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  • kepner
    Mar 31, 02:13 AM
    Launchpad is now an app in the Applications folder, and can be removed from the Dock.

    Is frontrow back?

    No, and they removed the mention of it from the Sound prefpane. ("Play Front Row sound effects")

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  • kdarling
    Apr 23, 09:10 AM
    -- The cache is good

    Let's be clear: the cell/hotspot lookup caching was undoubtedly an innocently added coding feature.

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  • WildCowboy
    Nov 27, 01:17 PM
    meh - does this matter? Isn't 17" is getting to be a bit skimpy by any consumer standards.

    I don't think so. Many people (myself included) who use notebooks as their primary computers without an external monitor. 17" widescreen is a great size.

    Entry-level mini buyers don't want to spend more on their monitor than they do on their computer.

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  • 7even
    Sep 18, 03:18 AM
    Got the Griffin Outfit Gloss at Best Buy.. it's not bad. Hate how the buttons are uncovered and the bottom isn't well-protected, but otherwise it isn't too bad.

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  • bretm
    Jul 20, 10:11 AM
    iPod sales GROWTH is slowing, but iPod sales are still speeding up.

    30% more than same quarter last year...

    Increasing. Not speeding up.

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  • granex
    Nov 28, 10:24 AM
    The Xbox comparison is not totally valid because in that case Microsoft could provide software support to the games makers and provide other incentives for content (as well as supplying their own games content). With the Zune (and other mp3 players) things are pretty much content neutral for the most part, except for online store purchases, where Apple has a huge advantage.

    The only way that Microsoft can use their $$ to greatly influence this market is by selling the Zune for a loss (as they did for the Xbox). They really can't influence the content market in the same way, unless they start paying bands to pull their stuff from iTunes, and even then that is a small piece of the music content market.

    They will have to win on features and integration -- so they are pretty much doomed. They have essentially bet the whole farm on the wireless exchange. We'll see how that works, but it is a density dependent advantage (if there are not enough Zunes around then there is no advantage to being able to exchange with people). Some animal species go extinct even when they are at reasonably large numbers when their relative density falls so low that they can't effectively find mates. This is called the Allee effect. If the density of Zunes does not increase above a certain critical level, even assuming that people want to squirt songs (or whatever it's called), then they are really out of luck.

    A cheap, powerful Xbox with lots of cool games has value right from the start. Microsoft could buy your love in this case.

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 09:25 AM
    as i have said in a previous thread there was a big article a few months ago that discussed the idea of homes having 'media servers' and you stream your music from home to the ipod instead of having it all stored locally.

    Obviously this concept is for the wireless world which we don't really have at the moment but i think we will rapidly move to that stage.

    For those saying the download functions could be via an iphone....well from a UK perspective i hope not becasue currently the UK mobile networks charge a fortune for GPRS data transfer that to be honest would not make it at all viable to use that service unless apple has cut a deal with them but i very much doubt that.

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  • alfagta
    Apr 1, 04:50 PM
    Basically. Now they just need to polish what they gave us. It's honestly a lot though. I wouldn't feel ripped off for them charging money for it.

    Almost all of the Applications have been enhanced, autosave, Launchpad, Mission Control, Versions, resume, Multitouch gestures, full screen apps and the Mac App Store.

    You feel like it?s a new experience? So much better?

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 14, 12:50 AM
    What computers do you have operating to get those points? You must be an IT admin or something surely they are not your computers?

    Actually they ARE all mine along with the electric bill and heat :p I have 4 amd athlon x2 4400+ machines which don't produce vary many points, a phenom x4 9600, a phenom II x4 965 black with 3 gpu's, core i7 920 with 3 gpu's and a 2009 Mac Pro 2x2.66 cpu's running bigadv units. The gpu's are 2 x GT 260 and 4 x GTX 275. I know that is a bit of money and the power bill is quite high, but hey it's a thing to spend money on I suppose. I could spend it on my house and yard which could use it but...

    At work we have a pile of new Nehalem Dell's and IBM power 7's that I would love to fold on but I can't do that because it would interfere with the work they have to do which is bio science related as well. And well, I would lose my job... they aren't very keen on personal use of company hardware.

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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 4, 05:07 PM
    Well...at least someone from MSNBC agrees with me. :p

    In Libya, West showcases new weapons for sale
    Potential buyers from India to Brazil get to see Europe, US jets in action http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42420553/ns/world_news-mideastn_africa/

    I woulda thought the Middle East is most interested, but I suppose any emerging markets is fair game! :D

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  • chutch15
    Sep 14, 08:19 AM
    I agree. Without a case, the new Touch is slippery. The Belkin case adds just enough bulk and grip to make it very comfortable to hold. I don't feel like I'm going to drop it any more and it slides right into my pocket as well.

    BTW, the Night Sky looks almost black in low light. :)

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  • RedReplicant
    Apr 9, 06:35 PM
    Yep, both RHD and LHD variety.

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  • Sammio2
    Nov 28, 11:39 AM
    Received my brand new MacBook Air 11" today, YAY!


    (1,6 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD)

    Nice purchase, but I think you're meant to take it out of the box. Not sure though, maybe someone else here could provide some clarification on this...

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  • bmx433
    Jan 12, 05:04 PM
    just because they used Air in their banner doesn't mean its called MacBook Air.. Apple is not stupid.. its all about slim and light..

    I'll be the one who'll tell you "I told you so" ;) .. enjoy the show!


    or this..


    :apple:MacBook Lite:apple:
    Feb 2008

    that's a good point. i don't remember if they use key words in their teases. what was the tease for the ipod touch? did it have one and if so, was the word "touch" ever mentioned?

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  • kokako
    Apr 26, 01:27 PM
    This annoys me, no way in hell should another plagerist company be allowed to ride apples high, why should they, c'mon mac users get behind apple on this one.
    On mac computers we've always had "Applications", windows have had "programs", when apple made the iPhone they put mini applications on it and called them Apps which is short for small Applications, so amazon call yours PROGS and call it a Progstore but don't STEAL man !remember the widgets on your macs they are where the idea for the Apps on Iphones came from, Windows came along and stole the Widgets idea and initially called them Gadgets but now every other copycat calls them Widgets too, the same is happening again man it's bull, apple sue these leeches all of them.

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  • mrkramer
    Apr 8, 01:11 AM
    HA! Do I get another "I toldya so" moment soon??? :D

    General: US may consider sending troops into Libya

    We better not do that, the no-fly zone is ok, but we can't afford and we shouldn't put troops on the ground. If we do this will just turn into another Iraq.

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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 9, 05:01 PM
    Yes. Left or right hand drive. I prefer a right hand drive manual as I'm left handed. Lucky for me they moved the stick shift to the middle of the car from the outside many years ago.

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  • VanNess
    Jul 19, 11:43 PM
    Slashdot posted an article today (http://www.theage.com.au/news/technology/hollywood-agrees-to-burning-dvd-issue/2006/07/19/1153166455537.html) that announces the studios have struck a deal with an outfit called CinemaNow (never heard of them) in which the studios have finally agreed to allow users to burn a downloaded movie to a blank DVD. Here's what it says about Apple:

    The announcement also previews a likely agreement between the major studios and Apple Computer, which is expected to expand the offerings on its popular iTunes online store to include big-studio movies.

    But the article doesn't mention the 800lbs gorilla in the sidelines, namely, connection/download time. Almost every article about the studio's entry into the movie download business flatly ignores this issue, but, imo, it's a real world showstopper (pun intended). Hanging around waiting endlessly while literally gigs of data trickle down your internet pipe isn't going to be anyone's cup of tea.

    Instead of jumping the gun, someone needs to think a little harder about all of this in order to make it work in such as way that it's irresistible to the average consumer/movie buff, like iTunes is for music fans now. Hopefully, that someone is Apple.

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  • Jeremy1026
    Mar 25, 04:18 PM
    Be cool if they kept the map on the iPad screen stationary as you rotate the device. So that you can look down quickly and not have to re-orient yourself to the tilt of the map.

    May 8, 10:13 AM
    ive completely forgotten about this.. i wanna do it but i dont want my baby imac over heating :(

    Well the bigadv units is where the points are at. I've heard of people doing them with an i7 iMac. You could give it a shot, and if you think it's too hit, then just stop it and do the a3 units

    Sep 6, 08:48 AM
    Hmm... the Mini still has no Core 2 Duo? That does not sound too promising for MacBook (Pro) updates... unless Apple only wants to use the Core 2 Duo for the high end laptops (MacBook Pro) of course... Or are they waiting untill Leopard has been released?

    Core Duo prices will decrease soon (October or so), so Apple will probably have a price decrease then. Additionally, it may wait to put merom in its Macbook lineup, and instead have a price decrease there too...

    Aug 16, 05:24 PM
    I really want wireless earphones and a bigger better def screen. I just dont think its goign to happen soon or be cheap.

    I would prefer the mythical 7" screen mac that can work fine when closed and weighs less than a kilo...

    May 2, 07:27 PM

    As was already mentioned this feature just deletes (and only apps from the Mac App Store it seems) not uninstalls an app along with its related files. To find out more or to ask any questions just visit my site below. All the best!

    Reggie Ashworth
    AppDelete Developer
    www.reggieashworth.com (http://www.reggieashworth.com)

    Jul 18, 01:44 AM
    If I'm going to spend all that time downloading a movie, I should at least be able to keep it. Bah.