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  • capran
    Nov 15, 04:26 PM
    I guess this is fairly boring news for gamers, if Quake is any indication...

    Yes. Games are mostly designed for single CPU, single core at this point. The Mac Pro is overkill for gaming, and I hear FB-DIMMs are detrimental to gaming performance too.

    I just want a headless Mac that's more powerful than the Mini, and not as expensive as the Pro and as "workstation-ish", i.e. it should use standard desktop parts like Conroe and DDR2, and includes at least one 16x PCI-E slot that can fit, power, and cool the latest gaming cards.

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  • turbineseaplane
    Jun 22, 02:55 PM
    My goodness...

    I'm just hoping Apple continues to make a few machines that can do actual design and coding work.

    A touchscreen iPad, iPhone or touchscreen "anything" really doesn't work for that.

    Some of us love Apple gear but actually want to get some efficient and creative work done.

    Note to Apple: Not every device has to be a whiz-bang, wow 'em at Best Buy, touchscreen device with more reflection than a mirror and finger smudges all over it.

    Speaking of which...The Mac Pro ever getting updated again Apple?

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  • toughboy
    Oct 23, 06:40 AM
    Fire'em Steve

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 5, 02:22 PM
    thanks. when it gets colder here, i'll start doing the bigadv units again. then the points should really add up. if they keep the units going.

    way to go dude!

    hey, congrats to you for 6 million!!

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  • louis Fashion
    Apr 21, 08:40 PM
    You and Full of Win must be related. Or married. Or both.

    No they both married their sisters.

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  • jowie
    Apr 26, 01:17 PM
    App Store [TM]

    I think you mean App Store?​

    Never forget cmd-alt-2 (or apple-option-2 if you're old-skool) ;)

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  • Dagless
    Mar 25, 07:37 PM
    It's funny that this machine costs an awful lot, can potentially do an awful lot, yet the games are still lacking.
    In other news I recently bought a ?25 game for my 6 year old (I think, a launch model) DS Lite and I've pumped more hours into that one game than all 50 or so of my iOS games combined.

    I've driven to the restaurant but I'm still waiting for my meal.

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  • DewGuy1999
    Nov 28, 09:10 AM
    and 2 receipts from the Veterinarian Hospital for my female cat - 325.25$

    Hope she's doing well.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Feb 24, 03:18 PM
    The fuel gelling problems are a minor issue as far as I'm concerned. Here in Alaska people regularly drive diesels in -40F or colder weather. I don't see it as a major issue. More widespread adoption of diesel cars and trucks may be a slightly bumpy road here and there - but really the only stumbling block is the higher taxes on diesel here, not any technological issue.

    on a random note just so you know switching to diesel you need to improve your MPG by around 30% for the switch to be carbon neutral. Remember Diesel as a lot more carbon in it per unit volume than unleaded.

    Can we get a link for that?

    Most of the dealerships here lump Proton, Hyundai and Kia... why? they are cheap cars for mums and old people that goto the supermarket, they are no where near upto the quality of the big german cars. Even most jap cars are pretty rubbish to be honest, even Honda dealers are shutting down left, right and centre, GM (Opel/Vauxhall's) new Astra's and the other bigger horrible thing, seem to have just styled them on the Japanese cars... yuk! World cars do not work, different markets want different things.

    The Koreans have been improving a great deal since they built my brother's 1998 Hyundai Accent (which I someday hope to convert into a rally car when it's served it's on-road purpose). I would say that many of the latest models from Korea equal or exceed the Japanese in quality.

    As for the Germans, I am a fan of many German cars and they have earned their reputation, but not all of their cars are great. I remember looking over the C-Class hatchback a few years ago and aside from the RWD and the badge it was inferior to a Golf IMO, and quite a bit more money. Same goes for the M-Class, or the BMW 318 and Z3. I think people often assume that the German cars are benchmarks, but not all of them are.

    The Genesis sedan is a great car but will be ignored because of the Hyundai badge.

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  • joeboy_45101
    Aug 29, 10:02 AM
    Apple upgrading the Mini with Yonah processors makes the most sense. The Mini is all about being affordable; I hate it when people use the word cheap, cheap is the crap you buy at Wal-Mart the mini is not cheap. We probably won't see a Core 2 Mini until but that just fine for me because that's when the Intel GMA X3000 will be ready. Coupling a Core 2 Duo processor with a GMA X3000 will give the Mini a lot of punch.

    This is how I predict the product lines will look by the end of the year:

    Yonah --> Mac Mini & MacBook
    Merom --> MacBook Pro
    Conroe --> iMac
    Xeon --> Mac Pro & Xserve

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  • musicpyrite
    Apr 4, 05:18 PM
    Never!!! Fight the Man!!!
    Long live Apple and its 5% market share.

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  • twoodcc
    May 1, 07:42 PM
    one 08 MP 2.8 dual quad

    two 09 MP 2.26 dual quads

    I finally got inCrease to push my key to F@H, although it looks like one (one of the newer PMs) isn't getting the bonus... I'll have to check when I get back.

    I could never get the Console one to work right....

    I just saw that my user name is/was being listed multiple times, I wonder if that has anything to do with it (I thought I wasn't getting any points from the console)


    dang, 3 mac pros!

    are you running bigadv units on all 3? or do you use them for something other folding? (i assume you do) and if you don't mind me asking, how do they do if you use them while folding?

    well it seems something might be going on with your username for some reason. you might want to make a thread over at the folding forums about it - maybe they can help

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  • chrismacguy
    Feb 27, 05:21 AM
    I recall paying the same price for mine as the Mac Pro currently costs. Sheesh! Stupid me. I should've put that money into Apple stock! If I had put the $7k I blew on my Dual 800/22" into Apple shares I could afford a Ferrari right now :(

    Being 14 and stupid FTW?

    I wonder if I'll be in the same boat in 7 years :p (I just bought a Mac Pro with a 27" Cinema Display a few months back)

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  • mrmicp
    Apr 3, 04:48 AM
    The advert speaks volumes to me, I love it..... a select few won't, but it's just not possible to please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

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  • maverick808
    Oct 24, 06:26 AM
    dun get excited it is just routine maintanace. The new mbk will will be released late november

    There has NEVER been routine maintainence carried out early on Tuesday mornings. NEVER.

    Maintainence always happens in the evenings.

    Also, what's and MBK?

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  • brenden
    Feb 24, 05:46 PM
    my setup

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  • Veg
    Feb 28, 04:13 PM
    How do i get that screensaver on my MBP

    Download it from here: http://www.9031.com/downloads/screensavers.html

    Click the Fliqlo floppy.

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  • sorepheet
    Apr 11, 07:31 AM
    Currently own a 2007 Toyota Yaris manual transmission and LOVE it! Average 33 MPG, best MPG to date: 46!!!

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  • Apple Corps
    Jul 19, 06:42 PM
    does it mean mac's desktop market share is climbing? 5%?

    No - they are actually losing market share.

    Nov 28, 09:56 AM
    The only iPod behind the Zune on the list that Apple still makes is the U2 SE. All the others are discontinued models.

    Jan 2, 10:02 PM
    Still have the '09 G37S as my FIRST car.



    Custom black grille, smoked tail lights, tinted windows, fully loaded with sport, luxury and nav packages.

    Apr 2, 08:12 PM
    Is this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?

    Not sure who does the Ken Burns doc narrations. But I'm pretty sure this voice over for the iPad 2 was done by Peter Coyote.

    Dec 31, 12:18 AM
    I'm still not toally sold on the whole iTv thing. Hopefully an apple TV would have one of these built in. $299 seems very expensive for such low quality files.

    Sep 29, 11:20 PM
    Well, I ended up grabbing a Vue, in the lime green flavor. I actually kinda like the color (and it's the only one BestBuy had in stock when I went, heh).
    Fits snug, feels good and strong, I like it. Not terribly hard to get in and out.