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  • JGruber
    May 2, 04:54 PM
    Thanks for the heads up. I've been using App Zapper, which is seems is basically the same thing. But I keep downloading the trial :) A free solution is nice.

    I've been using this - AppCleaner (http://www.freemacsoft.net/)

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  • ingenious
    Apr 15, 11:01 AM
    It's just time for us to be mature adults and walk away from this. We know this guy is an ignoramus. We know Apple doesn't need saving. We know that as far as corporations go Apple couldn't be much healthier. We know what Apple's target market is, and that a cheap computer won't accomplish anything. Most importantly, we know we won't change iMacjapan's mind. He's stubborn and he's not listening. Why risk carpal tunnel on it? How about those NHL playoffs? I predict San Jose will take the Blues in 6 games.

    i agree....

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  • ccrandall77
    Aug 16, 01:13 PM
    I hope to god they don't use bluetooth. I've had nothing but bad sound quality with those types of headphones.

    I hope they do... but in addition to 802.11b/g/n. If they ever provide better PIM applications or an SDK to develop your own applications, bluetooth would be use for for syncing the PIMs and connecting to a mobile phone.

    I haven't seen any yet, but I would guess headphones using Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR would provide a better experience. Perhaps something like that'll be available by the time a bluetooth-enabled iPod would be released.

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 18, 01:18 PM
    glad to have you back!

    well, are you just running the gpu, or are you running the smp client as well?

    edit: seems that im getting about 8k ppd between a E6750 OC @ 3.4 and GTX 260 Core 216. Normal or not?

    I think the E6750 is the cpu? maybe? PPD for my gt 260 is around 4-5k so your PPD sounds about right.

    Glad you are here again, we need the points!!

    My power was off for about an hour this am for some reason and I didn't get to folding again until now :(

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  • Tears Apart
    Mar 22, 04:00 PM
    I used to have a video 30Gb and then a Classic 160Gb and I have to say I love the specificity of this item. It needs a revamp, but I think that storage-wise 160Gb will stay since it's more than enough. My bet is that they'll make it thinner and add some cool feature which I can't guess, although it's easy to argue that the iPhone and the Touch are much more interesting than the Classic right now...

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  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 02:52 PM
    Here is what makes me think it's not generic and apple would/should win.

    There have been other online stores that sell computer programs/applications before apple created the "app store" None of them used the word App in their store name.



    Apple launches a store just like these but better and called the store "App Store"

    July 10, 2009 Apple's "App Store launches". Pre this no online stores used the term "app"

    Post apples launch other phone makers/OS systems start to scramble.

    App Catalog = Palm
    App World = RIM
    Amazon AppStore = Amazon

    Stores that didn't ride apples coattails

    Android Market = Android
    Ovi Store = Nokia
    Windows Phone Marketplace = Microsoft.

    If "app store" was so obvioius and generic why did no one call their store "App store" until apple did? This is like everyone that argues that the iphone is so generic with it's icons and screen. I mean so obvious. No it's not obvioius.

    If it was obvious Netjar, Mobilerated, Steam etc.. would just say "App Store" instead of some other random word.

    Even the unauthorized iphone Store Cydia doesn't use the word app in their store name. "Unauthorized App Store" "Rogue App Store"

    App Store is apple.

    Even Wikipedia's serach term "app store" goes to the apple "app store" page. if want other onlilne phone stores you need to go to the disambiguation section.

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  • ThaDoggg
    Apr 2, 07:41 PM
    Great ad! Glad to see something new from Apple.

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  • satkin2
    May 3, 03:01 AM
    So, you're saying that windows programs don't leave files on your computer when uninstalled? Installing and uninstalling a bunch of programs don't make your windows PC slow down? I must be using the wrong programs. Not that I'm saying that Mac's are perfect, but worse than windows? I hope not (I'm not a mac user... Yet)

    No, I'm aware that in some cases the Add/Remove doesn't remove all of the traces of an app, that is a failing of the windows method. However it does attempt to remove the system files it creates when a programme is installed.

    Once you get used to it and more into the Mac way, its fine to use an app to delete apps, however having come from an OS that has a built in process that attempts this it feels like a feature that is lacking.

    Just as dragging an app into the apps folder fully installs, dragging it to the trash should fully uninstall, but it doesn't.

    My point was that as the OSX method of dragging apps to the trash don't remove the whole programme, if this new delete process does remove the traces then it is an improvement.

    Whether it does or doesn't I don't see anything wrong with this implementation. New Mac users who are familiar with iOS methods will find addoption easier. For those who don't like the method you can just carry on as they do now.

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  • chillywilly
    Sep 6, 01:30 PM
    As a current G4 mini owner, I like that they decided to get rid of the Core Solo. It didn't seem much of a bump from the G4 1.42 model.

    As for prices, the high end mini with upgraded options seems very pricey. It's almost cheaper to go with the iMac.

    I wouldn't mind getting a new mini, but don't really have the need for one now. Maybe if I give mine to my daughter eventually, that may be an option down the road.

    But as with others, it would have been nice to see a price drop.

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  • Leoff
    Nov 28, 04:22 PM
    Saw this thread, read about various people's encounters with stores selling (or rather NOT selling) Zunes, and decided to check it out for myself after work. I figure "maybe some people are exaggerating their experiences?" I'll try and give the Zune the benefit of the doubt.

    I go into the local Best Buy. I ask the "greeter" at the door if they have the new Zune in. She had heard of it, but she didn't know what the stock was and forwarded me onto "Jon" back in the mp3 player area.

    I asked Jon if they had the new Zune. "We HAD it in stock, but I know we just ran out I can place an order for you, have it here in a couple of days!"

    I was impressed. None of the instant badmouthing I'd come to expect. Untill...

    "But if you don't want to wait, we've got a lot of iPods and nanos in. I'd say your best bet is to get an iPod."

    I asked why, and soon learned that the store got a shipment of 8 Zunes. 4 were sold, one of which was returned that same day. 2 were put out on display, and since their introduction, they've broken and have been replaced by the two remaining Zunes in stock.

    Jon seemed almost too knowledgable. He wasn't a Microsoft shill, and I could tell he wasn't a Rah-rah! Applephile. He just knew that it was a very problematic piece of hardware, pointing out the dishonest advertising of wi-fi, the odd pricing scheme at the store, and some ways to get around the repeated failures of the Zune music store software installation.

    His opinion? "A good idea, but they rushed it to get it out before Christmas. They should have waited 6 months and worked the bugs out."

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  • v66jack
    Mar 1, 05:39 PM
    Some people have ridiculously tidy desks, wheres all your stuff? I wish I could keep my desk as tidy as most of the people on here!

    If your one of the people with stupidly tidy desks, does it genuinely look like that all the time? Or did you throw all the stuff on the floor, take the photo and throw it all back again?

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  • Westside guy
    Mar 22, 04:19 PM
    I have an iPod Touch (still 1G) which replaced a 3G iPod. If you're looking at it strictly as a music player... I think the traditional click-wheel interface worked better than the multitouch interface does.

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    Jul 19, 05:40 PM
    I'm about ready to buy a 20" iMac but I want the new OS. How long do I have to wait?

    around six months or less

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  • appleguy123
    Jun 23, 01:56 AM
    I feel justified that this is the main reason we never heard ANY thing about Mac OS X at the keynote AND the WWDC (as far as I know), and each new update seems to be just fixes and security updates. So, I think apple is working on iOS X, or what ever the touch screen Mac OS is.

    This is my take on Apple: (semi-off-topic warning)
    The way I see it, is that Apple is the technology company of the future. I mean, look at all these other smart phone makers; (exceptions being Google and HTC) they're still "stuck" in the 20th century. With our rapid advancement of technology, Apple's current technology should have been out 3 to 5 years ago. IMO, Apple is just playing "catch up" on a human scale, aka the iPhone 4 is the technology that should have been releasing 3 to 5 years ago.

    Their phones are absolutely phenomenal for the 20th century!

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  • sochrisash
    Jan 6, 05:40 AM
    Woot I'm not the only one!

    Here is mine. 72 Super beetle.

    http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/7638/img0174ix.jpg (http://img600.imageshack.us/i/img0174ix.jpg/)

    Love the colour! nice

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  • ImNoSuperMan
    Sep 6, 08:42 AM
    Still cant see any sign of MBPs.*weeps*

    Maybe next tuesday...

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  • Clive At Five
    Nov 28, 10:37 AM
    Microsoft lost billions on the Xbox and likely to lose hundreds of millions on their Zune attempt. iPod sales have been profitable for Apple since their introduction. How one measures success in this industry can't always be marketshare.

    Yes, the XBox was sold at a loss, but now they are a powerful and permanent player in the multi-billion-dollar gaming console industry. They'll make back their billions by the time "XBox 2πr" comes out.

    The Zune is a different story:

    [Zune] will have to win on features and integration -- so they are pretty much doomed. They have essentially bet the whole farm on the wireless exchange.

    Nail on head, my friend. Nail on head.

    See ya later, Zune.


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  • swingerofbirch
    Jul 14, 01:54 AM
    I don't understand why anyone would complain about Apple not waiting and including as a BTO option. If that's the case it wouldn't affect the price of any machine you want with a standard DVD burner.

    To say not to include it because of price would mean we would wait forever for new techology! You could say that Sony shouldn't produce set-top Blu-ray players now because they're too expensive!

    We have early adopters to thank for the prices eventually going down! The more are sold, the farther the prices will be able to drop.

    The turning point may come even faster with PS3.

    I think this transition will happen even faster than with VHS to DVD. The US is full of millionaires and people with enough credit card debt to act like they are. They have plasma HDTVs and are going to want Blu-ray when they hear it's the only way to see 1080p full length movies on those fancy screens.

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  • BC2009
    Oct 24, 12:59 AM
    What a crock of nonsense. :rolleyes:

    Apparently, your idea of "corrupt" is to tell the truth about products instead of letting unsafe, Chinese garbage get pushed on the world with millions in advertising, but not a useful word in the bunch. Do you think Apple is going to advertise their antenna problem or Suzuki is going to brag that their vehicle is more likely to roll over than most other vehicles on the road? Heck no. Most magazines take money directly from the manufacturers that advertise in their magazines and thus have a total conflict of interests. Here's a magazine that doesn't take a dime from advertisers and thus has no reason to pick on anyone or lie about anything. But YOU call that "corruption." That's like Republicans saying they will create jobs (and leave out the "in China" part).

    First off, Consumer Reports makes money by selling subscriptions which means free press is good for them. Sensational popular bad reviews gets them publicity - good reviews get them nothing. In fact their video review was so obviously biased and unprofessional it was a joke. The guy should have been wearing an "Down with Apple" T-shirt with the Android robot peeing on the Apple logo.

    Second, the Suzuki Samarai is not a Chinese vehicle - Suzuki is a Japanese company.

    Third, save your political slant for some other forum - we talk tech here - not politics.

    Fourth, hate China much?

    Fifth, I personally tried to verify Consumer Reports claims in multiple iPhone-4 units to no avail. I'm still holding off for iPhone-5 to save my budget, but all I can say about iPhone-4 is that it's the best phone I've ever seen.

    Nov 28, 05:11 PM
    Just got back from Mexico and during my time there had a run in with the local police. This is common as hire cars have different colour number plates so the police can easily pick you out of a crowd. Apparently we were 'speeding'. It's all fun and games though. I got the fine down from about $400 US to 1000 pesos. We were warned this would happen when we arrived and should just look at it as an extra 'toll'. I could have probably got it down lower but it was hot and we had a long way to go still.

    At the end of the negotiation you get a form to sign with how much you paid and then you have to sign your name. The document is cleary made in something like Word and it's in no way official....I signed it Ben T Copper! :p

    I remember my few run in with the Mexican Police. I remember going down to Rosarito and some prick behind me started to chase me. So i decided to step on it pushing past 100mph only to find out it was the police. The best thing to do i found out was to only keep about 5-10 dollars in your wallet. Then when they tell you the fine you show them what you have in your wallet and they will be more than satisfied with it.

    Apr 19, 11:28 PM
    Folks, this is going to be a spec bump, not a redesign. It will be the last such refresh before Mac OS X Lion comes out in the late summer. There will be an iMac redesign just before or just after Lion is released. The late summer redesigned iMacs will include Thunderbolt and quite possibly a collapsable stand, like this Dell ST2202...


    That's why there is so much work being done in Lion to make it more iOS-like.

    Anyway, that's what Brian Tong told me....;)

    If Apple do a touchiMac that there is a great example of what not to do. For starters what if I want to use it portrait format?
    All that efforts and doesn't enable any new productive ways of working.

    OS X didn't need any tricks from iOS to work with touch, it was working with touch before iOS hit the scene. Although multi-touch on iOS is leaps and bounds ahead and the interface generally design for that as a primary means of interaction. But that is the point touch on the Mac will only be a secondary interaction, much like an external keyboard for the iPad will never be required.

    The new CPU or something associated with it will require a new Motherboard in any iMac refresh so no reason to hold Thunderbolt till the design refresh, which isn't likely till next year at best.

    If there is a release later in the year it'll be a new product not another iMac change so soon.

    Nov 24, 12:42 PM
    Gran Turismo 5: Collector's Edition (PSN: copenmind, if you wanna race :D ).

    Jan 12, 12:56 PM
    for me, this would go into the "who cares" column. i don't need another notebook no matter how thin it is. what i need is a sub notebook. i don't believe a thinner notebook would garner all of this much attention. not a big enough deal. not the apple style. MacBook Air. i have to say no way.

    i'll go out on a limb and say the "air" has something to do with a new wireless network to replace the stupid EDGE network.

    Sep 6, 10:10 PM
    Is the 160GB BTO HD perpendicular?