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justin bieber wallpaper 2011 purple. justin bieber wallpaper 2011
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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Jan 23, 10:37 PM
    Um...42k? Thats extremely low for such a reliable car. Figured that would have 242k or 342k on it.

    Yeah, that's what everybody says when they see it :D

    lol, who needs a hybrid when you can get an old Honda and get awesome MPGs

    justin bieber wallpaper 2011 purple. justin bieber wallpaper 2011
  • justin bieber wallpaper 2011

  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Aug 29, 12:52 PM
    I'm thinking something similar. 3.5x8.5x8.5. Basically a larger MacMini with a 3.5" hard drive, dedicated graphics, and video chipset similar to the Miglia TV Max.
    I media center like this would sell like crazy... small, simple and elegant. Just imagine how many switchers you would get at the same time.

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  • wovel
    Apr 3, 12:18 AM
    Which part, the stock information, typing an email, or working on a spreadsheet? ;)

    It was the brain scans..

    Great ad. When they can't compete on specs Apple should try to use fuzzy math (sorry, logic) to convince people that there is more to their products. That's the only way for Apple to keep the profit margin.

    Like when your competitors can't compete on usability and applications, they talk about meaningless "features" no one actually cares about.

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  • skiltrip
    Oct 6, 08:02 PM
    I thought the case was translucent.

    Belkin does make a translucent version called Grip Vue (Tint), sold on their website. Best Buy, however seems to have a exclusive set of colors just for them. The solid Aqua, Fuscia, Neon Green, and Night Sky (purple).

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  • obey908
    Feb 19, 08:40 PM
    crapy iphone pics

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  • Built
    Apr 3, 05:55 AM
    Ah, the fine sound of someone clutching at straws...

    You'd do better to revise your opinion with a little more research and analysis, rather than keep digging yourself into ever more ridiculous holes in an argument you don't even realise you have lost.

    Another Apple apologist surfaces! Instead of holding Apple responsible for providing a defect-free product, you make excuses for them and ridicule those for whom such major issues as light bleed and other quality control issues are unacceptable in a relatively costly piece of consumer electronics.

    You are all quite entertaining in your defense of Apple...especially Matassas or whatever his name his trying to pass the light bleed issue as minor and isolated, despite the fact that it is being reported all over the Internet. The only real trolls here are you and your fellow Apple apologists.

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  • cleric
    Mar 23, 01:22 AM
    As mentioned above,some people want to listen to their songs uncompressed.

    I find it hard to believe anyone keeps their music uncompressed thats just dumb and plain lazy.

    justin bieber wallpaper 2011 purple. justin bieber wallpaper 2011
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  • gkarris
    Mar 24, 01:38 PM
    "...and there was much rejoicing..." :D

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  • JRM PowerPod
    Aug 7, 05:08 AM
    I dont follow cricket but I'll kick your ass at football! :D

    Last time we played we beat you 3-0 in England im pretty sure.

    We should have won the bloody world cup.

    We dominated against Italy until Grosso dived and got the most dodgy penalty in history, then we would have smashed ukraine in the quarters, then we would have been in the semi's against Germany, then anythign could have happened. Lets just say FIFA didnt want us to win, because its the one sport we 'aren't meant to dominate'. So the ref played it that way.

    People should have learned not to count out an Aussie. Our spirit means we have the best in every field from sport to soldiers.

    We would kick ur ass

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  • RITZFit
    Jan 22, 09:01 PM
    Never heard of that brand.

    They make racing and sport seats

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 10:03 PM
    I am more interested in knowing what good or purpose this is even been added for?

    plus unencrypted is a major privacy concern ... just of the top of my mind, I can see where someone's house could be broken into by tracking the owners whereabouts.

    As opposed to the much easier method of everyone in your neighbourhood noticing you're at work all day? :confused:

    There are many people whose movements are best kept secret from certain others, with risk of life if revealed.

    Battered women or kids in a secret shelter home, witness protection participants, undercover agents of all sorts, dissidents and rebels.

    On a less serious note, there are probably some bosses who gave out iPhones, checking company iTunes hosts this weekned to see if their employees' travel receipts and sick days match their movements.

    A HUGE stretch. There are other, easier ways of finding people. People in witness protection . . . carry items and live in areas that suit their situation. They are told what to do and not to do by the authorities. Personal phones are taken into account. Duh!

    Undercover agents? LOL WTF is this, Russia House? I'm pretty sure they're "UNDERCOVER", meaning, tracking them would be useless, since there is nothing advertising their personal information. All anyone would get is random location data that could belong to anyone.

    Dumbest examples ever. And you're a smart guy otherwise, so it's surprising.

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 26, 01:58 PM
    Matts Macintosh describes 1984 Mac System 1 comes with dash-board like widgets. Video:
    Thanks for the video Consultant. Looks like my computing knowledge doesn't span back far enough. Are there any more videos or links that discuss the history of widgets at all?

    My quick bit of searching has bought me to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desk_accessories and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widget_engine which implies that Apple may have been the precursor to modern desktop widgets.

    Interesting stuff.

    justin bieber wallpaper 2011 purple. justin bieber wallpaper 2011
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  • mape2k
    May 3, 05:44 AM
    I hope I can right-click and delete them too. Pointless to click and wait while holding if you have an input device with more than one button... :rolleyes:

    Maybe this is already a step for future touchable MBP screens then?

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  • Spoony
    Apr 26, 02:33 PM
    This has nothing to do with the current case.

    If you read below i said it had nothing to do with the current case but made me think of it.

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  • griz
    Jun 22, 03:23 PM
    My goodness...

    I'm just hoping Apple continues to make a few machines that can do actual design and coding work.

    As long as Apple needs people to build Apps for their touch screen devices, you will have a machine that can do design and coding. They will be the workhorses that support the consumer product line of handhelds like the ipod, iphone and ipad. Don't worry, the Mac is not going away. It might get a whole lot cooler with added features, but it's going to be capable of running Xcode for a long long time.

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  • Naimfan
    Mar 22, 01:06 PM
    As for funerals somehow they find out where they are and play music, throw a party, cause a nascence basically to ruin the moment of memory and putting someone to rest. (Emphasis added.)

    I reiterate my suggestion you take advantage of the educational opportunities available to you. Your nascent reasoning ability might benefit. ;)

    justin bieber wallpaper 2011 purple. justin bieber wallpaper 2011
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  • Reventon
    Apr 9, 10:13 PM
    I learnt to drive manual on my brother's 1989 Honda CRX. Haven't drove stick in years though, sadly. :o

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  • zorinlynx
    Mar 24, 02:29 PM
    Hmm, maybe we are thinking of two different things. How is this going to maintain a protected path? How would Apple keep us from grabbing the stream as it is being sent to the GPU (to be shown on the screen)? That is the part I am thinking of, that is what HDCP/DPCP is supposed to prevent. If we are sending data down the PCIe side then how is it being protected from snooping?

    I've always found this obsession the industry has with "protected path" incredibly hilarious, because NO ONE in the piracy scene actually rips media from the video driver stream in any way, shape or form.

    Ripping is typically done directly from the media; the actual h.264 or MPEG video is decrypted from the disc and saved without even "playing" it the traditional way. It's always been that way since the days of DVDs; no serious pirate back then ripped from component or S-video jacks either.

    Why the media industry is so incredibly obsessed with protecting a path nobody actually rips from is beyond my understanding. It's like stationing an armed guard at your back door when all the robberies have happened through the front. In fact, I've never seen consumer equipment that can "record" a DVI stream.

    justin bieber wallpaper 2011 purple. justin bieber wallpaper 2011
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  • hyddan
    Jan 12, 02:05 AM
    Just like the "professional" iPods are all aluminium, and the "professional" iMac, not to mention the "professional" iPhone.

    Apple is going Alumium across the product line, for environmental reasons. The MacBooks will be the last plastic Macs made.

    Aluminum is much harder to recycle than plastic, so no, it isn't any better for the environment.

    Sep 6, 07:04 PM
    i really hope this is not true, i mean, c'mon for that much money i'd rather buy the DVD.
    so it cost $9.99 - 14.99 for the movie, plus how much more for the wasted space on my hard drive.
    after a while i'll have a $300. drive full of movies, minus the artwork, and have paid way more just to waste hours downloading them... this does not seem to add up.

    netflix seems way more appealing, sorry apple.

    Sep 30, 11:29 PM
    Those clear cases are pretty bad. They don't fit my iPod Touches at all. Shame I wasted $6 on them ($3 x 2). Any recommendation guys?

    I like these styles from a seller I bought from before:


    I took an image of the black matte recently in this thread i believe. Fast shipping great service.

    Sep 6, 11:21 AM
    Now that the Minis are Core Duo I like it more. Even though it's still $599 ($579 Edu) for the low end, it is at least not a solo. The Mini is still a good computer for a low end price range, even if it isn't the very newest processor available. I would definitely recommend a Mini, but since the iMac is so close in the Edu department, it is a little tough for the 1.83 clockspeed.
    I don't think the iMac is so close. The low end iMac doesn't has a superdrive, no Front Row remote... it does have more than twice the HD and a slightly faster CPU, but other than that it seems pretty identical to the low end Mac Mini. That means $400 gets me a not so big TFT screen (far less than $200... although the quality may be better on the iMac... but you would get a bigger one for less than $200...), a bit more and faster storage space (external HD? How much is that? $100 for a small one (still bigger than the iMacs 160 GB, if you take the built in space. And you can make use of Time Machine)), and a slightly faster CPU (not a big deal to me) + you get Front Row.

    If you don't mind you can get an external superdrive. A DVD writer is 30 ? here, dunno about the case. Might be faster too. And you may upgrade the drive to Blue Ray or HD-DVD, later.

    Mar 25, 03:59 PM
    Ahaha, it's so much like a DS, I don't even.


    Sep 1, 01:28 PM
    Thats crazy! no way do Computers (outside of Apple) overlap ALL THE TIME.

    Of course computer lines overlap. Check the other online stores, and not the apple online store every 5 minutes and you would know this. Think about it, they almost have to! How many different models does Dell or HP sell at any given moment? How many choices does one need to narrow down? You can customize something like 11-12 machines on other sites, that are all very comparable, IMO