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  • Nevadadrifter
    Apr 22, 04:48 AM
    BRB guys. Going to go re-read the article so I can find the part where it says Apple is taking away everybody's hard drives.

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Sep 26, 12:02 PM
    I wonder if this means we will see some Apple Logo's on Jeff Burtons car? He is in 1st place at the moment in Nascar.:)

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  • Philberttheduck
    Sep 17, 01:02 AM
    When will the iPhone rumors end? Can't you people see it won't happen?

    Then I'll be the first to laugh in your face as I gloat everywhere you post.

    (iono how serious you were) Unlike the stupid G5 PB rumors, the fact that cellphone chips, etc. can fit into something as thin as a RAZR and couple that with how thin a nano is, it's going to happen sooner than you'd think.

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 1, 11:40 AM
    How reliable is MacOSXrumors?

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  • QCassidy352
    Sep 12, 02:14 PM
    all good improvements, but pretty disappointing considering that the 5G was approaching 1 year since release.

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  • daneoni
    Apr 25, 01:00 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.


    Erm...i'm guessing they bought it for Quad-Core/AMD 6750 rather than Thunderbolt. Also really? hideous?

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  • apolloa
    Apr 20, 10:19 AM
    LOL at everyone freaking out!! So Google can take pictures of your house, back garden, car etc and post them for the entire world to see without asking you first, Facebook would sell your soul for profit if it could, and your worried about Apple tracking your phone, most likely for it's Find My Phone feature? hahahaha.

    I suggest the majority of you cancel all your services, never have an internet, car, bike, phone, anything, never leave your house, in fact don't have a house and live in a cardboard box, that way you may not need to worry about the way your personal information is handled without your knowledge! Then again you'll still be recorded somewhere and nearly every movement you make caught on a camera.

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  • xfiftyfour
    Sep 12, 02:22 PM
    that's too bad that the new iPods aren't very... new.

    i like the 80gb, though.. and hold 'em.. heh.

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  • contractcooker
    Apr 4, 11:49 AM
    I am disgusted that this post has a high positive/negative ratio..... this is terrible.

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  • emaja
    Apr 22, 11:31 AM
    Well no, not in the true sense of the word, but you do have the data and can use the data elsewhere.

    In the same way technically you don't own the music on a record, or cassette or CD, but you do have the ability to use/listen to the music elsewhere.

    I can just see this ability, which we have taken for granted since the 1st every records were sold to the public in around 1894 will soon, if big companies get there way and the public buy into it without thinking, will be coming to an end.

    I was just pointing this out, but I agree that it could be something that was easier to take away if there was no physical media.

    I am stuck between the two worlds of physical and digital media. I prefer to hold something in my hand since it makes me feel like I own something. As soon as I get the disk home I rip it in lossless into iTunes and put it in a box after tagging it meticulously. I enjoy the convenience, but not ready to take that full leap.

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  • kdarling
    Apr 20, 10:30 AM
    I thought this was an FCC mandate (to track GPS information for cellphones) after 9/11.

    Not the date 9/11. Location is mandated for E911, the emergency call number.

    However, in ATT's case, that location is determined on the carrier side alone, not by way of the phone itself as is done on say, Verizon.

    Agree to that, but why is it being collected without permission?

    If it's not sent anywhere, then it's almost certainly a simple programmer screwup, leaving in test code.

    The data is actually collected by cell tower triangulation, not GPS.

    To use the cell method (and I doubt it's triangulation - but that's a different topic), the cell id must be sent to Apple's location server, which then returns the computed general center of that cell, which is in an area about 1/3 of the tower's coverage.

    The claim is that no data is going back and forth while the location is being collected, which makes no sense unless every iPhone has a huge cell database stored or cached internally. (Possible.)

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  • psionic001
    Sep 5, 11:33 PM
    How big would a high quality feature length movie be?

    And no, I havn't read all 6 pages of the posts, so sorry if it's been discussed.

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  • mgguy
    Apr 25, 12:09 AM
    She should have pulled out her gun and blown your effin head off:p.

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  • samiwas
    Apr 25, 07:48 AM
    This whole story seems to be written to get a rise out of people, because if it's

    Here's the way I see Dmac: I'm 16, and I'm invincible. I'm awesome and no one will tell me what to do, because I'm the son of some high-falootin' senior partner at some law firm in Michigan. My mom has sued people for damage she herself has admittedly caused and won, because she's a sack of **** just like I am! She will lie to further herself, and so will I. Other people better get out of my way because I'm such a badass.

    Notice the original OP, it's basically phrased like this: Someone did something I didn't like, and they shouldn't do that. But when I do it do them, it's OK. No one should ever do anything to me, but I can do it to them all I want.

    Yeah,'re a loser. The numerous posts in this thread have shown it. You are conceited, arrogant, and have no sense that you are ever wrong...just what YOU think YOU want to do. Your parents have reinforced that thought by probably spoiling you and suing anyone who gets in your way of being awesome.

    "I'm 16 and I'm an awesome driver" is BS. THIS ( is what I think of when I think of awesome 16-year-old drivers flying down an interstate thinking they own the road. And the driver of this car was a teen.

    And as someone said above...yes, this totally defines my stereotype of BMW drivers. Seriously "I shouldn't HAVE to obey the speed limit because I drive a BMW"...ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I live in Atlanta, and if you go under 75 on the interstates here, you will get passed left and right. So I drive 80 normally. So don't act like I don't understand fast driving or that I don't go over the limit. That's not the point here, pal. You're determined and parental-backed-up arrogance in the point.

    EDIT: I wrote this reply before reading the last two pages of this thread. I am now convinced that Dmac is a troll. Past posts of "My mommy got a parking ticking and I want to know if my poor mommy will be able to get out of it" while current posts of "My power-attorney mother will sue the pants off of anyone who gets in her way".

    Looking for a new car and can't afford much ( which he said "And you'd be surprised by what some of the kids at my school drive. Some of them get brand new BMWs and Mercedes for their 16th birthday, it's disgusting. There's a girl that got a fully loaded Mercedes SLK-350 for her birthday last week. It's a $65,000 car. I wanted to vomit, when I found out."
    I can say from first hand experience, driving with a parent isn't much fun. You're just missing out on loads of hypocrisy spewing from your parents' mouths.

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  • triceretops
    Mar 30, 11:55 AM
    What do you call a 100 lawyers at the bottom of Lake Michigan?

    A good start.:D

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  • Dustman
    Apr 15, 07:40 AM
    LOL, and yet you still haven't given any examples.

    Right, and no where was this specified at this point in the conversation. You are simply fitting it in for your argument. FireWire was not mentioned in the original post.

    I knew what article I posted and I knew what it contained and it served its purpose perfectly fine. I don't need to show you who's going to use it because it's going to be native in Ivy Bridge ALONGSIDE USB 3 as the title would suggest. There's no reason NOT to use it as the superior IO and it's already there. This isn't rocket science.

    Wow, what a surprise. The OP decided to choose the route that served him better for the discussion. :rolleyes:

    I explained why ThunderBolt wouldn't be another FireWire. You weren't having it and decided to pull strawman attacks.

    Pointing out spelling errors and telling someone that they belong on the short bus are two different things. :rolleyes: Sounds like you have some self-esteem issues if you feel the need to tell someone they're mentally retarded over an IO discussion.

    Dude, take a chill pill. Your arrogance is making you seem like a 12 year old throwing a temper tantrum.

    I see Thunderbolt starting off strong, but USB 3 taking over and likely showing up on more devices than TB. USB 3 will likely become more popular, but TB is always going to be there as an option. I do not see it being built in to every PC on the market though like USB 3 will.

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  • applefan69
    Mar 29, 12:47 PM
    just like the iPhone would never sell?

    I can clearly remember watching ballmer laugh at the iPhone pre-launch, even at that time it was ridiculous. But now that reality is being rubbed in his face its even funnier.

    Predictions mean nothing, all these companys seem to think saying something makes it so. You notice apple NEVER says something like "by everyone will want an iPhone" ...because apple is busy making it actually happen.

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  • true777
    Oct 27, 11:09 AM
    I am in favor of Greenpeace's "Green My Apple" campaign. For all of Steve Jobs' zen-attitude, vegetarianism, often-proclaimed "do the right thing" stance, and Apple's financial liquidity, there's no reason why other manufacturers can make the change and Apple isn't willing to move in the right direction with their products.

    And, as others have pointed out, if other vendors' straying from their booths is tolerated, and Greenpeace is singled out because their message is an uncomfortable truth that could eat away at Apple's image of being the perfect computer company, then that's an outrage. If Greenpeace gets reprimanded, so should every other vendor who strays from their booth.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Sep 13, 09:25 AM
    I was expecting more....but I'm a 'glass half empty' sort of fella

    I was hoping for a colour choice from the new iPods, but so of the new features are cool.

    Oct 12, 03:36 PM
    why is apple wasting time, money and resources on a damn red U2 ipod? I hope the Zune becomes a big hit and takes a big chunk out of apple market share so they can focus on making a better product instead of these stupid minor updates and colors. :mad:

    Mar 29, 12:11 PM
    Apple still doesn't have upload to a cloud or wireless syncing, and Windows Phone does. 25 GB free sky drive, as well as a beautiful hub where you choose what to access at a glance. In iOS, you have to flick and flick, especially if you have many apps. The wireless syncing is slick. Facebook integration flawless. WP7 also now has cut, copy, and paste and HTML5 before the end of the year. I'm sorry, but hooking up with the largest mobile phone manufacture is a no brainer.

    Mar 22, 02:31 PM
    Finally! I've been waiting for an iMac update for awhile and I'm excited to see the potential of Thunderbolt even though the list of devices is relatively short right now.

    Sep 1, 06:32 PM
    Toshiba just announced a newer Gigabeat, based on the success of the Gigabeat S. the Gigabeat V is more designed for video, and is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $399. Release date Oct. 14

    Hopefully the new iPod will be out by this time frame as well.

    Nov 13, 03:32 PM
    So they "knew" they were Right after being told otherwise. :rolleyes:

    If I remember correctly, apps that get rejected multiple times experiment unusual delays in the approval process.

    Maybe they have never developed software for a client and so it is their way or else. Sad.

    If you want to develop for the highly rewarding AppStore you have to come to grips with the fact that it is a combination of both models -there is a client, Apple, and there are customers. Fail to please any of them at your own risk.

    On the other hand, new openings in a crowded marketplace are more of a good thing for everybody. Farewell, strong-headed developers! :D

    The difference is with a client I can show them a prototype, or mock up, prior to having to put all the resources into creating a fully functioning app.

    In the app store, when I have an idea for an app, I can't pre-screen it with Apple. I just have to write the damned thing, submit it, and take my chances.