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  • hiinhoc
    May 3, 12:25 AM
    same situation here. please help

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  • Mickie James Wallpaper

  • Amnesiac1
    May 5, 07:21 PM
    LMAO awesome picture up there bro, did u make it :D:p:D;)

    No, I did not.

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  • clayj
    Apr 9, 03:36 PM
    I am speaking specifically about TRON Legacy here, although I suppose this question would also apply to other movies that share a similar situation.

    Here's what I did: I used MakeMKV to rip my Blu-ray of TRON Legacy to an MKV file, and then I used Handbrake to convert that MKV file into an M4V file formatted specifically for use on my iPad (1024 x whatever, etc.).

    Here's the problem: TRON Legacy STARTS out as a 2.35:1 widescreen movie, but during various scenes in the movie, it SWITCHES to a 1.78:1 (16:9) widescreen format which is what was used in IMAX presentations. It switches back and forth between these two formats. But because the movie STARTS in 2.35:1, Handbrake wants to rip the entire movie in that format and so it's 2.35:1 all the way through -- the 1.78:1 scenes are being truncated at the top and bottom to fit that format. What I want to know is whether there are settings in Handbrake that will let me tell it, "Rip the movie so that it's 1024 pixels wide at all times, but vary the height as required by each particular scene."

    Thanks for any help!

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  • John444
    Feb 10, 08:33 PM
    That is the correct HTML. Make sure you're saving as plain text. If you happen to be using TextEdit, you can do so from the Format menu.

    Ok I will do that (mine was saved as rich text format, so now I changed it .txt). I knew that was the correct tag, but when I open in in the browser, I cannot submit a comment. Any idea why?

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  • angelwatt
    Jan 29, 05:34 PM
    Well, seeing as this thread (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1087396) was created just yesterday, not everyone saw the front page news.

    "New" and "old" are relative words. It takes up a very small amount of space and that news story has generated almost 900 comments. I think it's manually placed there so stays as long as the admins feel it serves some purpose.

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  • poobear
    Mar 15, 05:23 AM
    That's already in Snow Leopard. :)
    Not the new cool two-finger swipe where the new page slides into screen. And there are now additional choices for the three-finger scroll, I myself have it set up to drag the current window.

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  • dashiel
    Oct 25, 12:18 AM
    resolution independence is going to be a god send to web developers, no more crappy and inaccurate pixel/em sizes. now we'll be able to specify inches and picas hoorah!

    and vista will be supporting resolution independence through its WPF foundation layer. it won't be overnight ? hell like CSS 2.1 it'll take years before it goes mainstream, but the web is going to be a much better place.

    as for JPEGs at 72 dpi vs resolution independence ? beyond the scaling algorithms it's important to look at the increase in resolutions of monitors before going to crazy, 1920x1200 is about the maximum and average consumer is going to have, it's taken a few years from 1024x768 to get there though, three or four at least. i suspect we'll be at a max ratio of 2:1 or maybe 3:1 for quite some time. i don't think we're going to see a drastic need for hi-res images on the web or a plethora of "blurry" images for quite some time.

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  • overcast
    Jan 23, 09:07 AM
    What exactly do you think people will be doing on a TV? Using CAD??! It's a fine resolution for movies, browsing, music etc.
    Why the hell would I want to waste space and money on something that gives me the same resolution as a monitor half its size. This is about computer displays, not family room displays.

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  • spillproof
    Apr 4, 11:50 PM
    Glad to see this generation wasn't a flop.

    I'd buy an 11"er if it had a backlit keyboard and the price was around $800. Personally, just saying. And no, I don't want an iPad.

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    May 3, 07:43 AM
    You will have no problems then. Just swap the HDDs and you'll be good to go. You can take the memory too if you have a 1gb stick in the 12" if the 15" isn't already upraded to 2gb.

    Just a word of caution, removing the hard drives from the 12" PB can be a PITA. It's cake on the 15".

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  • jjk454ss
    Mar 8, 08:22 PM
    Did you verify by the times posted that more should have been bold? Is it possible that only 7 threads in that forum were updated since your last visit?

    Yeah, its been doing it for some time. It's really not a big deal, its more that I just want to know why it is doing it.

    I havent been paying attention to the "You last visited:" thing, I'll have to watch that and see what it is saying.

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  • Captain Planet
    Mar 30, 09:45 AM

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  • heisetax
    Oct 12, 05:09 PM
    iWork updates are always welcome in my book, but I'm not sure "Lasso" will ever be as successful as Pages or Keynote. With programs like Pages or Keynote, you don't need guaranteed interoperability, but with Excel it's different. With Excel, you are less likely to distribute it in printed form or orally in a presentation, rather you would distribute it electronically. Plus, when it comes to numbers, there is no room for error.

    Excel truly is the standard in this case (actually doing a good job), and it will be very hard to convince users to switch.


    That's why nobody has succeeded to replace Excel in over 22 years of trying. That last word is something that hasn't always happened, trying. I use Excel to write my Income Tax Prep Program. So far only Excel will work for me.

    Bill the TaxMan

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  • theLimit
    Jan 16, 02:49 AM
    Maybe around WWDC...2009 :(

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  • lilkangster
    Apr 24, 10:01 PM

    Pretty obvious fake. Notice how when he rotated his screen there were big chunks of black on the top and bottom. This is most likely just a screen share from an ipad1.

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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 13, 08:36 PM
    Wow, what a ripoff. You can get it done here in Spain for under $30.
    Pero no vivimos en Espa?a. As? que el desbloquear no cuesta $ 30 para nosotros.

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  • jeremy.king
    Oct 14, 02:00 PM
    Gallery2 is pretty slick as well, and I use the iPhotoToGallery plugin to publish to my site.


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  • John J Rambo
    Mar 7, 03:40 PM
    Browsers are evil. More time can be spent "fixing" inconsistencies than actually designing the page. I normally use FireBug to step through page blocks and examine CSS. I've seen IE choke on something as simple as a missed semicolon.

    A guess right off the top is that it might be something with the box model. IE tends to interpret things a little differently so check your margins and padding closely. If that fails you might want to start with a blank page and add in components until the page breaks.

    By the way: It displays OK in IE8.

    Thanks Laird Knox,

    I've fixed the main navigation bar now and for the life of me I dont know how I did it. Think you were right about the box model.

    I'll check out FireBug! Thanks again

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  • skiltrip
    Sep 2, 02:07 PM
    I'd like to go for iskin.com (as I did for the previous generations).

    but here is what they replied to my email:

    seems like they won't make them too soon availiable...
    have to pick another one... hints welcome ;)
    are any cases availiable, yet?

    I just ordered two dollar cases from ebay. Coming from China. I've ordered dollar Hong Kong cases for my iPhone 4 and they were pretty good, especially for a buck. They usually arrive in about 9-10 days.


    How good the fit is, remains to be seen. But for a buck, it's worth trying it out to maybe same some damage to that chrome back while we wait for real cases to come out.

    Sep 6, 09:53 PM
    Yes with Game Center this has the chance at competing with 360 and PS3/steam etc and now that Unreal engine is ported to the iOS Gaming on the i Devices have no where to go but up.

    Oct 25, 09:29 AM
    What he's doing is not so bright, but that's what he's specialized in, crack DRMs, and he's old enough to want to make a buck or two, you can't blame him trying. Sure it's not a long term plan but like any full-on criminal, he will try to break into a bank before he get's caught (again) and send to prison - regardless how much people want to rally for him - it's not really legal (sure, flame me if you're a lawyer). Breaking into someone else's house and sell a copy of the key is not exactly bright not matter what you think about the house.

    End of story, I hope he'll learn his lesson one day... but I doubt it. good luck but he won't survive the legal system.

    Feb 17, 10:46 PM
    i don't think so... i can usually tell when it's made in garageband and it sounds cheapie.

    Apr 22, 10:14 PM
    When in doubt, Google. http://www.google.com/search?q=carolyn+samit&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari

    Mar 7, 04:11 PM
    I have about 20 TB of photos. The biggest advice I can give you that others have stated is from the beginning organize your photos in a very logical manner and edit the meta-data to reflect what they are. This is very very important for when you get very large collections of photos.

    Also unless you have a mac pro tower where you can put hard drives inside your best bet is an external for your pics.

    With that many photos, do you 'phase out' HDD after a period or time? Meaning: lets say you have three 1 TB HDD filled with photos, do you replace drives before they fail? Then, how long have your HDD lasted without being used? Thanks for the information as it is "food for thought."