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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 01:19 PM
    To all you G5/PPC fanboys:'ve seen worse with that tag line. Much, much worse. :eek:

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  • reflex
    Aug 29, 03:32 AM
    They don't say Dell or HP. But who makes PC's?

    Just about everyone and their dog? :)

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  • conradzoo
    Sep 10, 04:47 PM
    I am not worried at all. Yes the next event will be all about the Movie store and next gen iPod.

    Some love it some not. For the lather ones, the one more thing, the MBP update, "by public demand".

    Everybody is happy. Well almost.

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  • mlrproducts
    Sep 13, 11:41 PM
    I hope the iPhone can be use iChat and we can video chat with and Mac at any time.

    Not to be mean, I am being redundant, but the chances of that happening when/if this phone is released is about the same as a Powerbook G5 coming out in matching colors.

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  • Dandaman
    Sep 13, 08:56 PM
    hmmmm, interesting, wonder when it'll come out

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 14, 09:37 AM
    yes, and photo software runs on computers. "This is the new Aperture. and it will run beautifully on the new C2D Macbook Pro I just announced. Boom. does this... Boom, does that...etc..."

    EDIT: iMeowbot beat me to it, but what he/she said
    and you have your computer in a desk (iDesk) and you sit down then you work (iChair) and the chair is placed on a floor (iFloor)....
    Apple will eventually update both MB and MBP, but I doubt they send out an invitation for an update, in particular if the venue for the presentation is a photo convention.

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  • zwida
    Sep 10, 09:51 AM the new realeased merom iMac will last for how long:confused: :confused:

    worth it to buy now???

    thinkiNG of getting one...cant bear with my 3 yrs old of centrinO noteBook...:mad:

    I think it's worth buying now. There will always be something better out there. If you're suffering with a 3-year-old Centrino, make your computing life better now with a new iMac.

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  • skunk
    Sep 1, 08:01 AM
    I;;,m drunkn as a skunk. Oi! :mad:


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  • Vegasman
    Mar 30, 01:36 PM
    An .exe is an executable, not an application. Some people may have called them applications, but not MS. Never. Until now.

    Never? Until now?


    exe's were refered to as applications for over a decade. As has been demonstrated in THIS thread may times already.

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  • ls1dreams
    Apr 25, 01:46 PM
    Absolutely perfect design? Not even close.

    Things apple needs to do to make a better MBP with a redesign:

    MUST DO:

    (1) IPS screen. I actually don't mind lower resolutions on small screens (1280x800 is fine for 13.3"), but please, please give me a real IPS panel.

    (2) Sharp edges need to go. I don't care what people say, working on a macbook for any extended period of time leaves deep grooves in my wrists/palms.

    (3) A better design for cooling. Even with light cpu usage, the fans go crazy on my MBP and it gets terribly loud. Awful experience. I'm hoping Ivy Bridge will help with this. Either way, the fans need to be quieter. Maybe larger, slower fans rather than small fast ones?


    (4) Ability to turn off the super bright glowing apple logo would be nice

    (5) Change 13.3" macbook to 14" (they prob won't do this)

    (6) Support some kind of docking station (maybe just with thunderbolt?)

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 22, 01:39 AM
    So Apple's method could be more efficient their side, offering a spotify type model where everyone accesses the same iTunes purchased track (except this time they own it) instead of Amazon's where each indivdual track is stored in their "digital locker"?

    A nice bt of foresight by Apple if so.

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  • asdf542
    Apr 14, 12:17 PM
    USB3=native to all platforms
    TB=Mac Only

    Sounds like TB just died.

    Might want to do a little research:,2817,2380954,00.asp

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  • Joe-Diver
    Mar 29, 11:08 AM
    Don't believe it!

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  • diamond.g
    Apr 14, 02:14 PM
    So is TB actually included in the chipset or does it still need a separate controller? Sandy Bridge and Intel 6-series chipsets already support Thunderbolt "capability". In my ears this sounds like TB will not be included in the chipset which makes this piece of news more or less useless. USB 3.0 support has been known for months now.

    I am pretty sure the current Intel boards require a separate Thunderbolt controller chip. Ivy Bridge seems to be pulling that chip into the ICH. Same for USB3.

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Mar 18, 03:38 PM
    It doesn't need to be a virus. They're relatively rare issues these days even on Windows. Malware is about stealing identities (big money) not hackers playing games with machines (kiddy stuff). It's far more likely to target the iPad or iPhone than anything else, but saying it cannot happen is like telling Japan two years ago that their plants would be in meltdown after an earthquake some day. They would have laughed in your face. After all, it didn't happen in the past 40 years there. That obviously proves it could NEVER happen. :p

    In any case, it's clear to me there are some really delusional people on these forums. Instead engaging in an utterly pointless argument with a bunch of stubborn fanboys that couldn't be convinced USB3 was a good thing unless Steve personally e-mailed them, I'll just leave you to your false sense of security and just smirk the day you find your identity stolen, especially those that feel the need to insult other people (2 cents comments, etc.) based on their own ignorance.

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  • Chundles
    Aug 31, 09:56 PM
    Whats the issue with regards to TV shows only available to the USA. Why can't they be made available in the UK and Europe.

    Different regions, different distributors and laws.

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  • Ugg
    Apr 10, 11:43 PM
    This sounds like IKEA is the one being a bitch.

    I can't see how this is "the right's" fault. If so, why doesn't "the left" step in a help out?

    Ikea's doing it because they can get away with it. They know labor laws in the US are there to protect the employer, not the employee. They couldn't do this back home in Sweden.

    Who is passing all the anti-union legislation? The right or the left?

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 22, 01:33 AM (

    Apple seems ( to be getting ready to launch their cloud-based digital music "locker" service that has been rumored for many months. But contrary to an earlier Reuters report, All Things D ( has heard that Apple has already come to terms with two of the four major record labels about the service, and that Apple's Eddy Cue will be in New York tomorrow to try to finalize the remaining deals.

    The negotiating of these deals is in contrast to Amazon's music storage service ( which notably launched last month without any deals in place -- a fact that the record labels were not very happy about ( Apple is said to have been "very aggressive and thoughtful about it" and "It feels like they want to go pretty soon", according to an unnamed music executive. All Things D also provides some details about how the service might work from Apple:The industry executives I've talked to haven't seen Apple’s service themselves, but say they're aware of the broad strokes. The idea is that Apple will let users store songs they’ve purchased from its iTunes store, as well as others songs stored on their hard drives, and listen to them on multiple devices.All Things D points out that having official licenses can allow Apple to store a single master copy of a song rather than storing individual copies for every user. Amazon's original argument against needing the licenses was that their service was the same as any upload storage service. This meant that users needed to upload copies of their old music to be able to stream them. With the proper deals, Apple could avoid the need to upload individual copies and simply allow users to stream off of the single master copy. This could save on significant upload time for the user and storage requirements for Apple.

    Article Link: More Details on Apple's Cloud-based Music Locker (

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  • CBGFilms
    Mar 22, 01:44 PM
    Perfect, just the news I've been waiting for. Currently have an Early-2008 model which I purchased in September just in need of a bit more power really! Also welcoming the extra USB ports and built in SD reader, Thunderbolt on the newer ones will be nice for an external HDD!

    The built-in optical drive on my iMac seems broken too, keeps spitting out disks! :(

    Looking forward to the new models!

    Amazing Iceman
    Apr 4, 11:59 AM
    I guess those countless long nights playing CS have finally paid off.
    "HEAD SHOT!"
    "Counter-Terrorists Win!"

    Nov 13, 01:42 PM
    the tide is turning against Apple here, they need to clean up their act and get this whole thing working better.

    i understand the walled-garden approach and respect that, but they also need to get the store cleaned up/organized and they need to work better with developers - which might just mean hiring more people to work with them on a daily basis.

    Not to be an I TOLD YOU SO type of guy BUT.... :D

    I've been trying to get people to understand that the Apple's doctoral grasp has over the App store was something that NEEDED to be addressed and people kept drinking the koolaid saying... It's ONLY one or two Apps.... we don't need to worry... then it was HEY its ONLY google and Apple has every right to axe their Apps cause they are getting too BIG...

    Well now other developers are starting to pull back.. Developers who people FINALLY seem to care about... Well all I have to say is welcome to the party nice to see you're finally seeing the light. :confused:

    Mar 30, 11:50 AM
    I'm thinkin' Apple should have gone with "iApp Store" (u heard it here FIRST! Let me get a trademark/patent on that) b/c Microsoft is just a big ole' :D

    Sep 5, 03:10 PM
    In any event, unless it's HD (720p is fine) I'm not interested. For that matter, when they give me Lost in HD (and a good way to get it to my TV) I'll check out the TV shows.

    I would love that too, but im not convinced its feasible. 720p movie trailer downloads account roughly to 50mb for every minute. therefore, a 120min feature film would equal to 6GB. thats a lot of bandwidth, and the shoddy superdrives in current macbooks are only single-layer (grunf!).

    But if its real, and they manage it for ~$14, man, ill start (re)building my movie collection! dont really care for 1080p (actually, i do, but then 12gb per film is just too much for me to bother downloading)

    i guess if thats the case, 160gb 2.5" sata hds will be the absolute bare minimum, plus a stationary external hd with some 500+gb to cope with the new digital library AND time machine

    Apr 25, 01:13 PM
    What about the screen? Are they finally moving to 16:9 screens?

    Hopefully not! I never understood the obsession with 16:9. Do you really spend so much time watching TV shows on your computer that you'd rather sacrifice vertical resolution, which is what's most important for viewing any kind of document, to avoid letterboxing. It's not even going to make much of a difference with movies, since they are almost always wider than 16:9.