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  • gorgeousninja
    Apr 22, 06:54 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    How the heck are you supposed to hold that up to your ear for any length of time?

    No thanks.

    I guess they were thinking of people using their hands... Its proven quite popular on every other phone.. though i suppose you could try wrapping tape round your head.


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  • robeddie
    Apr 21, 12:26 PM
    Also, the first MBA didn't have it, and they introduced it in the B revision. So they have been able to squeeze it in before where they weren't initially.

    It would be a nice selling point for the upgraded model (as opposed to the base model), same as they did with the PowerBook for a while.

    Not True. The first MBA DID have it.

    This ... from ZDNet:

    "The worst part about the backlight’s omission is that the original MacBook Air (circa 2008) had a keyboard backlight. Obviously, there’s no technical reason that it couldn’t be done, so why did Apple drop it from the 2010 MBA?

    It can’t be a price issue. How much does a keyboard backlight LED cost in Apple quantities? A dollar? You can’t make the case for battery life either, because it’s easily turned off in System Preferences.

    So why did Apple really drop the keyboard backlight in the new MBA? Planned obsolescence, my friend. How much do you want to bet that the 2011 model has a keyboard backlight?"



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  • KoukiFC3S
    Mar 16, 12:32 PM
    Anyone going tomorrow?


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  • zync
    Aug 1, 12:28 PM
    Actually, you know what I missed out?
    SpotLight! .... :rolleyes:

    Don't have any use for Expose, but I use Spotlight quite a bit.

    Panther was fine for me; if I'd stuck with that version, then I probably would have been OK.

    That's a neat trick, but it's still a crash. ... :)

    OSX was my problem, which I did find surprising.

    I think we're just polar opposites. I've been fine with all versions of OS X. I use Expos? all the time but I may have used Spotlight like 5 times. Of course if we had Tiger at work I'd probably use it a lot more!


    natalie portman short hair pictures. Natalie Portman Short Hair.
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  • KoukiFC3S
    Mar 17, 12:40 AM
    Anyone got an AT&T model they wanna trade for a 64GB white wifi?


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  • Natalie Portman#39;s short

  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:49 PM
    Comparing him to the President shows just how twisted our population's understanding of Al-Qaeda's current make up has become. He was a leader a decade ago.

    The current iteration of "Al-Qaeda" has only the idea driving it in common with the hierarchical Al-Qaeda of a decade ago.Bin Laden was the figurehead of the organization. Him dead is still a blow to Al-Qaeda. Was he in charge anymore probably not but it is still a big deal that he is dead.


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  • marksman
    Apr 28, 05:41 PM
    If apple got their dual-band world phone out a year earlier, for all carriers, it would have made a huge difference!!!! I can't believe apple is delaying the iPhone 5!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not apple, so I am probably wrong, but delaying the IPhone 5 seems like the worst business decision ever!!!!!!!!!

    The iPhone 5 better be a major upgrade that makes it better than all the other devices out there, and better be on all carriers!!!!

    They have the number 1 and number 2 top selling smartphones out there.

    Bringing out the iPhone 5 now would be a mistake when you are sitting at the top of the heap with your current hardware.

    So you push it back a bit and make the devices even better, giving you an even bigger advantage in the next generation.

    Imagine the iPhone 4 sitting in the 3GS position a year from now. It will be amazing you can get a phone like that for the price it will be available for...

    The android handset makers don't jump up and down with glee because Android has more overall users. It is not good for any of them individually. In fact it is bad for them.


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  • mulo
    May 3, 07:36 AM
    i'm not seeing them in the store


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  • Themaeds
    May 4, 06:37 AM
    pfft, this should not be front page news, hell not even second page... just a bunch of hearsay from a CR that knows nothing about it and speculates BS.

    Just like 99% of the people who post on this board


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  • rwbean
    Oct 24, 09:01 AM
    In Australia, I'm getting the 15-inch with 2GB, 2.33GHz, 160GB HD, shipping on/before 1 Nov, arriving to Brisbane on/before 8 Nov. I couldn't justify spending an extra $A818.40 (edu price) for an extra GB of RAM nor an extra $A140.80 for the 200GB HD. Reviews of the 200GB HD at say performance is very average, and I would have felt about queasy about such bleeding-edge HD technology.


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  • CommodityFetish
    Jul 10, 10:18 AM
    This is good news. Not sure if it will be able to convert me away from Mellel, which has been a fabulous word processor for me for what I need...

    But glad to see the progress for Apple.


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  • sishaw
    Mar 4, 03:34 PM
    So we have...
    -A few porn stars
    -A Ferrari
    -A briefcase of cocaine
    -Excessive alcohol consumption
    -A $30,000 check to a porn star is this any different than 'Two and a Half Men'?

    I love this man.

    I agree, and it makes me wonder if the whole thing is a publicity stunt. Like the Joaquin Phoenix "meltdown."


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  • Littleodie914
    Oct 24, 08:44 AM
    Not sure if anybody's noticed yet, but they've changed the design a bit too. Specifically, the optical drive. Notice how now instead of just being a slot in the front, it seems to have a bit of darker grey plastic around it.


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  • Thunderhawks
    May 4, 09:36 AM
    In the end, the reason why the iPhone 5 won't come out until this fall comes down to the this: the Great East Japan Earthquake that seriously affected the high-tech companies in the Sendai area.

    Because so many high-precision computer parts are made in the Sendai region, this has interrupted production of the iPad 2 (despite Apple's claims, in my humble opinion!) and also has made it harder for Apple to obtain the components for the upcoming iPhone 5.

    As such, Apple is using the delay to do two, possibly three things:

    1. Give more time for the iOS programming team to polish and get ready iOS 5.0, which may have a major interface revamp. (likely already done)

    2. Gives time for the iPhone hardware engineers to incorporate the near-field communications (NFC) functionality for phone-based payment systems, including full compatibility with the Sony FeliCa system that is widely used in eastern Asia. (now likely to be done with the extra time afforded by a fall release of the iPhone 5).

    3. Gives time for the iPhone hardware engineers to full incorporate the latest Broadcom or Qualcomm cellphone chipset so a single-design phone is fully GSM and CDMA compatible now and be ready for LTE by an update downloaded through iTunes. (likely already done)

    Probably a combination of all of this, plus maybe incorporating some newer technologies.

    For example: LG just came out with a 3D phone that does a great job for 3D gaming, according to a review in a German newspaper.
    I don't know enough about Android, but it's supposed to run with 2.3 Honeycomb or so.

    The Japanese incident will afford Apple some time from the impatient "What have you done for me lately?" crowd.

    Not that they care, but there are IMO some competitors out there with some good ideas.

    Between ios 5 and whatever else is around, I am looking forward to the next iphone.

    No issues here with waiting, as an older guy I have no problems waiting until
    things are ready:-)

    Even coincides with my ATT contract being up end of September.

    As for ATT representatives: They'll say anything to make a sale and they usually don't know much, except that they have been told how to deal with unsatisfied customers.


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  • mc68k
    Oct 29, 12:40 PM
    for now, we'll see what happens in the long term.


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  • dscottbuch
    Apr 26, 12:51 PM
    I hope MobileMe will be free. Syncing with Google via exchange on iOS is decent but there are too many quirks, like not being able to put in custom fields for contacts phone numbers and email addresses (i.e. John Home), and archiving messages when the trash can button is pressed, etc. Also, I want to move away from google calendar because it has been so unreliable these days. So sick of seeing "Oops, we were unable to save this event. Please try again later" after I just spent 2 minutes typing it all in.

    Have to agree entirely with this one. Google is getting to be more and more of a mess so I'm ditching it entirely.

    1) Gmail goes down for me about 1-2 times/week. Just have to wait (and wait).
    2) Google contacts are useless - they don't import vcard!!!
    3) Google calendar is a joke if you have to work with other clients
    4) Google customer service is Non Existent. I have a google voice number which I established a couple of months ago for a non-profit outfit and the username/password is lost. I have the Number and it is still forwarding to the original number set BUT I can't turn it off, I can't get the user name - Why you ask with baited breath, because the only solution from Google is to allow you to send an email to your username given that you know the phone number BUT I don't have the username - catch22 anyone. So now I would normally wait on the phone for two hours to talk to a person who could fix that - the 2 hours being a reasonably punishment for my folly BUT.. once again with baited breath.. there is NO customer service number, NO customer service chat, NO customer service email. I guess if I want to get a person at google I have to drive up to the bay area.

    The problem is that I"m NOT google customer, the ad providers are and Google is set up that way. They will continue to go downhill as they continue this ad-supported business model (and free is NOT free).


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 15, 01:13 PM (


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  • jordey85
    Feb 25, 10:30 PM
    It sure would be a shame if the show didn't come back, it was (is) so hysterical!! It does seem like he is serious about staying sober though.


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  • MacSA
    Jul 24, 05:24 PM
    I dont know what people see in the Mighty Mouse, I tried one out in a local computer shop and found it VERY frustrating to use.

    Feb 11, 12:41 PM
    Doesn't this guy have a wife and children?

    This article about self control was published in the local paper today.

    Apr 13, 10:22 PM
    Anyone actually planning on buying this? Especially with a refresh right around the corner?

    There is no refresh anywhere on the horizon. In fact, the refresh is not coming for sure before September, and there is currently no indication at all at what point after September would it come.

    If this state of affairs remains when the white is available for purchase, I am buying it. I just couldn't bring myself to buy the black 4 as I never thought that the design measures up to that "Apple pop" the way the white one does. So, my 3G is pretty beat up by now, and I never dared to upgrade to iOS 4 for fear it will slow it to a crawl, so I am well behind in apps too.

    Plus, it looks like we are having trouble thinking up even a wish list for iPhone 5, which I suspect is the main reason why it's not coming soon: there is not much to add to iPhone 4 (except as I said before in design, which for my taste white fixes at least in the visual appeal).

    Apr 26, 12:42 PM
    Oh look smart remarks without substance must be a fanboy. :p

    It's not a smart remark, it's truth. You can stream your own media to yourself with a DIY solution but it will cost you for (a) the hard drives which are storing your media, (b) the upload bandwidth consumed by your home server, (c) the hydro costs of keeping your server running 24/7, and (d) the time it takes for any setup and maintenance.

    Obviously many people have no problem paying these "costs" and would prefer them over a hard cash outlay (even $20/year), but that doesn't mean these costs don't exist and shouldn't be factored into the value proposition.

    Dec 30, 12:01 AM
    Seriously, no one is questioning this? I don't care how big this woman is, no one can eat 90 pounds of food plus 2 hams and 5 loaves of bread.

    I'm with you. If they took all the food they claim she ate in one sitting and piled it up, the pile would be bigger than her.

    I don't care how fat you are, that's more volume than a human can consume. She would've either vomited or exploded.

    Apr 14, 01:37 PM
    Can anyone else confirm this? How about on iPad?

    Did we previously need to re-enable gestures after an update? I seem to remember doing this, though maybe it was because I transitioned to iPad 2...

    No need to reenable this time, certainly.

    Testing YouTube link btw:

    No white screen problem from that link here...