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  • puckhead193
    Dec 26, 08:34 PM
    what happened to their email support system.... :confused:


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  • BrandonSi
    Nov 2, 10:41 AM
    I'm guessing you're talking about folding@home...
    Yes, the non-GUI version is muc, much faster. Wait until you finish this WU, then switch. Simple as that.

    llama :)

    Thank you for your wisdom mr. llama :)


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  • jonnymo5
    Apr 17, 08:29 PM
    Totally depends on what software you want to run and expected number of users. Also does it have to be OSX?

    Mac Pro isn't an ideal full time server since you are spending money on video card, Bluetooth, I/O ports,airport, etc.


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  • arn
    Apr 19, 10:06 PM
    How long does it take for them to remove them? They're still coming up more than a week later, and I'm tempted to install an ad blocker (though I won't).

    Theoretically they should have been removed today. If they are still coming up for you, please post here.

    sorry for the trouble,


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  • mpopkin
    Sep 19, 05:21 PM
    i have one and their color clarity and crispness is better than the new cinema displays and is definetely one of the best on the market. Recommended.

    I need to buy a monitor for a powerbook and saw a few companies selling new, in the box 17" Apple Studio Displays online. The price is about $450. I have always loved the look of that monitor, but am wondering how well they stack up with today's monitors. In addition, I believe for the same price I could get 19" - so I am torn. Any advice? :confused:


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  • reberto
    Dec 10, 07:52 PM
    I have TONS of Zip 100 disc's if you want more then mxlews is including.


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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Jun 11, 01:08 PM
    30% power savings sounds good to me. My regular AT&T cell phone is a battery hog and it is almost unreadable when the backlight is off. Having the LED display itself be the light sounds sweet. Imagine how much longer the iPhone battery life would have been with that kind of display, especially given the resolution differences are almost trivial at that size. I'm not sure Apple made the best choice here.


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  • Spectrum
    Dec 9, 03:39 PM
    ITASOR, the lines you see when you put other LCDs on the wrong refresh rate: do they _really_ look like the alternate 1 pixel wide static horizontal lines on the PBs?

    I only ask, because the PBs also show a variety of wider horizontal "interference" banding and wavy dynamic diagonal banding in some colours, which is worse in the top left of the screen. And I wonder if this is what you refer to.


    p.s Not got your pixelmurder to do its trick yet on one rouge sticky pixel - but it's fun all the same :)

    Personally, I think it's a refresh rate issue which I think is a software issue. If I put any of my LCDs on the wrong refresh rate, they have identical lines to those of the powerbook.


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  • iMacC2D
    Apr 19, 09:27 AM
    The fact that the artifacts have appeared in the screenshot is a good indication that the LCD is not at fault. It's most certainly a defective GPU. Not much that can be done with it now, ignoring the fact that logic boards are expensive, i'd doubt that Apple would even stock parts for them anymore.


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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 22, 03:01 PM
    Apple has had so much trouble getting the white iPhone to market, it almost seems anti-climactic now. I was going to get one originally, but I'm locked into my contract now so it's irrelevant.

    Seems like Apple could have left the colors to after-market suppliers, for those customers desperate for a certain look.

    I say no iphone 4 white! :o

    I say maybe iphone 4S then I would believe it. :p

    Actually does anyone really care ok fan-boys need not apply. I see nothing special about it. Now the iPad white is cool but a white iPhone just seems well as you said anti-climatic.


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  • Littleodie914
    Nov 28, 08:47 PM
    Does anyone know anything about those thin-looking Plextor DVD burners? Thanks!


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  • devilot
    Sep 29, 01:17 AM
    My take is that because Apple can NOT guarantee that any specific machines will make it onto their refurb section, if you see a deal you like, grab it! They really do sell out. Just last week I saw a slew of refurb 12" iBooks and I just checked now and only saw one listed model of a 12"er.


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  • gdavid
    Mar 3, 07:48 PM
    In NZ you can buy them from and they seem to be wierdly a lot cheaper than the aussie crumpler website prices, but I'm not complaining :) I think they do international shipping and take the gst (tax) off the price, so I guess it would depend on how much shipping costs to see if it was worth getting sent to where ever you live. I have a crumpler sheep scarer for my 12" powerbook and its great. Carrys my lunch, powerbook, wallet, some thin notebooks and a jersey. My b'friend has been looking at either a very busy man or a wack-o-phone for his 15" powerbook. From looking at them I would prefer to have a wack-o-phone for a 12" cos the very busy man seems quite large, but it depends how large your binder and books are. The wack-o-phone seems to have comparable space to my sheep scarer. There are lots of reviews online if you search on google and I remember reading another good review on these forums. Only problem I have with mine is that it zips at the back so its a real pain if you want to get your wallet or anything out quickly as you have to take the whole thing off to get anything out. Might get a Weetons to fix this problem.


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  • MrMacMan
    Sep 11, 10:45 PM
    This forum.

    Because you need to scroll all the way down just to see it.

    IMO, really annoying and makes people go out of their way to get here.


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  • afireintonto
    Jul 10, 01:17 AM
    Looks-wise, the Apple Pro Mouse has to be one of the most beautiful ever made.
    Yes! I love the degisn of the pro mouse! So sexy sexy!
    I would kill for a Bluetooth pro mouse with the functionality of the magic mouse! Fudge, that is like a wet dream of mine lol!


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  • Doctor Q
    Jul 5, 12:45 PM
    Allume has been acquired by Smith Micro Software.

    Press release ( Micro Software Inc., a developer and marketer of a wide range of software and services for the wireless market, today announced it has acquired Allume Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of International Microcomputer Software Inc.

    Allume is a leading provider of compression software solutions that enable state of the art compression, security and archiving of data including JPEG, MPEG and MP3 platforms. The Company's pioneering product suite known as StuffIt? has been a de facto industry standard since 1986.I suppose the Aladdin software -- StuffIt, Internet Cleanup, Spring Cleaning, etc. -- will stay the same, but with yet another new owner.


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  • The Swede
    Jan 14, 06:56 AM
    I will try to avoid Macrumors and Engadget but it will be hard. I just can't wait!


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  • VideoNewbie
    Nov 8, 11:59 AM
    so a search on google just makes things more "Gray" and obscure so i thought id ask u guys

    ive created a graphic logo.... would a trademark or a copyright be best for this?

    i read that if you have a company slogan or a unique company name you should trademark it ...but how about a graphic design logo?

    why would someone pick a copyright over a trademark it seems like a trademark is more comprehensive? someone correct me if im wrong please


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  • raysmd
    May 7, 12:03 AM
    i think you'll miss the hi-res ag screen.

    i'm also getting an imac, just haven't decided on the 27" i7 3.4 or jusr the base 27

    Apr 27, 06:07 PM
    sl has been rock solid for me

    Apr 2, 11:56 PM
    Im going to a party this weekend, and I will be bringing my cell (I usually dont because I get drunk)

    I want to plan ahead incase this happens, what will happen if some idiot steals it?

    Do I call Rogers up (my carrier) and tell them? Will they charge me something and give me a replacement phone?

    Feb 8, 07:00 PM
    Now, can we teach wolves to bring down helicopters?

    Mar 5, 09:41 PM
    While running Handbrake, open the OSX Activity Monitor and look at the CPU usage meter (Command-2). Are both your processors maxed out at full? If so, then it's probably not a question of the Hard drive being too slow, as it's feeding the program with enough data to keep it running full blast.

    Jan 16, 10:21 AM
    I'm hoping it's about phenomenon but I seriously doubt it.