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real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. real madrid wallpapers 2011
  • real madrid wallpapers 2011

  • chrono1081
    May 4, 06:46 PM
    Hi guys,

    I'm dusting off my OpenGL Superbible and going at it again and I was setting everything up in XCode 4 (The book uses three but I don't think that matters).

    Anyway I got everything running except I get this warning that I don't know how to resolve.

    I attached a picture of them so that it is easier to see (since the warnings wont copy and paste in) but also have included it here. The project runs and builds perfectly fine, but for some reason this error still shows up.

    Here is the error but attached is a picture too:

    Ld /Users/Scott/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Bounce-fusprttlfrzukfczwsiukhvyculg/Build/Products/Debug/ normal x86_64

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  • real madrid vs barcelona copa

  • jaw04005
    Apr 17, 08:46 AM
    Official Apple employees have an Apple symbol under their name on the Apple Discussion boards.

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. Real Madrid v Barcelona - Copa
  • Real Madrid v Barcelona - Copa

  • john_satc
    Mar 1, 01:41 AM
    Thanks everyone but no luck!

    Use OpenOffice (, it's free and handles .ppt files great. It has its limitations but will serve your needs and you can't beat the price! :)

    I tried this, and after waiting nearly an hour to download it and X11 from the apple website, i opened it and there was lot of error messages . i don't know what went wrong . i just uninstalled - even that didn't work, i had to delete the files myself which i hope worked.
    but thanks for trying though!

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  • rufus1
    Dec 8, 12:34 PM
    I saw a QS Power supply on ebay, but they were selling it at a ripoff price.

    Are there any other Mac power supplies that use +25V?

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. real madrid vs barcelona 2011
  • real madrid vs barcelona 2011

  • holyindian
    Apr 15, 02:54 PM
    ^ +1 :d

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. Barcelona Wallpaper
  • Barcelona Wallpaper

  • Capt Underpants
    Apr 21, 01:48 PM
    Awesome! I'll use this all the time when it launches in the US.

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. real madrid wallpapers 2011
  • real madrid wallpapers 2011

  • JessicaR
    May 2, 04:13 PM
    foxflyFoxFly4 (

    Foxfly is?
    Like BBM for iPhone
    Like GroupMe but without the text messaging fees
    Like Kik, WhatsApp, and Beluga but a whole lot better looking!

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. real madrid vs barcelona 2011
  • real madrid vs barcelona 2011

  • stcanard
    Mar 24, 11:10 AM
    I thought it was dead.

    The reports of it's death were greatly exaggerated, partly due to a misunderstanding about the intent of NeoOffice.

    Hmm, blatant misrepresentation and sensationalism on Slashdot, whould'a thunk :rolleyes:

    Basically the developers had said that the Aqua native version was not going to be under active development, because they didn't have the resources and thought NeoOffice was the way to go. The X11 version was always being worked on.

    I think the NeoOffice developers (both of them! Have to give those two a huge amount of thanks for what they've done), have since worked something out to make sure an Aqua native version is not permanently shelved either.

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  • TemplarKnight
    Mar 25, 10:24 AM
    So I was courtside for the UW-Milwaukee vs. Illinois NCAA Sweet Sixteen game last night covering it for UWM. I was right next to the basket in front of the Illini Band...BLASTING AWAY. The filled to capacity crowd in their orange, and our section in it's black and gold roared at unbelievable volumes upon each basket made. After about 20 minutes, and noticeing that some of the other photogs had iPods on, I figured what better place to put my Shure E3c's to the test, and I was getting a headache anyway. I grabbed my 60GB iPod Photo and my Shure's, stuck em in and...nothing. I heard next to nothing. With the exception of some incredibly "blatty" trumpets, there was nothing but a low and almost unnoticeable rumble coming from the outside. I spent the second half listening to my iPod, and it wasn't even at 75% volume...I love these earphones!

    P.S. Pearl and the gang will be back next year...GO PANTHERS!!!

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  • vs real madrid th Cf,

  • bella92108
    Mar 31, 01:00 PM
    yeah, i totally understand what you're saying. android definitely does a lot more straight out of the box than the iphone does. but i guess for me, if i had an android device i'd really like to be able to flash some really cool builds and kernels a lot of the guys at xda-dev release (like we all used to do on the old winmo days) that way i don't have to worry when the manufacturer quits releasing updates after ~6 months and i get stuck on an old os. i just hate the fact those manufacturers are trying to prevent that type of community from doing their thing.

    Well that's kinda hypocritical posting in an Apple forum. Apple tries 100x harder to prevent users from jailbreaking than Android\Manufacturers do try to prevent rooting\modding.

    Either way, I like current technology, so I don't worry about updates after 6 months. I replace my computers every 6 months, and my phones as well. This was one of the reasons I defected from Apple's phones, got tired of waiting for a one-a-year product cycle for a phone that wasn't even the latest and greatest technology.

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  • Real madrid v barcelona

  • Porco
    Oct 25, 06:20 PM
    Can DVD Jon's DRM be so similar to Apple's that when iTunes updates and goes looking for Firplay protected content, it finds content protected by DVD Jon's DRM and updates that too?

    All I'm saying is, if you like to buy music from the iTunes Music Store, it's not a good idea to buy a non-licensed player [e.g. iPod] whilst relying on a hack. If Apple decide you need iTunes 7.2 to use the Music Store then you're stuck waiting for DVD Jon to work some more. Fine if you like waiting a few years to unlock your music, but then why not just buy the CD if you're going to wait that long?

    I hate DRM by the way, but personally I think if you're going to this much trouble you might as well buy the music from another online store or just buy and rip the CD...

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. real madrid vs barcelona
  • real madrid vs barcelona

  • powerbook911
    Mar 13, 10:29 AM
    Well, I have a slightly used 16 GB iPhone, for sale.

    I got it for my father right when the 16 GB version came out alongside a 16 GB for myself. However, my father quickly declared he preferred his old Blackberry even though he was given the iPhone, and I was paying the bill! ha-ha.

    I then considered using a second iPhone myself as a business only line, but I have decided that is unnecessary and not very convenient, so here it is for sale. You know it's not super old cause the 16 GB hasn't been out very long.

    I had put a slider case on it, so like the flat chrome around the front face isn't perfect anymore. There are marks on the flat chrome parts as said, but beveled chrome and and the front in general looks shiny and clean. The screen is perfect. No scratches or anything in the screen. We take pretty good care of stuff being Mac and in general Apple fanatics.

    The back next to the Apple logo has a couple smallish marks/scratches (they are hard to see in the photographs bit easier to see in person), which was also from the slider case I believe. I'm returning the slider case cause of this, but it's nothing too dramatic. Still much better condition than most used phones I think you'll find and how many have 16 GB of storage? I love my 16 GB.

    Just want to give the full heads up, since I'm pretty obsessed about things looking good. Some of the marks in the photos are just lint or fingerprints, but ask many for any specifics. I've tried to outline what I see above.

    I have attached a couple photographs.

    *** Oh yeah, the original box is included of course, and it even has the unused black cloth, the Apple stickers, *never used* earbuds, plastic wrapped dock, plastic wrapped power adapter, and USB cable. So the packaging will be like new (most of those items have never even left the iPhone box cause already had cables, dock, earbuds and power adapter).

    I am selling it for $450, plus $10 ground shipping, for $460 total. At first it sounds like only $40 off, but remember all the sales tax you're saving, which is probably about another $40 depending where you are, so it is potentially $80 cheaper than a new one, and obviously this one isn't very old itself.

    Oh, one more thing. It's always been official on the AT&T network. Never been unlocked. So you can just get a new AT&T sim card or whatever, put it in the phone, and activate with iTunes. Or you could unlock it or whatever, but on my end that has never been done. Its been official all the way.

    So go ahead and private message me offers. Obviously paypal is how I'd like to do the transaction, and I can give my ebay user ID 100 percent after 80+ transactions, for feedback rating, or refer you to someone I've sold an iMac to on here.

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  • mrscholar
    Jan 18, 08:03 PM
    Is if Ecamm updated they're iChatUSB software to integrate fully with Leopard. After shooting off 11 emails back and forth to their tech support, I finally gave up...

    Oh well :(

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  • Fc arcelona wallpaper nike

  • OllyW
    Nov 17, 05:07 AM
    There's some striking images in that collection.

    I like this one...

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. cristiano+real+madrid+2011
  • cristiano+real+madrid+2011

  • MovieCutter
    Sep 17, 12:36 PM
    Doesn't look brand new and unopened to me...

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. arsenal vs real madrid
  • arsenal vs real madrid

  • codymac
    Nov 5, 09:43 PM
    No, that pic is way pre WW2. That's around WW1 by the looks of it.

    Uhhh... The USS Missouri (BB-11) was commissioned in 1900 and decommissioned in 1919. She was part of the Great White Fleet, and had her cage masts fitted somewhere around 1909.

    Ship's names get reused, y'know. I'm not talking about the Missouri you're thinking of.

    Have a looksie:

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. wallpapers At real madrid
  • wallpapers At real madrid

  • eenu
    Oct 4, 06:44 PM
    as i have said a million times (and been ignored)....there was a direct reference to google in the WWDC 06 keynote.....mass colaboration with Google is a dead cert

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. Tone offc arcelona something
  • Tone offc arcelona something

  • peterja
    Feb 18, 12:59 PM
    It would probably be hard to tell the difference because it's 320 kbps MP3. Having said that, most of my music library is still in lossless.

    real madrid vs barcelona wallpaper 2011. real madrid copa del rey 2011
  • real madrid copa del rey 2011

  • SR71
    Apr 23, 10:24 PM
    10.6.5 I got it 3 days ago :D

    Sorry to go off topic, but how are you liking yours? I got mine a week ago and can't let go of it! Hell, my brother says it's my wife lol. :D

    Apr 15, 11:07 AM
    Convenience is the key. Everyone carries their cell phone with them so it's way more convenient to pull it out and play a casual game than a separate portable game device.

    I think it's going to kill devices like the DS as the games get better and the smart phone platforms more powerful. It's not going to happen tomorrow, but portable game systems days are numbered.

    The Jambo
    Mar 19, 10:13 AM
    Apparently 4.3.1 is on the way for security reasons, which they're waiting for.

    John J Rambo
    Mar 7, 02:54 PM
    thanks, I have attached a screen shot

    Aug 26, 06:43 PM
    I've always found the Enkoder Form ( to ward off spammers the best.

    Rock on, I just downloaded that app. The advice I posted was intended to be platform independent, because not everyone is as lucky as us to be rockin' macs ;)


    Apr 21, 10:32 PM
    1957 -

    Can I ask why you recommend 2 x 1 TB in RAID instead of simply going out and grabbing a 2TB drive? Cheaper? Faster? Sorry, forgive the ignorance...