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  • GregA
    Aug 24, 09:09 PM
    I guess we're diverging from the actual rumour - new Mac Mini real soon.

    It'd be cool to see some kinda of upgraded/dedicated graphics, a bigger 7200rpm HD, and 2 firewire ports. Maybe some built in or adapter based outputs for dual dvi? Alot depends on the ammount of vram it will have.I look at the existing Mac Mini, and your wish, and see too many $ signs!.

    Perhaps our wishes require a range of options. Mac Media HD vs Mac Media. ;-)

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  • vnle
    Nov 27, 08:11 PM
    Samsung = best TVs IMO. Was there that much difference between the Series 5 and 6? I have a 40" LED TV, and aside from the LED, I think the difference in MHz is important.

    I definitely agree with you there. They also have a far more superior design. :cool: Series 6 seems to have more features (more ports and settings), higher dynamic contrast ratio, and a higher refresh rate (definitely better for gaming, etc. but I just can't justify the cost when I won't notice the difference most of the time :o)

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  • kultschar
    Mar 26, 09:49 AM
    I don't think the problem here is cost. Lots of people want an iPad, so this is like a fringe benefit. It's more about logistics. I don't think it makes sense to run two screens, and tether an iPad to the TV.

    Heh, true, I use my iPhone as a Netflix player. Yet, I don't have to hold the iPhone to do it. I just set it up and enjoy the movie. An iPad is a nice tablet, but not a great controller.

    I think a USB controller, going to the iPad 2 - that's connected to a TV - makes more sense. Then, it's like a real gaming console. Another possibility... the iPad 2 camera could be used for motion detection. Then, the gaming can be like the Wii or XBOX 360 Kinect.

    My problem here is the cable ? HDMI cables are usually short.

    This is progress though.

    I'm not bashing the iPad. I think it's cool. It's clearly the leader in the tablet market. Yet, I don't think this is the direction to go for gaming. I think the Apple TV makes more sense.

    Apple TV ? With a Camera ? and that changes things.
    FaceTime, Games, Apps on the TV.

    But again, the controller is the problem. Apple is not leading here. It should set the standard, not let developers create Frankenstein gaming consoles. This isn't the Pipen. Apple has a strong opportunity to enter the game console space. I don't see a reason to delay.

    Hmm - Apple TV with similar storage e.g. 32GB, 64GB, the ATV remote also acting as the gamepad (kinda like the wii control)

    Games are compatible with both iPad and Apple TV (only buy once) and have the choice to play them on iPad or on ATV!!!

    Sync from iTunes to put the games on both devices!

    Now that would be cool - games are relatively cheap compared to consoles etc and they can also be used wit your iPhone and iPad (all Universal)

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  • NebulaClash
    Sep 14, 10:37 AM
    I think it's a fair question to ask as well. Since all phones have this issue to one degree or another, why is it Apple who got singled out? Because they are the mindshare leaders. If you are Greenpeace and you want to get publicity, call out Apple. If you are Consumer Reports and you want headlines, call out Apple.

    When the iPhone 5 comes out, I guarantee there will be stories published about signal issues with it. It's now the standard playbook to use against Apple, and the media goes along with it.

    I'm a Consumer Reports subscriber, but I know their tech coverage is spotty at best. Sometimes it's laughably wrong. And too many people take their word as gospel instead of just one more useful data point. Heh, it's funny but as this thread is developing I just got a subscriber email from them asking for a $26 donation to them so they can continue to buy the products they test. I'll pay them $26 because I believe in their non-advertiser supported model.

    But I wish they would not feed the anti-Apple FUD playbook. Yes, Apple absolutely should be called out for a design flaw, one that they are going to fix, but let's not blow it out of proportion the way it was. And let's not be hypocritical and call out Apple while giving a pass to everyone else with similar issues. That's the problem I'm focusing on.

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  • pjo
    Sep 10, 10:26 AM
    Except that I want to use my 24" monitor...

    well... nothing stops you from connecting it to your iMac and spanning across both monitors ;)

    Edit: well.. Multimedia said it first - and better.

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  • Quboid
    Jan 11, 09:37 PM
    I really couldn't care less about the sales.

    Think about it, if the iPhone doesn't sell, would that put in doubt the fact that it is the best thing out?

    selena gomez and justin bieber recently. selena gomez and justin bieber
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  • walleyealx
    Oct 23, 05:18 PM
    any chance you think they are gonna put the update the MB the same time they do the MBP's?

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  • Doctor Q
    Sep 6, 07:50 PM
    Why exactly is fixed pricing so important? isn't that.. well.. a bit anti supply/demand? Anyone have any stats on the percentages that bestbuy, a local music/video store, and apple are making on a normal purchase?You are correct that "market pricing", where the price of a movie is based on what that particular movie might be worth to people, and possibly on the relative cost of bringing it to you, would better follow the principles of supply and demand.

    The other side of the story is that Apple wants to keep things as simple as possible, and fixed pricing is very easy for consumers to understand. It changes a tricky buying decision (is this movie worth this price?) to a simpler buying decision (which movies are worth the standard price?). It may not seem that complicated either way, but it makes a difference with skittish first timer buyers. It's like not having to haggle when the price of something isn't negotiable. Less flexibility, but less decisionmaking.

    Among the general public, there has been a much larger resistance to these download services than you'd know from reading posts from tech-minded people in forums like these. I think fixed pricing for iTunes music was one of the keys to the success of the iTunes Music Store. Remember that only a small percentage of music buyers buy online, and movies are going to start out the same way.

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  • paradox00
    May 2, 05:06 PM
    I like it, but right now there's 3 ways to install apps: App Store, download from internet and drag to applications folder, installer wizard (like MS Office). Also, the difference between the applications folder and LaunchPad will be confusing for most users. This whole thing needs to be unified. Either get rid of the Applications folder or get rid of LaunchPad.

    I think what you're looking for is Mac OSXI which will come after Lion. Lion is likely the (paid) beta test for merging iOS and OSX elements with the goal of creating a unified OS, but they still have to maintain the core features of OSX, even if they've become redundant. The next iteration will likely be a clean break and drop many redundant features.

    If Microsoft thinks they can make a desktop and tablet friendly version of Windows (Windows 8) I have no doubts that Apple can actually succeed on that front (and no, I don't think macs will ever be restricted to the mac app store only).

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 6, 12:01 PM
    Remind me to never ask you for computer advice.

    The parents bought a top of the line g4 iMac back when superdrives were 2x.

    They still haven't used the superdrive to burn a dvd.

    fine by what you will. that's them, but what about their kids? or anyone else who ever uses it? what about backing up their data?*

    say what you will, but a dvd burner is always worth it

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 12:06 PM
    Dream config :

    Desktop Sandy Bridge CPU (difference being in the PCIe channels available)
    Good quality hard drive for mass storage but...
    Possibility to instal SSD in the same form factor that the MBA (and giving it its own data channel)
    Desktop GPUs
    at least 2 Full Thunderbolt ports (again the mobile version of Sandy bridge doesn't offer enough data channel to allow this)

    Get a grip dude. That sounds way too reasonable for Apple to do it;)

    I agree on all points (with exception of the MBA SS reference...not sure what you mean. Dual HDD bays are plenty sufficient for me. One 64GB SSD, one conventional TB HDD)

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  • BWhaler
    Jan 12, 12:45 AM
    This is the dumbest fabrication of all time.

    Existing Rumor + Sign = Macbook Air

    So, so stupid.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 11, 04:57 PM
    Not really, they stole and are still considered bad cars. Look at the Kia's etc, throughout the brand you can instantly see other (mainly German) cars they've stolen the design from.

    They might not be known for their originality, but their engineering is solid, and continues to improve.

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  • jb1280
    Apr 3, 06:12 AM
    Very powerful ad.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 20, 04:07 PM
    The repression in Libya is on a different scale entirely to those other countries. None of those others is using tanks and aircraft to attack their dissidents.

    Indeed, puzzling: I was putting it down to callowness, too.

    I now believe it to be regression.

    If depleted uranium was used in the warhead, the object (tank?) could have exploded from the inside out. That's gotta hurt, but at least it's quick. :rolleyes:

    Oh, I chose to not have children, so I have no dog in this fight.

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  • MatthewCobb
    Jan 2, 10:50 AM
    Or basically all rumors are messed up. No one knows whats coming except iLife and OS X preview. Talk about all the time wasted on these rumors :(

    What's this site called again? Oh.

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  • notsofatjames
    Jan 12, 05:49 PM
    this is crap,

    no one in their right mind would make something with 0 ports, you have to at a bare minimum have an audio out.

    buy a macbook then. the audio out works just fine on that.

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  • Lollypop
    Aug 7, 04:26 AM
    Interesting read but im not sure about system wide Software update. It could be like opening a can of worms - although it wont smell and have soil on it, it could become a weakpoint for hackers/viruses etc. :(

    If done the right way I dont see how it could be a problem. For one, the user has to explicitly add the 3rd party product, apple could also act as a intermediary or something, the update will only become available through software update once apple has tested it (can download it youself when released), and even though the update comes from the 3rd parties webserver the hash is stored on apples servers and the update HAS to be verified and compared to the hash.

    edit: spelling

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  • jgonzo
    Jan 21, 02:58 PM
    with GTO in garage

    Nov 29, 05:48 PM

    some ideas:

    A) I think Apple wants to stay out of trouble with content providers. I think they will allow Elgato to add some DVR functionality to front row via their EyeTV software and hardware.

    B) the USB port might be use for that.

    C) good idea

    D) I doubt. Apple like to keep things simple

    Mar 25, 03:34 PM (

    Jan 5, 03:14 PM
    Well, I ended up having to build a small time machine to find out what would be announced. Wasn't difficult, except that Objective C is a PITA. Anyway, here's the log cut and pasted from

    (Note, order of lines is in chronological order, for obvious reasons)

    8.55am Hall is close to full. Lot of excited murmmering, lights still on. REM tracks playing, audience is mostly annoyed.

    9.01 "Losing my religion"

    9.03 lights dim, Jobs takes to the stage

    9.05 Welcome everyone, great year for Apple, iPod Hifi, Intel switch

    9.10 More on the way, better products, great year ahead for Apple

    9.25 30 Years of Apple, 30 great more years. Achievements include Apple I, Apple II, Apple IIe, (listing each product)

    9.45 Time to talk about what's next. May have heard a rumour about a phone. (Audience laughter)

    9.47 iPod Phone. It's a headset. Plugs into iPod. Excellent sound quality.

    9.50 Also handsfree kit for a cellphone. Bluetooth or 2.5mm jack.

    9.55 Just to re-interate, as people on IRC feed seem to think otherwise, iPod Phone is a handsfree kit. So you don't have to take off your headphones when answering phone. It's not a cellphone. Audience seems troubled by this.

    9.57 Integrates with iChat Video too, using Bluetooth feature. Now having chat with Bill Gates over iChat.

    9.58 Range: 10-20 feet (extension cables available, for wired connections). "Works with all carriers"

    10.05 "So that's iPod Phone", $299 for basic version (iPod nano), $499 for version for iPod. Now, iTV.

    10.10 New name "iMac mini"

    10.12 Comes with keyboard and mouse. Wireless available.

    10.15 View content downloaded from iTunes. Simple configuration to see shared music libraries.

    10.17 Still demonstrating configuration options.

    10.25 Several Apple engineers are now on stage showing Steve how to point the iMac mini at Phil's iTunes library.

    10.28 Music is now being downloaded. Shared content is automatically downloaded into local storage to avoid network stutters. iMac mini is not available for use during download. Entire library is downloaded each time.

    10.30 "On to the next thing", 3% of library downloaded. "Leopard". "This one changes its spots"

    10.35 Significant changes underneath.

    10.40 My. Word. Steve Jobs has just demonstrated the superiority of ZFS over other file systems. You have to see that to be believed. Take a look at the stream when it's posted. I mean, it was unreal. I've never seen such a clear technical explanation that was so obvious and compelling about a file system before.

    10.45 Clapping abates for a few seconds, but then continues.

    10.47 Apple employees are out with fire extinguishers, hosing audience to try to get them to quiet down so that Jobs can continue the presentation.

    10.50 One last thing.

    10.52 Mac in a Windows world. Impossible to run Windows applications without emulation.

    10.55 Microsoft's dominance. Monoculture. Technical superiority of Windows. (?) BTW Phil's library is now 25% transferred to the iMac mini.

    10.59 Poor performance of XNU. BSD "1970s" operating system. Darwin served its purpose.

    11.00 Dave Cutler, designer of Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista has just come on stage.

    11.05 New kernel for Mac OS X. Mac OS X high level subsystems built upon Windows. New operating system. "Mac OS W". Leopard is Mac OS W 11.0.

    11.07 Jobs is now talking to Bill Gates on the big screen again.

    11.08 "Best of Apple, Best of Microsoft, everything will 'just work' from now on"

    11.10 On a personal note. Steve Jobs "Best years of my life at Apple"

    11.12 Excited to be named CEO of Disney previous day, amazing new opportunities, but running two major companies difficult. (Bill Gates is still on screen, he's part of the conversation)

    11.15 Successor at Apple needed to be picked, someone with experience, knowledge about how to succeed in a difficult market, perhaps changing Apple to be the #1 and not the #2

    11.16 Bill Gates, whose departure from Microsoft was announced last year, to take the helm of Apple later this year. "I couldn't be more excited. Apple is a great company, and we're going to make some great products".

    11.20 The start of another great year at Apple, thanks for coming.

    11.22 Lights are back on, people are leaving conference hall.

    Mar 22, 12:42 PM
    I see apps like DVDs. There are DVDs made for all age groups, from preschool cartoons to the raunchiest sex and violence that one could stand.

    In order to purchase an adult DVD there is some degree of age confirmation. But once that DVD is purchased, any person of any age can pop it in a player to view it. It's up to the parent to secure those DVDs against the curious eyes of minors. Likewise apps should not be censored.

    Apple may not want to sell them through their store, just like Blockbuster may not want to sell triple X-rated movies, but if a developer can create an app for the iPhone then I'd prefer to see Apple or Apple's competitors let the market decide what is successful and what is not.

    If I understand correctly, the Windows Marketplace doesn't even allow sex/nudity in their app store, so they should be forced to do so?

    Apr 2, 07:22 PM
    Is this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?