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selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Selena Gomez and Taylor
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  • AlphaDogg
    Feb 25, 10:25 PM
    I forgot to post my setup while I was on an airplane from DIA to LAX (Denver Int'l Airport to Los Angeles International Airport). I didn't get a chance to take a pic of my setup in the cabin that I was staying at. My setup in the cabin was basically: I plugged my MB into my Belkin surge protector/dual USB adapter.
    It looks like this:
    I had my iPhone plugged into it, and my friends who were staying in the cabin would switch off who used the other port to charge their iPods. A couple of my friends used the AC outlets on the surge protector to charge their cell phones.
    I would leave my MB plugged in during the day, alternating between two batteries (one battery one day, the other battery the next day). The only chance that I got to use my MB was at night, after we did all of our activities (hiking, bowling, night hiking, going out to eat on Pico Blvd, etc...), so I would just grab the MB from the charger, bring it to my bed, and watch a movie or TV show on iTunes. I would leave it by my bed when I was finished with it, and plug it in in the morning. I had my iPhone jailbroken (still is) with MyWi, expecting to be streaming video, skyping, etc... But the ATT coverage map lied to me. Stupid hills in Simi Valley. :mad:
    But it was a very nice break from the internet.

    Pic of my airplane setup (I was watching one of the Back to the Future movies):

    I hadn't used the MB for so long. I missed using my MBP's spacious trackpad :(. I brought the MB because I didn't want the MBP to get broken.

    Btw, it was a class trip at my Jewish school (hence the going out to dinner on Pico Blvd). The kosher food in LA is AMAZING!!

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  • MistaBungle
    Mar 30, 09:11 PM
    Full screens apps now have a transition-drop down menubar rather than one that covers up the top of the application now.

    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Taylor Lautner and Selena
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  • lejudicieux
    Nov 25, 10:03 PM
    My gosh, they gigantic case joke was funny at first, then he tells you it's not amusing to him anymore, so you continue. You're beating a dead horse. In fact, this horse's insides are smeared all over the road.

    Anyway, I bought an Acer Aspire One netbook with a free sleeve for $175 with tax.

    It has the usual stats, and I plan on upgrading to a 6 cell battery eventually. I love it death.

    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner
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  • LethalWolfe
    Apr 13, 01:10 AM
    This is so that each eye receives 24fps for 3d. So finally 3d will now look like a 3d "movie" rather than a 3d flip book.
    Each eye already receives 24fps (for both 2D and 3D) but the 48fps will make the motion look less choppy and less blurry. The differences can be seen in both 2D and 3D but 3D should be more comfortable to watch at the higher frame rate (especially for long periods of time).


    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Selena Gomez and Taylor
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  • swingerofbirch
    Aug 24, 06:10 PM
    finally a rumor!

    after weeks of speculation on the forums, a front page rumor feels fact!

    holding my thumbs for a conroe imac! (a swedish expression...i think?)

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  • AppleDroid
    Apr 19, 12:12 PM
    Honestly with the new Quad Core MBP lineup it makes much more sense to get a monitor and add it to your notebook than to get an iMac. (Unless you really need 16GB of ram vs 8GB).

    I can see one day only having the Mac Pro for those of use that need one (video editing, digital creation etc) and the high-powered MBP for those who don't want a tower.

    desktops are slowly but surely dying out. Notebooks are becoming more and more powerful and even moreso portable so what will an iMac offer that MacBooks won't have? Larger screen?

    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Selena Gomez and Taylor
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  • babul
    Feb 25, 10:08 PM
    Here i'll show you my mac setup and my bedroom studio setup

    Nothin much, iPad on the left. JBL iPod Dock, Crappy speakers

    This tower connected to the TV, so i can make beats on the big screen

    17" Samsung Monitor, Macbook Pro 17" (First Model), Macbook Pro 13" Unibody, iTouch 1st Gen and 2nd Gen plugged on the right.

    Another Towers with Dual 17" Samsung

    My Main Workstation, 27" iMac. iPhone 3GS plugged on the right

    And I just got this 15" Macbook Pro Unibody

    I love to work in low ambient light. So here is how it looks

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  • Tonsko
    Jan 23, 04:11 PM

    2009 Challenger R/T

    Yes, mate. Black stripes every time you go somewhere! (Although that could get pricey :P )

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  • mogwia
    Oct 24, 06:21 AM
    holland down to :) JEEPIE!!! (dreaming of a 17 inch MBP) :) ;) :o :cool:

    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner
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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 23, 04:50 PM
    yes, congrats to designed for 1 million points!

    and congrats to you, whiterabbit for 11 million points!

    but why is it not showing you hit 11 million points for the team?


    I don't know? :confused:

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  • yac_moda
    Jul 19, 07:38 PM
    Ah, those were the days.

    A one page web-site, drooling capital venurists, a silly name like "", and the day of your IPO your stock was $100 a share. Set for life I tell ya.

    NOT NEAR AS BAD AS THE ROARING 20s when many IPOs were openly pyramid schemes -- pyramid scheme TODAYS HOUSING MARKET :eek: :mad:

    Have you ever noticed that old timers LIKE pyramid schema !!!

    I guess that is why DELL was once sooo popular :rolleyes:

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  • kresh
    Jul 19, 07:38 PM
    Wow. I still can't get used to the positive press coming from dedicated PC sources.

    Lance Ulanoff is predicting Apple to sell more notebooks than Gateway by the end of 2006 and give Dell a run for the money.


    Wowee. I love it!

    edit: spelling

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  • szark
    Aug 6, 11:15 PM
    you know everyone's going mac nuts when it says "update: photo of cloth covered banners".... :)

    Or when there are multiple threads analyzing a photograph of a banner with dozens of icons on it, and nobody notices the photo also shows (the same) two covered banners. :)

    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Selena Gomez and Taylor
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  • petteri
    Aug 16, 02:48 PM
    I may be talking out of my ass here, but my understanding is that Sirius works via satellites in geosynchronous orbit, which means they are way way up there, "locked in" above a specific spot on the ground (they zip around the Earth once every 24 hours, which keeps them above the equatorial spot that is also zipping around a full rotation in 24 hours).

    Here is a map of the Sirius satellite orbits. You can get a signal pretty far south, at least as far as southern Mexico. But to conserve power, Sirius shuts the power down once the bird goes "below" the equator. XM does have a owership in WorldSpace which does broadcast around the globe through a network of various satellites.

    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. Selena Gomez and Taylor
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  • twoodcc
    Apr 14, 11:13 AM
    Actually they ARE all mine along with the electric bill and heat :p I have 4 amd athlon x2 4400+ machines which don't produce vary many points, a phenom x4 9600, a phenom II x4 965 black with 3 gpu's, core i7 920 with 3 gpu's and a 2009 Mac Pro 2x2.66 cpu's running bigadv units. The gpu's are 2 x GT 260 and 4 x GTX 275. I know that is a bit of money and the power bill is quite high, but hey it's a thing to spend money on I suppose. I could spend it on my house and yard which could use it but...

    At work we have a pile of new Nehalem Dell's and IBM power 7's that I would love to fold on but I can't do that because it would interfere with the work they have to do which is bio science related as well. And well, I would lose my job... they aren't very keen on personal use of company hardware.

    yeah i've spent a lot on systems also. and yeah, i think it's a good thing to spend money on :)

    yeah that's too bad you couldn't try folding on one of those power 7's.

    :eek: That much, what are modern computers pumping out these days! What would be producing the most points per day? I'm thinking about buying a graphics card just to fold on if that is the case :D

    Also how do you find the GPU I have had to limit mine down to 70% as I find it interferes with the effects that Windows 7 does.

    well if you have a fast i7 pc, or a dual xeon mac pro 08-09, then you can run the -bigadv units. that's really where the points are at. the faster you get the unit done, the more points you get (you get a time-based bonus). so some people have i7 pcs and they overclock them to get it done as fast as possible.

    GPU folding can get a lot of points, but they produce more heat. i have 3 gpus in one machine, and they get around 15-20K ppd. but with one i7 overclocked, i can get over 20k ppd

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  • Rocketman
    Mar 24, 02:07 PM
    Wouldn't it be kinda cool to have a Mac Pro with 3 nCore chips, 3 GPU's, 3 SSD's, and an internal HD RAID?

    Kinda makes you wonder why we don't just have a chip and memory combo unit. :D


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  • Warbrain
    Aug 6, 09:20 PM
    Looks like I'll be taking my lunch break at 1PM tomorrow:p

    I just wish I was home at 1 PM. Silly me saying that it's fine for me to work at 11...

    selena gomez and taylor lautner pictures. taylor lautner selena gomez
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  • leandroc76
    Nov 28, 09:54 AM
    Here comes the Antitrust lawsuit from Micrsoft!:o

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  • aquajet
    Sep 6, 09:54 AM
    Is it just me, or does the $599 mini *not* let you configure it with a DVD burner?

    You're right and that sucks. :(

    Apr 2, 07:42 PM
    A really good representation of what Apple is striving to do in the "post PC" era. It's not about tech specs anymore (although those are still important things). Rather, Apple is leading in the innovation of consumer experience, which perhaps, is more essential to a product's success than simply its size, memory, screen resolution, etc. The future leaders of technology will be the ones that entice their customers through the brilliance and personal connections made with their products.

    In this new world, Apple no longer has to compete on specs and features, nor does it want to. There is no Mac vs. PC here -- only "the future" versus "the past." It won't be a debate about displays, memory, wireless options -- it will be a debate about the quality of the experience. Apple is not just eschewing the spec conversation in favor of a different conversation -- it's rendering those former conversations useless. It would be like trying to compare a race car to a deeply satisfying book. In a post-PC world, the experience of the product is central and significant above all else. It's not the RAM or CPU speed, screen resolution or number of ports which dictate whether a product is valuable; it becomes purely about the experience of using the device.

    Engadget wrote a great article ( about this a while back, in case you're interested.
    And if you're not interested, maybe you'll prefer this link instead ( :)

    Apr 3, 06:11 PM
    I dont know the significance of the big gray bar on top of the page where it blocks a portion of the page when the menu bar is coming out of auto hide -they could of made it semi transparent Hopefully they change that in the final release

    I see how some might not like how it is handled. I guess my point was it was by design and is not a bug.

    Aug 6, 08:47 PM
    I'm sorry I'm really slow, I don't get the slogan :(

    "Mac OS X Leopard, Introducing Vista 2.0"

    Do they mean that Leopard is years ahead of Vista, like if it were to be like Windows next version OS :confused:


    Mar 22, 03:55 PM
    What does this App do exactly? Has any one got the App to detail what's in the App?

    Mar 26, 01:30 AM
    Sure it might be lame and inferior in your taste, but can you take your toys with you? Yeah. That's the power with the iPad.

    In the future, the iPad will have the graphic power of PS3 or Xbox 360.

    OH noooos, you gots me theres. ;) It's not exactly easy to takes 'some' of me toys with me, but as a trade off I get an absolutely superior experience on all fronts. There are NO compromises to my controls. I get top notch visuals now that are much better than what can be done on dated consoles like the PS3 and 360, and at a much higher frame rate.

    I have an iPad, I'm getting an iPad 2 for compatibility testing. I have a great phone that's similar to my iPad performance wise -- which I can plug a Wiimote into and play a ton of old games. I have a DS and I'm getting a 3DS.

    I have portability for entertainment and there's nothing stoping me from bringing my PC, wheel, etc. to my friend's place, something I've done.

    Who care's if the future iPad is up to par with a 360 visually as an example, it will still be subpar compared to my PC now and chances are it will still lack proper inputs.

    If I wan to play a casual exploration game, a time killer, something that has fun direct interaction like World of Goo, I'll pull out my iPad. But for racing or any game that just plays better with a mouse, a wheel, a flightstick, and so on, I really can't care that my iPad or any future version is portable, if it makes playing these types of games lame.