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  • Daremo
    Mar 25, 04:05 PM
    iPad 1 does not support HDMI out, so I'm assuming no, it doesn't work.

    Incorrect. With the new HDMI adapter, the original iPad DOES support HDMI out.

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  • gkarris
    Apr 2, 07:22 PM
    Is this the same Narrator that does the Ken Burns films?

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  • cmustin
    Nov 25, 11:32 AM
    Or, you can check the image url, see that it's an image from Amazon, search Amazon for "messenger bag", and it will be the first search result.


    True, but it's a lot of fun to occasionally leave the house! :D

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  • vincenz
    Feb 20, 03:31 PM

    Who's the gal? ;)

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  • Goldfinger
    Aug 31, 02:56 PM
    Let's hope that those specs aren't the final ones. That they're just to clear inventory.

    I'm hoping for Merom based mac minis.. Merom costs the same so why not ?

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  • skeep5
    Sep 14, 03:05 PM
    This story gets buried in the blog and a story of ninja stars makes page one? No Apple bias here. :rolleyes:

    maybe they were rubber ninja stars.

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  • theBigD23
    May 2, 07:01 PM
    I feel the same way. I just want to delete an app that delete all of the junk that comes with it. Just moving it to e trash does not do that. Some programs have an uninstall and some don't. That's more confusing for people.

    This concept might seem alien to a lot of MacRumours users, but being a 'switcher', the method of deleting any app on OS X currently seems very ad hoc. I've been a mac user now for about 4 years and yet the idea of having to delete an app by dragging it to the trash seems very... strange. You never know if you've deleted ALL of that program.

    Microsoft have managed to get one thing right in Windows. A specific tool (Add/Remove Programs) to delete a program. That's something that I genuinely feel is lacking in OS X and this idea of clicking and holding in LaunchPad makes sense. It's imple enough: most users who own an iPhone will have no trouble in adopting this method. And what's more, it makes it instantly accessible to anyone who uses a mac. In addition, it goes a step further than Microsoft. It avoids making more novice users from having to delve in to a complex window of settings. A step in the right direction? I think so!

    So personally, I think this is a very simple yet very effective change to make to OS X and should be a welcome sign of the things to come in Lion!

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 21, 03:29 PM
    I guess I'm number 1 on the team now :cool:

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  • dougjnr
    Jun 23, 06:10 PM
    OK....this is how its going to work. Latest Mac Mini, HDMI, $600, hooked into your big LCD, persistant interent of course.

    Now here is the killer part....launch an iPhone/iPad/iPod app which in turn starts iOS on the Mac Mini and BOOM, you are hooked into the whole Apple app store eco system, a whole new world of games....WHICH, I might add, can tap ino the dramatically more powerful hardware of the Mini's CPU and GPU.

    So... state of the art bluetooth control, iPhone 4 running custom joypad controller app, latest Mac Mini and its hardware benifits, instant access to the app store, latest games on demand....think about it. All this could be ours within 2 - 3 months. PS3, Nintendo etc look out!


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  • bellman
    Apr 19, 11:06 AM
    This is exactly the kind of rumors i've been waiting for:D:D:D

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  • jake4ever
    Apr 6, 01:44 AM
    Totally legal, unfortunately. And no, not Jewish, at all.:)

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Mar 19, 05:05 PM
    for "consumer prices"? doubtful, because you are asking for a top-notch gaming machine. it's not a consumer machine at all. so why should it be priced as such?

    do you call a PC with PIV EE with a top notch radeon video card "consumer"? is it priced as "consumer" machine?please dont put words in my mouth, for around $1500 i would like a G5 2.0 and a ati 9600xp or better. for $1700 give me a 9800. and for gwumacaddict what about country music? I dont listen to it but millions do and is very big. is a rap commercial going to get those folks? I think not.

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  • alphaod
    Apr 26, 01:31 PM
    Amazon "One Click" not only use generic words but also patents obvious methods.

    Actually, it would 1-Click ;)

    In formal writing, one should always write out the words for all numbers one through ten.

    "1 click" would be unacceptable in proper English writing.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 18, 02:28 PM
    As I mentioned before about the lower spec FB-DIMMs only using one of the onboard buffers to improve latency (single gate / single rank), there are quite a few of these out there - especially in the 512MB capacity!

    Here's the technical overview from Intel (

    Anandtech had this little tidbit ( about single vs. dual rank modules.

    While single rank FB-DIMMs are somewhat discouraged, they are quite common on the market. Kingston ships single rank FB-DIMM parts that are nearly 30% cheaper than their dual rank parts. Some of their products are labeled as such, some aren't and who knows what you're getting when buying from a third-party vendor without specifically comparing part numbers, etc.. I am under the impression that the 512MB (as well as the 1 and 2 GB) modules from Apple are all dual rank. However, how do we tell for sure about modules from the cheaper vendors like 1-800-4MEMORY, or RAM4LESS, etc.. I guess we can try to ask for more detailed specs, but I've tried that before from RAM4LESS and all I could get is that "our modules are guaranteed compatible..."

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  • Marx55
    Jul 14, 03:28 AM
    Cheaper Blu-ray next month: "BenQ to launch Blu-ray Disc writer in August"

    Blu-ray is awesome for backups as well as HDTV and HD movies in general. You can also have much more content on a Blu-ray than on a HD-DVD disk.

    So, should Blu-ray drop prices more to match HD-DVD as seems the trend, the election is clear: Blu-ray for ever!

    Apple: go for it with the option ot two-drive BTO Macs. We need them.

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  • mattyuk
    Jan 31, 10:54 AM
    VW Polo 1.4, had it 3 year.

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  • Blasphemic
    Jan 6, 07:32 AM
    Still the same car but got some new pictures: Opel Corsa 1.4 Swing from 1997, worth about nothing but it means alot to me :)
    First 2 are outside the building where i live, and yes i know she could really need a wash but that wont be done untill they have time to do it at work (i work at a Car rental company)
    The inside could really use a good cleaning aswell
    And she has quite a few Km on the clock.

    And here is what i drive when im at work (i dont clean the cars, im the guy standing behind the counter saying sir to people)
    First one is a Porsche Cayenne
    Jaguar XF (i didnt take this picture)
    And theres all the Audis and Mercs =)

    i posted the links aswell since i cant get it to post the actual pictures :(
    why dont picasa/flick let me link to the the picture >_<

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  • ghostface147
    Mar 24, 01:58 PM
    Can it run crysis 2?

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  • Tonsko
    Jan 6, 10:14 AM
    If properly maintained, mileage holds no bounds! BMW's will go to 250k easy.

    The engines will, no problem. It's all the expensive bits around them that can't!

    Apr 12, 08:19 PM
    That was pretty funny. It looked on Twitter like maybe 9to5mac had sorta tricked AppleInsider into announcing FCP7. (2 years after the fact.) Apparently there's a lot of "borrowing" of stories between the two sites.

    Mar 24, 03:26 PM
    Cool story bro, would read again. If you want the fusion so badly then buy a PC. No one's forcing you to buy from Apple.

    I am forced to buy Apple because of the lack of commercial Linux applications for consumers.

    Jul 20, 10:02 AM
    There are more details here -

    At the end of the page is a breakdown in the sales figures.

    Desktop sales are down 14% on last quarter, and 23% on a year ago, but laptop sales are up a whopping 60% on last quarter and 61% on a year ago.

    Not surprising. They haven't released a replacement for the G5 tower, and people have been waiting for a faster laptop for 3+ years since they never had the G5 laptop.

    Mar 25, 04:09 PM
    This is exactly the kind of stuff I hoped they'd be doing with the TV output :)
    One of the many reasons I bought an iPad 2... Which hopefully I'm picking up on Monday :) it's gonna be a good summer :)

    Apr 13, 11:59 PM
    What computers do you have operating to get those points? You must be an IT admin or something surely they are not your computers?