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  • PBF
    Apr 1, 10:22 AM
    Were them two apps downloaded via the Mac App Store by any chance?
    Bingo! Now how do I remove the others? :confused:

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  • VIDEO: Selena Gomez Rocks The

  • LimeiBook86
    Nov 27, 03:56 PM
    A 17" LCD screen made by Apple would be a good deal for people buying Mac Minis but, the price would have to be just right in order for people to actually thing of buying an Apple LCD rather than another brand LCD that they can get cheaper. Also I don't think Apple would want to cannibalize their sales for the iMac. The Mac Mini with a 17" LCD screen (maybe a built-in iSight, although that would raise the price) is roughly the same specs as a 17" iMac ($1,199 model). Except the iMac has a dedicated ATI Graphics Chipset, a larger Hard Drive, and a few more add-ons (Keyboard, Mouse etc)

    If Apple were to do this they would have to be pretty careful. I can't see Apple doing this in the near future, although I do agree a 20" LCD screen as a starting size is a bit high, and so is the price. But, don't get me wrong, I love the 20" LCD panel in my iMac. I just think Apple might see a demand for a smaller size, cheaper LCD screen. :)

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  • Artist: Selena Gomez

  • aswitcher
    Jan 2, 12:40 AM
    With iTV (whatever) I expect Apple to release firmware upgrades for all current model Macs to enable their 802.11N capable wireless.

    I also think the Mini and Airport Extreme/Expresses will get and update to have 11N.

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  • DRewPi
    Sep 5, 08:27 AM
    Well something is happening since the store is down that should be good newz for at least today !!!! we should see some upgrade of a kind, probably the mini with some shiny new MBP C2D !!!

    GO APPLE !!! :D :) ;)

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  • Selena Gomez �Falling Down�

  • quagmire
    Mar 1, 01:34 PM
    that the US car makers still sells trucks, pickups etc. without diesel options is simply a complete lack of any common sense. diesel engines are practically made to be perfect for pulling and towing in commercial vehicles
    for it's south american Amarok pick up VW simply took the 2.0 I4 TDI from the golf/jetta and set up the engine slightly different in regards to the power/torque band and ends up with an engine which was very likely cheaper to develop, cheaper to build had less weight and still achieves 400nm of torque

    GM had the 4.5 liter Duramax in development for their half-ton trucks, but the economy and their situation canned that. Ford also was working on a baby Powerstroke and Cummins was working on a baby I-6 for Dodge. But, those as well have been canned.

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  • Bonfire
    Apr 3, 03:16 AM
    Mine did too. Returned it to Apple, got a new one in 10 days. No bleeding.:D

    As does mine. Great device otherwise, but unfortunately it will be going back to the Apple store on monday.

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  • Hologram777
    Nov 26, 05:33 AM


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  • TangoCharlie
    Aug 25, 06:17 AM
    Um, the Mini does have four USB-ports, and a FireWire-port.

    OOps, you're quite right!!


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  • JGowan
    Sep 6, 09:04 PM
    Netflix is made for movies! I love Apple but they'll never do for movies what Netflix has! In the past 5 weeks, I've had 21 movies delivered to my door. I'm on the 3-at-a-time plan (unlimited for $17.99/mo). Also, I can buy tons of used DVDs for $5.99 that are 100% guaranteed!

    I think a dollar a song is one thing because you can pick and choose from an album so the trade-off for quality is justified. However, $9.99 is a lot to ask for something that is very low quality, only looks really good an a 2" screen and takes a long time to download. Right now, we don't even know if you can back the file up or burn to a DVD. I think Apple will do ok, but I don't see it being the same bonanza that that music was/is.

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  • On the set of quot;Falling Downquot;

  • iJimmy
    Jan 30, 08:49 AM
    My contribution

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  • blackjesusninja
    Mar 24, 11:38 AM
    Actually it's $1800-3000, for a G5 64 bit computer. Where do you buy your computers from? No wonder Apple can't dispell the myths even Mac users don't know how much they cost!

    In addition to that, the education price is $1599 and if you remove the superdrive and 56k modem it's down to $1399.

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  • richard.mac
    Apr 3, 01:20 AM
    yeah, i installed DP2 to a blank partition. didn't want any DP1 bugginess left over

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  • Selena Gomez Names Her Band,

  • liketom
    Jul 18, 01:44 AM
    Well about time :eek:

    i was starting to think this was not coming at all

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  • Yahgo
    Jan 4, 08:55 AM
    Macworld 2006 keynote was 1.5 hours long, with only 2 surprises... iMac Intel and MacBook Pro Intel, so if Macworld 2007 keynote is 2 hours long it must mean more then 2 major annoucements. Here is what I see happening:

    Steve will start by talking about retail stores (showing the new Fifth Ave store) and how many people came in during the Holiday quarter. Then he will tell us how much revenue the stores made during that quarter. Steve will then say how much total revenue Apple has made during the year, because the CFO of Apple (Peter Oppenheimer) doesn't want to confuse any analyst who many be attending or watching. Steve will go on to talk about iPods and how well it's doing with market share, how many they sold durning the holidays and which car companies are now on board with iPod, he may even talk about Nike+iPod. DON'T EXPECT ANY iPod UPDATES. Steve will then talk about iTunes and how many downloads it has. We may see some more movie studios come on board and even the Beatles on iTunes. Then he will talk about iTV , give a demo and annouce that it will be shipping today or February. After the iTV Demo, Steve will say that the rest of the time will be spent on the Mac. He will then go into iLife '07 and give a demo of iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, Garageband and tell you about iDVD but no demo because of time. Then he will show us iWork '07 with new Keynote features and themes with updated charts and Pages plus a new application (maybe Charts) After iLife and iWork he will talk about Leopard and maybe show some new "Top Secret" apps since Vista is lauching for consumers on 1/30/07. I expect him to release Leopard at WWDC not at MacWorld. He will update Aperture. He will then announce some third party software from Adobe (Premiere and Photoshop) and Microsoft (Office) which will come out and demo their new products. Then Steve will talk about the iMac and Mac Mini and update both. I don't expect any updates on Laptops. Then the one more thing will be the iPhone (iChat Mobile) and Steve will talk about the years of development and partnerships and demo the product by doing a video chat with someone (Phil) then he will thank everyone at Apple who worked on the product and thank everyone for coming to MacWorld. So if you compare last year's updates with this year's you will see 2 additional products demos iTV and iChat Mobile, this is what will take the extra 1/2 hour. So to sum it up here is what you'll see.

    1) Retail Updates
    2) iPod / iTunes Sells
    3) iTV
    4) iLife/iWork
    5) Leopard
    6) Aperture 2
    7) Adobe and Microsoft Updates
    8) iMac update
    9) Mac Mini update
    10) iChat Mobile (iPhone)

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  • BC2009
    Oct 25, 05:58 AM
    Bullcrap. WTF looks through CR to read bad reports? I look in it to find the BEST performing and quality products, not the worst. I only care about the worst if it was something I was considering at which point I take a much closer look.

    I agree with you on that point -- nobody looks through CR for a bad report -- but you missed my point. If I am NOT a CR subscriber and the news comes out with some big thing CR uncovered then I am more likely to think "Wow, CR is a great publication -- I should subscribe". But if CR releases yet another glowing review of something from Honda, Apple, Toyota then I would think "I already knew that -- those are good brands".

    CR gets notoriety in the media when they uncover something on one of the brand favorites. It also helps give them credibility with the masses by going after these guys. Sometimes they are over-zealous in their efforts. Their reviewers have personal bias too and I fully believe that comes to play in their reviews. It was just over obvious in the video they released on iPhone-4. The reviewer's little attempts at humor tipped his hand. Watch the video again and ask yourself "was this an unbiased reviewer?" The answer is an obvious "No".

    The reviewers at CR make their mark by uncovering the missteps by the big-name brands. Its how they build their career. Apple is a big target for any of their reviewers (as are any automobile manufacturer when it comes to safety issues -- these are big news).

    I've never seen the 11:00 news lead with a story on "Consumer Reports says the new iPhone is the best", but they are certainly going to lead with "Consumer Reports says Apple's new phone is fundamentally flawed". The reviewers know this and they look to get the big story. They are human and their personal motivations play into what they do, just like everyone else.

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  • paradox00
    May 3, 01:12 PM
    I think this is fair but let me bottom line it.

    10 versions of Mac OS and no standard process for properly (and completely) removing apps?

    and...If dragging to the trash can is effective why do so many cleaner applications exist?

    Mac OS has some really cool features but also lack polish and refinement. This lack of refinement is based solely on apple's drive to not be like Windows.

    The new iOS approach to removal does not seem effective as I doubt this is a complete uninstall...probably just an background move to the trashcan. How many times have you removed apps from your phone then reinstalled them to find you previous data intact?

    Some windows uninstallers leave a ton of crap behind too, more that the library files that are left behind on a mac (which can easily be found and removed). I think you need to get over your concerns with the consequences of dragging something to the trash in OSX just because that won't work well on Windows.

    PS: Why is leaving behind a text file so you can easily restore your settings a bad thing?

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Jan 23, 02:34 PM
    deff early 90's/late 80's... I'm going to go with accord?

    yup 89 accord with 42,000 miles in it, 5 speed manual :D

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  • music video, �Falling Down

  • dethmaShine
    May 2, 04:21 PM
    Don't like.

    Maybe that's neat but that's not pc-centric.

    It's easier and more convenient to just drop the app in the trash. :|

    EDIT: You can do drag and drop in Launchpad

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  • MacVault
    Aug 7, 06:51 AM
    Networking in the Finder is one of the biggest complaints people seem to have. Said it before and will say it until its done, FTFF! :cool:

    Yea, FTFF is right! I wish we would see this morning that Apple has finally FTFF in Leopard, but I'm afraid we're still gonna see much of the same old stuff in there that gives us reason to want to FTFF. I hope I'm wrong though.

    Feb 17, 06:27 AM
    Sorry to hear that, when will you be able to get back to your apartment to get everything started again?

    My points are down too for some reason, not sure what the problem is as everything is running ok.

    i won't get back to my apartment before april. so another month and half of no output basically unless i manage to get another system.

    i just don't know what happened. they were running fine before i left.

    btw, congrats on 9 million points!

    Jul 18, 03:36 AM
    With such big files readily available to the public, I want to see so many people decide to rent a movie that the ISPs struggle with their oversold services. :D

    Apr 6, 09:10 AM
    Not getting any of these at all.

    I suspect that a particular application causes these crashes as this behavior only exists on one account of my machine. However, I have not been able to pin down the culprit...

    Does anyone know what the following error message in the crash report may indicate?
    xpchelper registration failed for sandbox candidate.: _xpc_connection_send_serializer_to_port() returns NULL

    Nov 30, 10:58 AM
    No way, M$ doesn't like Apple for what it is, for their history, if Apple would sink there would always be competition, and monopoly... 90% of the world's computers running Windoze? what's that? :D

    Apr 4, 07:34 PM
    Then don't use full screen ?? No one is forcing it on you.

    I use full screen for mail on my 27". Would be useless to put Safari on FS on that size, but I can see why it would be useful on an 11" Air.

    Similar with me. I have a 13" Macbook which really benefits from the ability to go into fullscreen. The extra screen space makes it much easier to concentrate. But when I'm at home I have it plugged into a 24" monitor I don't have a need for it.