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  • alongezong
    Apr 3, 04:00 AM
    Advertising we can enjoy. Simple, effective, and clean.

    Apple seems to do just about everything right, including their advertising.

    Jobs for Prez?

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  • Amazing Iceman
    Apr 21, 12:27 PM
    Only ones upset over such news is Johny what's his face who hangs out at the local booby bar, when his wife thinks he's somewhere else. :eek:

    He should know better to turn off the location service.

    Think about this, people... without it, it would be practically impossible to use the find my iPhone Feature of MobileMe.

    Have you thought that the government can track your approximate location based on your SunPass usage? (Sunpass is a automated toll paying system used in Florida, U.S. It's also known by different names in other states. Every time you pass by a Toll, their sensors read your Sunpass and charge your account accordingly.
    I have noticed the presence of these 'sensors' in other parts of the road besides Toll plazas.

    So, be real: Absolute Privacy does no longer exists.

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 6, 09:23 AM
    well core2duo would have been better, but at least they got rid of the solo.*

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  • Mr-Stabby
    Apr 12, 09:10 PM
    Is there anybody actually filming this? From what the tweets are describing, the audience are loving it, i'd like to see this keynote.

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  • Spock
    Nov 29, 01:45 PM
    Its the Pippin 2!! this time its intel instead of Bandai!

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 17, 12:32 AM
    We need a 6 digit thread :p

    I have in 2 weeks folded what took me nearly a year to do on my iBook G4. I should be at 100k soon which is very exciting for me. Who else is trying to achieve a 6 digit score :cool:

    hey go ahead and start one if you want. i know what you mean though. i never thought i'd get to 1 million points when i first started. now i'm almost at 7 million!

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  • Big-TDI-Guy
    Mar 4, 07:25 PM
    I will be devastated on the day that my 2002 Golf TDI dies. 50mpg - I drive the hell out of it - I'm a HUGE guy and it's comfy. Oh yeah, and I can fit a full sized washing machine inside the hatch. (or a 50" plasma TV, for that matter)

    My favorite memory to date with this car, pulling into a gas station (with a new washing machine in the back, of course) and watching the owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee have a fit about how he can't fit one inside his...

    And then I told him my average MPG. :D

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  • motulist
    Aug 6, 11:32 PM
    More photos

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 26, 04:39 PM
    I see people here still digging up the old WORD and WINDOWS argument that gets debunked every damn time someone brings it up.

    Not "debunked." More like "skirted."

    Because its actually "Microsoft Word".

    Big difference.

    Nonsense. I dare you to develop and release a word processing application for Windows called "Mattie Num Nums Word" and see how long it takes before Ballmer is on the phone with you.

    Google Word? Apple Word? These would never fly and you know it. Your argument holds no water.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 19, 06:33 PM
    I was under the impression he was referring to the 'Lybia' in the thread title.

    Perhaps, but being Canadian, we are always willing to accept blame for our alleged transgressions. :o

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  • *LTD*
    Mar 27, 04:13 PM
    There is a difference between being realistic about devices and having your head in the clouds. I LOVE my apple gear and can't wait to get an ipad, but I am realistic in it's current capability

    I assume that's what you meant. Because we've seen touchscreen devices advance by leaps and bounds since June 2007. In two years' time it will very likely be an entirely new ballgame with such devices being a dominant force in tech, including gaming.

    This little demo is just barely scratching the surface.

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  • AppleNewton
    Mar 1, 06:02 PM
    Are the little glowing boxes hard drives? If so, how much space do you have sitting there?

    Yep all of them are hard drives, i have 2TB in each one and then a RAID-0 with 2x2TB. I keep most for back ups of Photos, Music and Movies and OS clones (i'm fairly meticulous with back ups and having them on more than just one drive..but most duplicated clones are taken offline and stored after back up).
    One is used as my external iTunes library as there isnt enough space on the SSD and the others are free space, diagnostic drives, work drives used to do audio/video or photo storage/editing

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  • danbirchall
    Jan 12, 07:09 AM
    Aluminum is much harder to recycle than plastic

    Say what? It may have a higher melting point than plastic, but it's the most recyclable material out there. Plastic often can't even be used in the same application multiple times, and ends up being "downcycled" into something completely different. Wikipedia says recycling aluminum is 95% more efficient than making it from ore; recycling plastic is only 70% more efficient than making it new.

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  • generik
    Sep 7, 08:43 AM
    So I guess Minis will get Core 2 in 2007?

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  • Doctor Q
    Nov 29, 05:44 PM
    As far as what's wrong with the wifi as currently done, here:

    Actually that entire review is pretty good at covering why the current Zune is really not worth it, and why it has potential. The review complainsThe lameness of this dialogue is matched only by the lameness of Microsoft's decision not to allow retransmission. It's clear why usage rights on protected content need to expire, but why should that prevent users from sharing it with their friends? This is supposed to be viral how, exactly?If they allowed retransmissions, couldn't a pair of Zunes beam it back and forth to prevent ever reaching expiration? If they allowed retransmissions of purchased songs, how might they prevent this trick from being used to keep songs forever? Keeping a record of all previous songs, so it could recognize one it had before, and not permitting those records to be purged? Counting a retransmission as one of your three "plays"? Keeping the original expiration date, even if 2 of the 3 days had already gone by?

    Another way to ask this question: If Apple decided to compete head-to-head with this feature, what should they do differently?

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  • Steve W
    Mar 23, 04:07 PM
    You reckon he actually responds to fan mails on his iPhone? :D

    YES! I imagine that if Steve Jobs did not like using the iPhone to respond to fan mails, then the iPhone would be re-designed until he did like it.

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  • moneyman118
    Jun 22, 11:55 AM
    Could be what the magic track pad was developed for?!?

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  • macthetiger85
    Apr 26, 01:12 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Here we go again

    "what about windows being generic?!"
    -well Microsoft isn't actually selling window panes

    "app store is generic"
    -if it were 'mobile software store' or 'application store', it would definitely be generic, but 'app store' is arguable

    "this is stupid, apple being such a girl"
    -they've built a name with 'app store', and it would be to the competitions advantage to use it. Otherwise, they would just use something else.

    "apple didn't invent the word app"
    -well they made it popular

    "nuh-uh, I've been using app, since blah blah..."
    -congratulations (but we're talking about millions, not 1 and a few friends)

    Actually "windows OS" was a generic term to describe GUI OS - that is an OS that uses windows on a desktop for organization and simplicity. Yes, Microsoft Windows has nothing to do with window panes but in this case, they did trademark a generic term with the exact same meaning.

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  • treblah
    Aug 6, 09:36 PM
    Blah, it should read "Mac OS X Leopard, introducing Panter 2.0"


    Let me steer this off topic real quick. I have read before that Apple has two OS teams so "in theory" Leopard would, in fact, be Panther 2.0 and 10.7 would be Tiger 2.0. Again, in theory… Can someone clear that up?

    On topic: Hooray Leopard!

    Apr 8, 04:00 PM
    So who's Obama gonna blow up next? Syria, Yemen?

    Not just Obama's attack....yes, signed on, but there was a request for rebels. I don't have as issue with the West using their military power for support, but there should be an internal force that wants the change and us strong enough to at least use some force without the West.

    Jan 2, 04:26 AM
    Personally speaking I can't get excited about software. An OS is an OS windows, OSX I don't care as long as it works (OK advantage Apple but if MS did the job I would use it) Ilife come on, surely something not as dull as free software no one uses.

    Please let it be new stuff you can hold.

    Expect both. Steve will spend some time on OS/X, because he promised us all last time he would. But he'll also spend some time on iTV, and there will definitely be some other device. There always is... :)

    Manic Mouse
    Aug 19, 07:24 AM
    Except at a lot of Starbucks that internet functionality comes at a cost, which is my point.

    May be bliss, but not until we have a sound infrastructure. And I have been on some really shoddy networks, which ends up becoming far more frustrating than worthwhile, to the point where I just slam my PDA into my pocket and curse inaudibly.

    I'm already surfing the net in my home on my PSP when I can't be bothered booting up my PC, as are many others. I would much rather be able to read/write emails while on a sofa watching TV (like text messaging) rather than hunched over a computer. It's not just the internet access either: Being able to use a decent version of iCal etc would make the iPod your personal assistant and something you couldn't do without.

    Media players have been done to death. Companies are already looking into creating this kind of device (and have with MYLO).

    Nov 29, 09:31 PM
    He has a point about the XBox... It did start out slower but now is surely considered a predominant player in the market (no pun intended;) ).

    Yeah, out of all 3 major options. [Sony, Nintendo, and miCrapsoft] :rolleyes:

    Real hard. :p

    I bet even I could have whipped up a console one night a few years back and kicked them out of the top 3. ;)

    I remember reading sales figures in '04 between PS3 and XSUX. It was something like 74+ million PS3's to 13.x million XSUX's.:D

    As has been mentioned several times throughout this thread, there are WAY more manufacturers AND models to contend with in the digital audio player market.

    Sep 6, 01:36 PM
    Terrified to see that my MBP's 1.83 Ghz Core Duo is now in Apple's lowest line of computers... It does what I need it to, but it must be worth half the value it was 6 months ago ($1,999.99). Even more terrified that my ex got a black MB that has a better processor then mine. And she only uses it for papers and chatting! :eek: