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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 02:42 PM
    Ha! The 'BTS' promo usually is near the end of May. For those who really need an iMac-it still about six weeks away.:(

    Really? I thought it was late Summer (in anticipation of Fall Semester)? :confused:

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  • iStudentUK
    Mar 27, 09:20 AM
    I'm sure they've been "on the ground" even before the "no-fly zone". And most of them prolly speak the language and look like them. Especially if they plan to individually target forces that will open up an invasion of a town. They would need to gather personal intel with some of the rebel leaders and go out to scout and designate specific targets. Just if they die, they become one of the rebel casualties or something. That velcro patch with the US flag under it is just Hollywood BS. :p

    I'm sure your are right!

    Obviously there is no official comment (except for a couple of rescue operations to extract citizens), but some UK media stories indicate the SAS/SBS/SRR may have been on the ground for a month before the no-fly zone, which was pretty early, and there are around 400 there now. Plus, 800 Royal Marines (not special forces, but pretty good) are on notice for rapid deployment if needed.

    Don't know about the US, but I expect it is a similar story.

    Special Forces are obviously going to play a significant role, but won't get any of the credit!

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  • hyperpasta
    Sep 1, 03:02 PM
    Apple used to have all-in-ones, consumer towers, pro towers, etc. Remember the PowerMac 6400? Too many products is too confusing for the consumer. If that means that a couple of people can't get the exact configuration they want, so be it.

    Not more products... more BTO options. Here's my ideal line.

    Mac Cube - $499
    Low-end Conroe
    512MB RAM
    80GB HD (full-size)
    Intel Graphics

    Mac Cube - $699
    Mid-end Conroe
    1GB RAM
    120GB HD
    Intel Graphics

    All BTO... up to mid-end Conroe, 4GB of RAM, real video card, and even a 500GB HD!

    As it is now, but modernized specs and low to mid-Conroe. BTO DOWNgradable to the current "education" model.

    Mac Pro
    Also as it is now.

    MacBook White - $999
    Low-End Merom
    1GB RAM
    60GB HD
    Combo Drive
    Intel Graphics
    13" Matte Display

    MacBook White - $1299
    Mid-End Merom
    1GB RAM
    80GB HD
    Intel Graphics
    13" Matte Display

    BOTH models are equally upgradable... to 2GB RAM, 100GB HD, Low-End Graphics Card.

    MacBook Pro 15" - $1799
    High-End Merom
    1GB RAM
    80GB HD
    128MB Graphics
    15" Matte Display

    MacBook Pro 17" - $1999
    Same as 15" with 17" screen.

    See? FEWER models, more BTO. Much easier to find a Mac you agree with.

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  • donlphi
    Nov 29, 02:05 PM
    It's true then; Apple are releasing a toilet with an iPod dock! SWEET!!!! :eek:

    Already been done...

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  • iJawn108
    Nov 29, 03:25 PM
    i dont know i might buy an itv if i buy a tv lol

    i dont have one right now. my macbook is my tv/computer/gf lol

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 26, 11:42 PM
    WordPerfect Office X5?

    You got me there. Here's a bit of interesting tech trademark trivia (Microsoft vs Lindows):

    As early as a court rejected Microsoft's claims, stating that Microsoft had used the term "windows" to describe graphical user interfaces before the product, Windows, was ever released, and the windowing technique had already been implemented by Xerox and Apple many years before. Microsoft kept seeking retrial, but in February a judge rejected two of Microsoft's central claims. The judge denied Microsoft's request for a preliminary injunction and raised "serious questions" about Microsoft's trademark. Microsoft feared a court may define "Windows" as generic and result in the loss of its status as a trademark.

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  • lordonuthin
    Nov 8, 07:00 PM
    Originally Posted by SciFrog
    Got #7 spot on the team!

    Now it gets much harder, a month and a half at least.

    The team is doing great with 230k PPD 
    we should maintain our rank at least, but I have a feeling many windows teams have not discovered the bigadv units yet. Rumor is if GPU3 is stable, it might make it to Linux.

    The higher you get the lonelier you are :p I'll be there soon enough...

    I was thinking bigadv units weren't available on windows, just Mac and linux, maybe I misread that.

    congrats. i sure hope GPU3 makes it linux. that would really get us some more points

    If gpu3 runs well on linux a lot of people will start getting more points I suspect - like me - I just haven't had time to mess with gpu2 for a while so I hope they get it out soon!!

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  • torn
    Oct 2, 10:29 AM
    Actually I kind of like my gel case. It perfectly fits and makes the back look great. I intended to wait for the belkin's clear hard case to come out, but now I'm going to order the full set of this gel case and it's still cheaper.

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 31, 05:31 PM
    Sorry you couldn't have stayed in 4th place for longer lyzardking... but at least you can claim you were there! :D And you are getting more points for the team!

    And it looks like mc68k is definitly going to be our first to the big 10 mil!! You are cooking right now with over 600k ppw - as Jim Carey would say (in Mask) "smokin"!

    I have now organized my machines with five (linux) in the cold basement, and the 2 win/gpu machines in 4u boxes I got on ebay in the rack with the mac. I spent christmas day, snowbound, rerouting the wiring (and cleaning the "computer room" so everything at least looks much better. I actually got 4 4u cases so I have room to grow, they were $28 each plus $17? each for shipping. 4u is about the same size as a normal tower case so everything fits in nicely. I will post some pics soon.

    sounds nice. looking forward to seeing the pics

    Doesn't look like I'll be fifth for that long (looking over a shoulder at a quickly approaching twoodcc)


    ha. well it'll be a little while before i catch up to you.

    also, congrats to rreini for reaching 1 million points!

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  • archer75
    Apr 20, 08:20 AM

    The 6950m and 6970m are also available in 2gb models. That would help with the larger resolution of the 27" display. Let's hope for that as well!

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  • chuckles:)
    Aug 24, 06:52 PM
    Maybe dual optical drives like the Mac pro. This is getting standard on Macs obviously.



    the Mac Pro is one thing, but you wont see dual optical drives in an iMac much less a Mini, there's no point 4 the standard consumer market.

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  • rdlink
    May 3, 04:50 AM
    Great, but why use "Click and hold" when you can right click? Why implement the limitations of a small touch screen into a full computer that has the ability to do more? I hate things that require a delay. Click and hold sucks.


    I hope they leave both options available. I have no problem with adding this functionality to OS X for those who want the IOS experience on their desktop. But please leave the "old" way for those of us who prefer it.

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  • ?algiris
    May 3, 02:28 AM
    First of all, this looks like this only works when you are in LaunchPad mode so there, it makes perfect sense. I truly doubt the press/hold/jiggle works in the Applications folder, where it would be very out-of-place.

    Imagine that Apple did not put in the feature there in LaunchPad which is suppose to be iPad-like... people would come out of the woodwork to piss/moan about how Apple was lame to not unify the process with the press/hold/jiggle.

    Secondly, this only works for Apps that have been downloaded from the App store,... this is probably implemented so that when you say YES, delete this, it will then give you an option to rate the App while simply deleting the App with a Command-Delete or a drag to the Trash would not invoke such a Rating option.

    Thirdly, it's not like Apple is taking away the other options of trashing an App. Use the method that you're like and MYOB and STHU. Honestly.

    50% of Mac buyers are new users so they're use to this from iPhones/iPads/iPods. Let them be comfortable. I've been on a Mac since 1995 but I realize that Apple needs to help switchers be comfortable. All the changes to Mac OS X that I've seen so far, I'm really looking forward. If you don't want 'em. Don't upgrade. Oh... and STHU.

    Tell that to the whiners. All they do is whine. It's a great feature and LaunchPad looks like a handy feature as well. If someone doesn't like it's not intrusive, just don't use it.

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  • dlittle
    Jul 19, 08:12 PM
    The article posted:
    - Desktops: 614,000, down 14% from previous quarter
    - Portables: 498,000, up 60% from previous quarter

    I belive these numbers are for last quarter (note they don't add to 1.3M macs). They should post a correction.

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  • Built
    Apr 2, 09:48 PM
    This edition will be forever known as the light bleed model. Mine has it, only slightly annoying. But it certainly knocks down the resale value, almost forcing me to consider exchanging it. Also slightly annoying.

    Obviously this is just a figment of your imagination :D After all, people like that one guy here who claims to have seen 14 iPads say that this problem does not exist.

    So, quit seeing what is not there and enjoy your iPad. (facetiousness intended)

    I love Apple but these Apple apologists are quite entertaining.

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  • jaw04005
    May 2, 10:17 PM
    Now, if Microsoft and Adobe would just get on board with this for their Mac applications. Office and Creative Suite spew crap everywhere. :rolleyes:

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  • BabyFaceMagee
    Jan 13, 01:34 PM
    Apple dosent registor domain names like that...

    Apple doesn't purchase individual sites for its products. They put everything under the site. go try looking for or and you'll see they just go to individual user's sites. So no site registered to Apple doesn't mean anything.

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  • aiqw9182
    Mar 24, 03:38 PM
    Why would I look at anything else if it were OK to use Windows?

    Well then why the hell are you even chanting from the rooftops about how great Fusion is *supposedly* going to be when you KNOW that the chances of Apple using it are slim to none? It's like a kid nagging his parents for the ice cream that has a fancier logo and packaging when they know their parents aren't going to buy it for them because in reality it's all the same and will most likely taste worse then what they bought previously despite what their ads say.

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  • Lukeit
    Mar 31, 08:49 PM
    Just a quick question: how to make a full, clean installation of Lion preview 2 starting from the app downloaded from Appstore?
    Do you have to restore it as dmg on a external drive to boot from or is there any other way?

    Thanks guys!

    Nov 17, 11:27 AM
    Will consider a Mac Pro if it gets 8 cores and they drop the FB-DIMMs. Don't want FB-DIMMs, they have the definite feel of an overcomplicated solution to a problem. FB-DIMM are likely the future... it will truly start to will shine when they make available more channels out of the memory controllers allowing bandwidth to scale and it hides memory specifics from the memory controller allowing advancements in DIMMs to remain compatible with existing systems.

    Apr 19, 11:16 AM
    What is this world coming to when quotes are coming from Brian Tong???

    Last month, CNET's Brian Tong claimed ( to have received information from a source indicating that updated iMacs should debut by the end of April or the first week in May, a window of time that is just now set to open.

    Apr 19, 10:57 AM
    What are these "Macs" you speak of?

    Feb 27, 01:39 AM

    I finally got a new chair. My 7 year old awesome chair sits up in my bedroom making an awesome tv chair now. :D

    Since the theme lately is "Show how your desk REALLY looks!" this one has a pile of papers on the desk and some random chair assembly stuff laying around as my mother bought a chair too! lol. :D

    Apr 2, 07:20 PM
    Urgh, new iCal really is horrible.

    Yes, it's designed to simplify and bring the computers down to the level of basic consumer electronics items. That way Apple will sell even more. All they seem to care about these days is having media events, and announcements where they spend their time bragging about how many they've sold.