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  • PBF
    Apr 3, 02:31 AM
    Stickies contents are now scrollable. I think this was the case in DP1 as well.

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  • Benguitar
    Nov 25, 11:48 PM
    Better be safe than sorry, right Benguitar? :)

    Doesn't look very safe to me.. First time you go under a bridge will probably be your last.

    Yes, Better safe than sorry. :rolleyes:

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  • hkim1983
    Oct 29, 09:00 PM
    Griffin Reveal seems nice, plus very customizable. Switcheasy Colors, i love Switcheasy, but the silicone, I just don't like silicone. The Luxe is probably the same protection as the Griffin.

    Out of the three, I would suggest the Griffin.

    I am waiting for something else from Switcheasy, maybe a TRIM or Rebel.

    Thanks for the input! I looked at the Iphone 4 TRIM, and I have to admit, it sounds pretty awesome. It's just a shame that I can't wait for them to release something similar for the Touch, but the Reveal seems fairly close to it.

    I bought and really like the Griffin Formfit. (

    P.S. It sounds like a good case for you hkim1983!

    Hm, I had actually not seen this before. Does this case offer protection to the glass if it were dropped face-down? I'll keep it in mind, thanks.

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  • LarryC
    Mar 6, 02:33 PM
    There are a lot of old perceptions about diesel. I love diesel; they are inherently more efficient than gasoline engines.

    I could say something like- "there are a lot of people in the US stuck on old tech, out dated, dirty, inefficient, gas powered cars that don't last as long as diesels nor have as good as ROI as diesels" but I wouldn't want to upset anyone who owns a technically inferior vehicle so I will keep my thoughts to myself.

    As with most things :D I do have an opinion on that. I am very interested in diesel, but I am in the minority as far as that is concerned. When I mention the benefits of diesel to my friends, most of them say something like "Really, you're kidding, if they are superior in areas such as mileage then why doesn't the car companies make and sell them?" I believe the answer is because of the ridiculous emissions standards placed on the manufacturers by agencies such as the EPA. I believe that our government knows the benefits of diesel technology, but that too many powerful people are bought and paid for by giant corporations. You can call me a tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorist is you want to, but I really do think that is why many good things are being suppressed here.

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  • thereubster
    Oct 23, 10:52 AM
    Its not going to happen yet. The Chipset to support it isn't yet available (till next year)
    I'm picking Core 2 Duo (up to 2.33Ghz optional), FW800, new superdrives with DL support (or MAYBE Blu-ray option, they are available after all), New display options (higher rez), larger HD and thats it.
    What I would like to see them add is eSATA support but I bet they dont.

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 03:02 PM
    OpenCL /DirectCompute are COMPUTE tasks that are hardly anything currently supports(both of which support hardware before DX11, completely eradicating the point of even bringing that up in the first place). You do not have a better CPU. In theory and vaporware tests you could outperform Sandy Bridge by itself. But Sandy Bridge with a discrete GPU will smoke Llano with a discrete GPU any day of the week.

    I'm not talking about using a discrete GPU, but about what you can do with just the CPU (or should I call it "APU"?).

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  • evilgEEk
    Jul 18, 08:16 PM
    i wouldnt even pay a $1.99 if the resolution is the same as the current video content on iTunes... HORRID!
    I'm definitely with you there. I want to both rent and purchase movies, but if they're going to be 320x240 then forget it. I'm not paying my hard-earned cash for that.

    DVD quality and at least 5.1 surround is what I would require before I rented any movies from Apple.

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  • KirkL
    Mar 31, 06:40 AM
    Can you post a screenshot?

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  • aiqw9182
    Mar 24, 05:30 PM
    I am not trying to back pedal, I was talking about OpenCL before, I've been talking about that and graphics for a while now.

    With respect to your objection, what does DirectX 10.1 mean in OpenCL terms? 1.0? 1.1?

    All I can see about Sandy Bridge regarding OpenCL is conflicting information. As of now, it has no true OpenCL.
    The DirectX version number has nothing to do with whether or not OpenCL support is possible. What does DirectX 10.1 mean in OpenCL terms? Absolutely nothing. They are two separate entities. The reason why Intel's IGP doesn't have true OpenCL support has absolutely nothing to do with a DirectX version number. There are tons of 'DirectX 10.1' cards that support OpenCL, hell the majority of the ones that you can use on Snow Leopard are 'DirectX 10.1' cards. DirectX 11 adds absolutely nothing in the aspect of which you were using it.

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  • uv23
    Sep 5, 09:11 AM

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  • spencers
    Jan 6, 09:56 AM
    To the BMW guys, how reliable is the E46 325i?
    I have a chance to pick one up for a fairly low cost (Less than $6,000 canadian). It is pretty much mint and VERY well maintained.
    Car has a bit higher miles (~125,000 miles/ 205,000km), but I am guessing well maintained they will last quite a while?

    I really enjoyed my brothers E36, and I just got rid of my project cars so I figure this would be a nice change.

    If properly maintained, mileage holds no bounds! BMW's will go to 250k easy.

    Bimmerforums is mainly an E36 site. Bimmerfest is a better E46 resource.
    E46Fanatics is another good forum. If you can sift through all the BS posts, there's a wealth of information hiding within.

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  • Ugg
    Mar 24, 02:54 PM
    Other Animal species have bisexual relationships so it must be natural.

    Other Animal species also are involved in cannibalism and random out breaks against their own kind, so in our species we shouldn't prohibit murder either, its natural.

    Human cannibalism is well known. Lots of primitive tribes throughout history have engaged in it and it exists to this day in small circles of even "Christian" peoples. Sacrificing a son's foreskin for one's god is another practice that exists today in many human cultures. There's nothing enlightened about that, is there?

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  • zombierunner
    Apr 20, 08:38 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; sv-se) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    HDMI-in would be nice :-)

    hell yea xbox 360 on imac in 1080p ... kanex xd and similar can only do 720p atm . need 1080p target display mode support

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  • Constable Odo
    Mar 25, 04:46 PM
    I recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. And here we are. With HD output to your TV.

    Vision, people. Vision.

    Most of the naysayers believe that tilting and touch-screen gaming is for sissies. They want actual analog controllers and such. They'll never change that attitude because they what they were raised on. The younger, current group of gamers will find that tilt & touch is very natural for them so they won't be as prone to griping that the past is slowly fading away.

    I like racing games a lot and this one looks terrific. Apple needs to build a game console with two iPad2 chips in it or one quad-core ARM processor. That would make one fine low-cost system with more games than you could possibly want available. Apple would just have to work out some touch & tilt controllers for it.

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  • LastZion
    Dec 2, 10:51 AM
    If iTV has some PVR functions in it, it is going to be tough to compete with. Very exciting

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  • AidenShaw
    Oct 23, 10:57 PM
    Can someone confirm C2D is what is needed for 64-bit instructions? I thought it has be the combination of C2D and chipset to make 64-bit instructions happen. I heard the current platform for CoreDuo was not made for 64-bit.
    The current Napa64 platform (that is, Napa with Merom as the CPU) does support 64-bit instructions. It can't address more than 4 GiB of physical memory, but it can run the faster 64-bit instructions.

    Here's the download page for the x64 drivers for Dell's Latitude D620 with Core 2 Duo:

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 18, 01:46 PM
    Here are monthly stats for our team ( designed is kicking some booty! Way to go designed :eek:

    Our team stats page ( click in the columns to change the sort

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  • Hisdem
    Nov 23, 05:02 PM
    It's already in the last edition, but since it's been less than 2 hours since I bought it and I'm still VERY excited about it,

    2011 2.5L SEL Fusion. Should be here Saturday! :D

    Not my picture of course.

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  • Kaibelf
    Apr 21, 11:41 AM
    What about Apple? Why don't they go after them for tracking every little thing you do with their services. If you want to talk about a company that violates & then documents our privacy go after Apple.

    Don't be a fool.

    You sign up for that when you agree to their TOS and buy their products. I don't recall a single person signing off on having their wi-fi sniffed and recorded by Google's mapping cars. :eek:

    The Beatles
    Apr 3, 11:59 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Love this ad makes me want to buy one. only if there was stock on Australia.

    Are you kidding me. I haven't looked into it but I would bet there's nothing holding you back from investing in apple. You have a computer most likely with an Internet connection?

    Go online and trade. If you want to use an investing firm there are plenty, all you gotta do is call them or go to their site.


    All you have to do is wire them
    Your money or send them a check with the amount you want to invest plus the investment fee ($10 to $50+) and there
    you go.

    Aug 6, 10:50 PM
    Maybe I'm reading to much into this... but did anyone else notice that Apple has all of their products on that big banner except for the full-size iPod and the Xserve? Could it be that the new iPod will certainly be released then, and that its banner is hidden?

    Al Coholic
    Apr 3, 01:15 PM
    I don't think you understand how this works.

    You can't be that thick. No way. You're just being a contrarian for the sake of it. Have to be.

    It doesn't take much to get the iPad pom pom's a-wavin' around here.

    Don't get me wrong. It's a "cute" ad but that's the point of my protest. It's just insulting. Why, if this thing is capable of so much must they resort to these kinds of antics? You guys are just gullible.

    One of my patients has locked in syndrome, a condition in which he could only move his eyes. Over a year he regained use of his right hand. The iPad has given him a new lease of life - his voice, entertainment, etc. He would disagree with your idiotic statement.

    So the iPad saved him? So much for giving the medical staff their due. LOL!

    There will be other tablets eeking out iPad's market share soon enough. Don't be too quick in lobbying the Pope for Mr. Jobs' sainthood just yet.

    Nov 28, 10:04 AM
    Tits Up very zoon!

    They should of marketed it as a Video player that plays music. That way it distinguishes itself from the iPod which is a music player that plays video. Sounds crazy but in marketing terms they are two completely different things and MS could of capitalised on this a little.

    Otto J
    May 4, 01:35 AM
    PS: Why is leaving behind a text file so you can easily restore your settings a bad thing?

    Could someone please elaborate for the not-yet mac user what exactly we're talking about when bickering over left files and folders? Are we just talking about one folder with files that might be useful if you re-install the program? If so, then I would say that this is a VERY important feature to have, when you have such a simple uninstall feature as dragging to the trash. Sometimes you do things by mistake, and yes, sometimes you don't realize your mistake until 5 seconds after you emptied the bin. Isn't this app-cleaner stuff just about not having the "hassle" of finding that folder and manually deleting it? Like others, I don't see how Windows is better in this regard, in any way. Lots of windows programs leave folders after uninstall, that you need to remove manually. The fact that windows, to my knowledge, _don't have_ an "app zapper" - simply because installs are too varied and complicated for such a program to work - tells me that the Mac way is better. It's not about Windows not needing such a program, it's about Windows being poorly programmed so that such a program wouldn't actually work very well.

    I DO want a Windows "app zapper", that makes sure that I can install and uninstall a program, and then return my system to the exact same state as before. (Well, basically, I guess I want a Mac... :rolleyes:)