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  • MattG
    Nov 28, 12:05 PM

    Suck it, Microsoft :cool:

    Do you have anything to support that MS lost billions on the xbox, I heard it was more like they broke even...

    I watched a television show on the history of video games a couple of weeks ago. I forget what channel it was on...History or Discovery or something like that, but I specifically remember them saying that Microsoft lost a lot of money on the xbox, but that they didn't care...they just wanted to get their foot in the door.

    I think it was this show:

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 30, 08:41 AM
    Those speeds line up exactly with the T5000 series of Merom.And Yonah:
    Intel T2400 Core Duo Yonah 1.83GHz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2400
    Intel T2300 Core Duo Yonah 1.66Ghz 667MHz 2MB, Retail, BX80539T2300

    Looks like the CPU speeds match onto Yonah parts too :rolleyes:That's why I'm thinking Apple is going to use indentical 32-bit Yonah speeds short term until Intel can keep up with Apple's Merom needs at a reduced price for the stop-gap short-term Yonah supplies. I'm thinking Intel will get caught up by November when Apple will quietly switch the mini assembly lines to Meroms. Almost a stealth switch except the packaging and docs will brag C2D on them.

    This makes a lot of sense and adds immediate value to the mini line while Apple can't yet receive enough Merom processors to fulfill their short term needs while Intel is cranking up production. I think losing the single core mini is a huge big deal. Anyone who thinks they don't need two cores just doesn't have experience with that setup.

    I think everyone here who is still on a single processor really can't understand why multi-core processing is so important because they don't know what it feels like. If they did, they would be on two or four already. Even the old Dual G4's are a huge advantage over the solos. :)

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  • Lyle
    Mar 21, 09:23 AM
    As seen on Twitter:
    Obama has now fired more Tomahawk cruise missiles than all other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined.

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  • thefunkymunky
    Aug 7, 08:12 AM
    Man, thats not enough.... we need dual Nvidia mobile GPUs with SLI...just like Alienware has! (Each with 512MB, for a total of 1GB video ram!)

    Imagine trying to keep those puppies cool.

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  • guez
    Sep 7, 03:37 PM
    Actually the move to Intel has opened Apple to fast depreciation - and that isnt going away.

    Many here seem to 'bitch' that Mac is now in competition with the PC in the hardware stakes and sadly that damages your resale value however the benefits are immense, I am sure Apple will be able to secure lower unit costs aswell as faster processors and newer technology. Its great for apple and for us buying, just bad if you sell hardware before it looses all value completely. It also means we will see these refreshes more often and so we will be buying more up to date hardware which as a PC user is great...

    This raises an interesting question. I'm not so much interested in depreciation as obsolescence. My experience has been that if you buy the right Mac (this is key), it can last 4 years, or more, and system updates/upgrades will not seriously degrade performance (sometimes there can even be an improvement, as with Panther). This is NOT my experience with Wintel. Is this going to change with Intel? Perhaps the readership of this blog does not fall in this category, but Macs have historically appealed to those who want to spend a little more money for more value (including a longer useful life)-the same people who drive a Honda Civic into the ground rather than buying a Chevy Malibu every three years (sorry, I couldn't think of another example).

    Are we entering the age of the Walmart-ifation of Macs: less value, but cheaper?

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 21, 06:06 PM
    So somebody sues you for (insert nefarious activity of your choice) and you deny it saying you were nowhere near Location-X at the time. Then, under rules of disclosure, they subpeona your iPhone/iPad/MBP/TC to obtain your data. The data shows you were at least in the vicinity of Location-X and so had the opportunity to perform (aforesaid nefarious activity). They win their case and you are required to pay $250K in damages, not to mention the $50K you already spent in legal fees. Did you do it? Maybe not... but it doesn't matter, they won and you lost.

    If the lawyer that you spent $50K on is too stupid to ask a simple question: What evidence, other than guesswork, is there that locations in this file are in any way related to positions where the phone has been?

    On the other hand, what you describe here is not a scenario where you are damaged by some privacy violation, it is a scenario where you are damaged by the existence of forensic evidence that can be used against you. That's a completely different matter. Would you complain if your car was photographed by a speeding camera near that location? What if your car was photographed by a speeding camera that was setup incorrectly to the wrong speed limit?

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  • louiek
    Apr 21, 07:15 PM
    has anyone actually used the app in question? The data is so wildly inaccurate as to make it pointless. Even recompiling it with a 1000 times more accuracy has me placed in locations I haven't been to since I go an iPhone. So the question is not one of data, per se, but data accuracy: law enforcement have known about this for ages. If my iPhone says I was near a scene of crime, but I disagree, I bet I know which side the police would go with. That is the trouble with this data.

    How did you do this? I'd like to map our recent holiday to France and all the tiny little towns we passed through but who's names I didn't document.

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  • vvebster
    Nov 23, 10:58 PM
    ROFL, tell me about it :D

    Psht. I can get that up here for free.

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  • jgould
    Feb 27, 09:52 PM
    Looks like you do a fair bit of typing on that thing!
    My old one started looking like that but then Apple replaced it with a new one. I bought a keyboard cover. Not because I hate shiny keys, but because hair and stuff was falling in the keys.

    My keyboard on my White 2006 MacBook would get like that, and then the top case would crack and would be replaced. It didn't stay like that for long...

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  • Photics
    Mar 25, 06:08 PM
    This is cool to look at, but it's just a workaround for what should be happening... the Apple TV should run apps / play games. It's an iOS device. There's no need to get crazy with wires hanging off the side of an iPad.

    While I like seeing developers getting creative like this, I don't consider this mainstream gaming. An iPad 2 is $500. A PlayStation 3 is much cheaper.

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  • leekohler
    Mar 23, 04:19 PM
    No, I fully support that.

    I am simply disappointed that they pander to special interests. Just one of many reasons I voted with my wallet and bought a droid.

    It sounds to me like they made a business decision. Lots of companies respond this way when the public makes it's opinion known.

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  • x86isslow
    Nov 29, 02:11 PM
    Originally Posted by longofest View Post
    Actually, I was thinking they were working on a car
    oh hell yeah, the iCar? Couldn't be iDrive - that's already a BMW thing

    Apple to design a car?

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  • Chundles
    Oct 23, 08:16 AM
    Don't you end up spending so much money on tax when you enter the UK again that it isn't really worth it?

    Not if you open it, load some stuff onto it and take it through customs in your carry-on. Get rid of the box and nobody can say that you didn't buy it in the UK and are just coming home.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 9, 02:46 PM
    Interesting thoughts iGav. The sum total of your criticisms seems to me to indicate that automakers are much more conventional these days (at least when it comes to packaging), making innovation much more difficult. Part of this situation is undoubtedly due to the fact that there are a lot more laws governing the design of cars these days. In the days of the mini, (or DS, or the Traction Avant, or even further back the Model T) there was perhaps less conventional wisdom than there is now - resulting in a proliferation of vastly different designs in terms of overal packaging. Apparently it's up to the Indians to get creative with their Tata Nano.

    These days, only the FF layout is considered suitable for an economy car. Everything else is rocking the boat. Perhaps, as with Horatio Nelson's tactics, an innovation eventually becomes hidebound tradition and stifles subesquent development?

    As for the Korean flavor of the new Chevy, it may be dull by European standards but we love Hondas over here so tastes are different. Also, anyone who has ever driven a US-market Chevy Cavalier looks in wonder at the level of quality that the Korean cars bring to the party. The Koreans not only sneaked up on the Big Three, they also sneaked up on the Japanese and even some of the Europeans.

    And that still makes me wonder what the hell Ford was doing by not building and selling their much better Euro-Fords here in the states. They completely missed the boat on that one - and are arguably still doing so by limiting our engine choices on the Focus and Fiesta and thus reducing the overall economy of the vehicle lineup.

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  • Jbook
    Jul 13, 11:39 PM
    Maybe if there was more media available in blue-ray format, I would be more excited. Anyways, blue-ray player or not, the Mac Pro is gonna be a beast.

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  • Abstract
    Nov 27, 04:19 AM
    After being here for 3 years, Surely he's not a troll. ;)

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  • Westside guy
    Oct 23, 08:40 AM
    Okay, calm down, I have the real dirt here.

    What's really happening is MacRumors has a 4000 post limit on its threads; it's known about this bug for a while yet hasn't dealt with it. The old C2D MBP thread is almost at 3700 posts now, and Arn is starting to panic... so he's hoping this will resolve the problem.

    I kid, I kid... :D

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  • DoFoT9
    Mar 21, 04:17 PM
    I guess I'm number 1 on the team now :cool:

    your electricity bill must be outrageous!

    what do you do?

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  • strabes
    Mar 22, 05:35 PM
    a bulk mobile storage capable of pushing audio/video out to Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, etc.

    Your computer can do this right now with AirPlay.

    Apr 2, 08:48 PM
    from someone who hates the new Iphone (a smug listing of features that most top smartphones have, I love this

    Jan 30, 11:22 AM
    Congrats for 5 mio! Our output has dropped a bit, we need to find some bigadv crunchers. Our SMP crunchers are going to take a hit up to 30% also...

    thanks! yes it has, and mine has dropped also. i'm not sure how much i'll be able to put out in the next few months either.

    Feb 19, 10:09 PM
    Still the same
    2.4ghz 15" MBP Late '08
    iPhone 4 16GB

    Mar 25, 12:12 PM
    congrats to 4JNA for 6 million points!

    Jul 14, 03:41 AM
    Wireless "N"? psh, I'm still using "B".

    It would be nice - in theory - to have a hyper-fast wireless connection; however, what does it matter if my outside line stays at 2M/512k speed? The B-spec is perfectly fine for quite some time.