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  • stcanard
    Nov 30, 10:54 AM
    Microsoft owns nothing of Apple, just to make that clear, and of course they don't Apple to succeed... they want it to sink. :)

    The fact that M$ owns a portion of Apple is a myth, not true.

    There was a time that MS held some Apple stock, that's where it started (I think it was with the second coming of Jobs). They got rid of it some time ago, but that part wasn't as highly advertised.

    But MS doesn't want Apple to sink -- they want Apple to remain as a niche player, so they maintain a defence against monopoly claims

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  • know-it-all5
    Jul 18, 10:18 AM
    I'm sufficiently excited. Here's hoping for higher quality (than the current TV shows).

    if there will be a true video ipod coming out in the nearer future apple is forced to offer better quality. Bigger screen=Better Quality

    Apple offers these shows etc. for the ipod (the availability to use these on our computer is a freebie) thus the current quality is fine for the current ipod's screen.

    I have a feeling any new videos being added to the store around the new ipod release will also likely be widescreen. This will be needed!!!

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  • alexpaul
    Mar 23, 05:11 AM
    Of course! No need to do this. Apple can try something innovative on the existing iPod classic like adding bluetooth etc. That would be pretty handy :)

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  • Takuro
    Apr 3, 10:11 AM
    If you scroll up over the icon of a closed app in the dock you see thumbnails of those recent files. Pretty cool.

    That's pretty cool. It's almost like an easter egg though in the sense that it's somewhat unintuitive. I think it might be better if that popup opens when a user clicks and holds down a dock icon, like Expose had done in Snow Leopard. There seems to be some inconsistencies in how this feature works between programs at the moment, with most displaying nothing if they aren't file editors (e.g.:

    Since this is considered a sort of "bonus feature" and something that developers don't necessarily rely upon to make their apps, we might not see this feature fully matured until it's demoed at WWDC. For comparison, stacks and coverflow weren't even present in developer previews of Leopard because they aren't considered crucial for app developers. Therefore, this scrolling feature in Lion, a well as mission control and a handful of other features, might see a change in functionality and rapid maturation at the WWDC.

    What does the iOS scrollbar look like on pages with a black background?

    The scrollbar stays a constant black regardless of content. It's a black semi-transparent overlay, and ontop of black backgrounds, you can just barely make out the hint of its outline (since it isn't quite solid black.)

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 23, 07:16 PM
    I think that one thing a lot of people have missed is a very palatable shift in how anti-gay groups are viewed after the passage of Prop 8. No longer is using your religious beliefs to deny civil rights to gays and lesbians seen as acceptable, it's now joined the ranks of racism and many hate groups who rightfully are not given an elevated place in a civilized society. Prop 8 has been called Stonewall 2.0, but I think it is more like the first Stonewall for those outside of the gay community. It woke a lot of people up to how the GLBT community is treated by an oppressive majority (in the last year they are no longer the majority, a tipping point has been reached and hopefully there is no turning back).

    Good point. The "Straight Stonewall."

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  • ipodG8TR
    Aug 16, 12:38 PM
    And why not offer clips from Sirius shows, namely Stern, as downloads from iTunes? Apple already allows explicit content (think every Hip Hop song), so there shouldn't be a problem.

    Song paradies and other clips would sell like hotcakes for .99!

    Stern isn't for everyone, but millions of fans would bring some serious attention and cash to Apple.

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  • DamnItsHot
    Apr 21, 05:06 PM
    I think it is interesting that he says the data is easily accessible by "criminals and bad actors". As a politician he has a high probability of fitting in the criminal category and so far as his so called acting goes he definitely fits that category. Could he have been looking in the mirror when he spewed this garbage?

    Couldn't make it as an actor so he went into a lower tier - politics. ;)

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 31, 01:41 PM
    Probably the most idiotic analysis of WW2 I have ever read. I await with interest to hear where and when the Germans invaded.

    Yeah, you're right. The UK had their entire coast surrounded by radars because they wanted to predict incomming hurricanes in some historically massive secret weather program.

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  • BC2009
    Oct 25, 06:08 AM
    Sorry, but EVERYTHING is politics. You cannot discuss economics and manufacturing without bumping into it.

    I respectfully disagree. Politics to me is a bunch of idiots trying to sway my opinion with unbelievable arguments so they can garner my vote and maintain their little sphere of influence in government. Politics effects everything, but political arguments are generally a poor characterization of reality. In politics these days everything is demonized. People are polarized on one end of the extreme or the other. The day of bi-partisan compromise seems to be over.

    Hence, I'd prefer it if folks saved their political debates for the threads in the political forum. I read this mostly to escape that garbage (i.e.: the unreasonably demonization of the half the population because of how they might feel about some social issue).

    I have my own political views, and likely we agree on many things, we could rant forever on this forum -- but that's not what this forum is for and I'd hate for it to deteriorate into yet another place for such debates.

    EDIT: Your remarks on my feelings on Communism are not correct. I feel very differently than you stated. But this is not the place to discuss that further. I doubt anybody who comes here cares.

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  • Father Jack
    Jan 12, 04:27 AM
    Maybe Apple's poster actually says more but we can't see the bottom?

    Something like: "There's something in the air... blow it out your ass Microsoft" :p
    Now that would be cool .. :cool:

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  • freebooter
    Oct 23, 11:27 AM
    New MacBook Pro's and video iPods for some, abortions and miniature American flags for others

    Ha Hah Haah!! Classic! Truly the best bit of poetry I've read on any thread.

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  • Sailorloco
    Nov 24, 08:48 AM
    Crystal Head Vodka for turkey day.

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  • rk1991
    Nov 28, 12:08 PM
    Just got back from Mexico and during my time there had a run in with the local police. This is common as hire cars have different colour number plates so the police can easily pick you out of a crowd. Apparently we were 'speeding'. It's all fun and games though. I got the fine down from about $400 US to 1000 pesos. We were warned this would happen when we arrived and should just look at it as an extra 'toll'. I could have probably got it down lower but it was hot and we had a long way to go still.

    At the end of the negotiation you get a form to sign with how much you paid and then you have to sign your name. The document is cleary made in something like Word and it's in no way official....I signed it Ben T Copper! :p

    Corruption FTW!

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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 22, 04:58 PM
    I guess I'm glad about this news.

    However, I don't know anybody who has bought an iPod in the past couple of years.

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  • appleguru1
    Sep 14, 10:05 AM iPhone 4 still gets the best reception of any phone I've ever owned, regardless of how I hold it or whether or not it has a case on it...

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  • PBF
    Mar 30, 10:33 PM
    Are you able to download System Voices in DP2?

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  • popelife
    Jan 2, 05:37 AM
    I think we'll see... update to FCP because it is time

    Something might be happening there. My order for a custom-build MBP and FCP Universal upgrade is taking a month... not because building the MBP is taking so long (3 days to put it together), but because the FCP upgrade is delayed.

    How long can it take to get a small box of DVDs off a shelf? Hmm...

    (OTOH, if there's a big FCP update, I'm sure I wouldn't get it for the ?35 I paid).

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  • deathstar
    Jan 12, 08:55 AM
    There has got to be some information that is missing.

    yes, why "air" and not "light" or "lite"?

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  • JoEw
    Jun 22, 05:20 PM
    Touch interfaces don't NECESSARILY mean touchscreen interfaces.

    The Magic Trackpad ? ? would allow for multi-touch on desktops, enabling many iOS applications to be used on a desktop computer (and obviously laptops could do the same thing with their trackpads).

    Touch input in a desktop environment could be useful for manipulating or selecting MULTIPLE buttons/sliders/whatever at the same time ? which you can't do with a mouse.

    There are lots of ways this could be useful.

    but a replacement of keyboard and mice don't think so...

    Jan 12, 12:57 AM
    Try this...

    Jobs described the Apple TV as his 'hobby' - Not a clever choice of words at the time the analysts thought...

    Now take the outgoing Mac Mini, repackage and upgrade, dice it up with the Airport Extreme (with built in bb modem this time - please), add a little Apple TV '2', leave on gas mark 7 for 2 hours...

    Total over the 'air' internal network with media storage and streaming capability and it's time to enter the full-on home multimedia market. Plus as a little bonus, movie and tv show rentals - watchable on your mac, itouch, iphone etc...

    Actually, what the hell... They make Back to my Mac actually work and let you watch them on the road too ;-)

    Apr 13, 12:52 AM
    All I need to know is if AJA will be supporting it.

    If the answer is ?yes,? then the whiny ?pros? in this thread can shut up and get used to the new interface?it?s still just as pro as before.

    SUPER excited about this. Can?t wait to see the rest of the suite. I?m doing a ton of hardware upgrades at my office now (new edit suites). Wish I could wait until the new FCS was out, but for now I?ll just eagerly await the day I can unleash all 12 cores of my incoming Mac Pros on some video game trailers. :D

    Aug 7, 05:18 AM
    Aussie waiters must earn a fortune. My sister in law worked as a waitress in the USA and earned over US$1000 per weekend in wages and tips. So what's it like in Oz?

    We don't get tips. The comparison was between minimum wage in Alberta, Canada and regular award wages in NSW (same as minimum wage).

    NSW minimum wage for class 3 waiter at age 23: $17ph mon-fri, $20ph sat, $24ph sun.

    Alberta minimum wage ~5.90ph regardless of day, level and age.

    Mind you this was back in both wages have gone up since.

    I earnt over $5000 in about 3 months working 5 nights a week for a max of about 5 hours per shift.

    Oct 23, 08:07 PM
    You do know that you'll be getting a US-formatted keyboard and AC adapter, yes?

    What is precisely the difference in keyboard formatting?

    Nov 29, 02:21 PM
    Apple to design a car?

    Bobby Rahal will do the devolpment driving for the new "apple turbo". ;)

    I've been trying to find a model of that thing for years.