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selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Justin Bieber y Selena G�mez
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  • glennsan
    Aug 24, 06:38 PM
    Maybe dual optical drives like the Mac pro. This is getting standard on Macs obviously.


    The only Mac that currently has the dual optical drive is the Mac Pro. I would not think that the iMac and Mini would get a dual as well. But I will admit that stranger things have happened.

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Justin Bieber y Selena Gomez
  • Justin Bieber y Selena Gomez

  • Dont Hurt Me
    Aug 29, 04:37 PM
    We've all been crying for a new cube since the mini came out... is the mini an awesome machine? Absolutely, I love mine. But there is a market for a headless iMac/Cube/MacPro mini... people like me. I don't need a quad core computer. I don't need 16gb of RAM. I don't need 4 harddrive bays, or even two optical drive slots.

    I do want a fast CPU, an upgradable GPU, a couple of full size HDDs and a full size optical drive. I also want something quiet, relatively affordable (something a bit less than an iMac would be idea), and stylish.

    I don't think that Apple would lose Mac Pro sales to something like this - they might lose iMac sales but if the margins are the same for them who cares, and any loss of mini sales would be upsells, so it'd be a good thing.

    I think a lot PC types, especially gamers, would be interested, bringing in new markets... None of my gamer friends would be satisfied by an iMac, but neither would they shell out $2-3k for a Mac Pro.

    Let's see, the mini is 6.5x6.5x2 inches, would anyone even notice if it went to 8.5x8.5x4? Even better would be 8x8x8, just for the cube dimensions, done in iPod white (or black), would look stellar on a desktop. Core 2 Duo 1.83ghz, 4 RAM slots for an 8gb max with 512mb installed stock, 1 16x PCIe w/ 7300GT base (BTO options), 1 PCI slot, 2 3.5" drive bays w/ 160gb standard, 1 5.25" bay w/ SD, AE, BT2, 6 USB2 (4 back, 2 front), 1 FW 400, 1 eSATA (in place of FW800)... $999 anyone? BTO options for slower/fast CPUs and GPUs, more RAM, bigger HDD and a $200 TV tuner/video encoder breakout box... :DThat is the machine that Apple needs, at the moment its still the marketeers at Apple who seem to rule their product offerings with mini vs All in one vs workstation..

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  • protox
    Apr 19, 11:38 AM
    Just in time. My wife's desktop PC is on it's last leg. Lasted a good 5 years and now due for an upgrade to an iMac. When does the back to school promotion normally start?

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 5, 08:24 PM
    Congrats, keep the bigadv coming!

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  • aafuss1
    Aug 29, 06:34 PM
    No Blu-Ray, as slot load would not be able to have enough cooling-leave it for next Mac Pro.

    Combo drive disappears, and is now EDU only. All retail now have DVD burning as standard-like on the iMac. Core Duo on all 2 configs. Perhaps a air-cooled GPU with dedicated RAM for the best modfel.

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  • Edge100
    Jan 2, 09:42 AM
    Sorry if someone else has mentioned this already, but I also expect Apple to announce (if not release) a new version of Logic, either at MWSF or at NAMM, which starts about a week later.

    The latter is more likely, since its a music industry event, but one way or another, Logic is due for an upgrade. Seriously!

    Perhaps not of interest to everyone, but important for the musicians here...

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. selena gomez y justin bieber
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  • Weaselboy
    Mar 31, 10:18 AM
    Can someone post screenshots of iCal. Thanks.

    There is one in post #33 ( of this thread.

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Selena G�mez y Justin Bieber
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  • kiljoy616
    Mar 26, 01:43 AM
    That just blows my mind!:)

    That is one impressive tablet so much power and so thing. That would mean that the camera makes even less sense now considering the gpu and cpu capacity.

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Justin Bieber y Selena G�mez,
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  • PBF
    Apr 2, 09:30 AM
    edit: isn't there a way to show the left hdd space at the bottom of the finder like on snow leopard? i hate clicking on info all the time to see how much space i got left
    command + forward slash ;)

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  • bketchum
    Sep 1, 02:07 PM
    What is this chin on the iMac that everybody is talking about?

    The large space (chunk) below the screen.

    In Canada we call it the Mulroney.

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  • x86isslow
    Nov 29, 02:11 PM
    Originally Posted by longofest View Post
    Actually, I was thinking they were working on a car
    oh hell yeah, the iCar? Couldn't be iDrive - that's already a BMW thing

    Apple to design a car?

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  • kuwisdelu
    Apr 12, 09:47 PM
    Well I really can't judge it until I'm actually able to touch and use it myself, but from the looks, they've gone consumer.

    Not judging from the crowd's reaction :eek:

    There's no video, but from the audio, these pros sound like kids in a candy store.

    ETA: These reactions really make me wish there were a video feed!

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 26, 02:25 PM
    This debate made me think of this. Now that I've thought about it more this is actually really interesting. Reminds me of Kleenex, or Xerox.

    This has nothing to do with the current case.

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  • MacRumors
    Aug 29, 08:52 AM (

    Think Secret claims ( to have information on the rumored revision ( to the Mac Mini. According to the site, Apple will replace the existing Core Solo model with the existing 1.66 GHz Core Duo model, and add a 1.83 GHz Core Duo model, effectively eliminating all single-core CPUs from Apple's computer product line.

    The new systems are said to be "ready for production." Think Secret believes the models will be introduced in a few weeks time with little fanfare, although not totally under the radar like the last Mac Mini update (

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Selena Gomez y Justin Bieber
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  • SeattleMoose
    Apr 19, 02:37 PM

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Selena Gomez y Justin Bieber
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  • nvbrit
    Mar 25, 04:24 PM
    what's very cool about this, is this is not video mirroring, this is dual displays with different stuff happening on each display... something that was never mentioned as being possible in the keynote or anywhere on; so it's great to see that it IS possible!

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Selena G�mez y Justin Bieber
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  • chillywilly
    Sep 6, 05:03 PM
    There's a good reason apple didn't go Core2 on the would make it too close to the new minitower they'll be announcing soon!
    Mac Pro mini anyone? That would be kind of cool. I'm sure someone will photoshop up a pic soon.

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  • BC2009
    May 2, 05:02 PM
    this is a very smart play if they are thinking that iPad and iPhone halo-effect is going to drive users to Mac OS X. this will give a smoother transition.

    those who have a background in Mac OS X are going to feel a bit unnerved by it, but I should have the technical expertise to figure it out.

    however, i see no reason why tapping and holding a non-MAS app and then tapping the X should not just simulate the whole "drag to trash" functionality of today. it would look stupid if some of my apps deleted this way and others did not.

    also, what I do like about this is that apple can ensure that novice users don't delete the stuff they need by simply NOT placing a little "X" on the jiggly icon (like they do on iOS). this way there is not an attempt to delete followed by a warning that they cannot delete it -- instead they just never get the opportunity to try.

    selena gomez y justin bieber en el caribe. Justin Bieber y Selena Gomez,
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  • hellomoto4
    Mar 30, 09:43 PM

    Before, the menubar would slide down and cover the toolbar.

    Wahoo. Thank god they fixed this, I thought the DP1 behaviour was horrible (and very un-Apple-like)

    Downloading DP2 now. Will post any significant changes as well.

    Jan 11, 09:32 PM
    This Air theme is very plausible. We have AirPort, AirTunes etc. Now we will have more products that will come together via AirPort. Any new products will now have the Air connections. This could be a combination of 802.11x or Bluetooth protocols depending on the level of connectivity required. iPods, iPhones and eventually MacBooks and Macs and even monitors will have no physical connections. We probably won't see this in the laptops or desktops until 802.11 gets up towards USB2.0 speeds. However iPhones and iPods can go without dock connectors sooner as we only sync smaller amounts of data. The size of these devices can then continue to get smaller and look better without the connector which is looking too big on iPod nanos.

    So I think something in the air could be this new direction towards complete wirelessness in Apple products. We may see the sub notebook or tablet be the first to have very limited or no non-wireless connectivity. You may need to have an AirPort to sync and transfer data from your desktop.

    The idea of a new "DuoDock" with an iMac form factor does appeal to me, but I think what we will see is that the new sub or tablet can sit beside your Desktop or remain in its pouch on a shelf and still sync and be ready with all the data you need for when you next hit the road. No need to plug anything in.

    Oct 23, 08:30 AM
    Of course, we all know exactly what this rumor really means.

    It means, simply, that the "Full Laptop Refresh By Holidays?" thread will stop short of 4000.

    Nov 29, 01:33 PM (

    After a recent meeting with top Apple executives, Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff believes that Apple's iTV will go beyond simply streaming video ( (reported by AppleInsider).

    "Though details remain sketchy, Apple emphasized [the] focus of iTV [is] to improve user experience by leveraging its software expertise and implied that there may be features beyond the mere streaming of video content," the analyst wrote.

    The iTV is already known to be able to stream music and photos as well, and the possibility of Apple including an internal hard drive in the iTV has already been raised (, but the analyst also believes the iTV will have advanced user interface software to further the ultimate goal of improving user experience and simplifying consumers' use of content.

    Apple also reportedly (and not surprisingly) has a number of products currently in development that are likely to be introduced over several years. During Apple's September "It's Showtime (" event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated ( that Apple was now "in your den... in your living room... in your car... in your pocket", and hinted that that theme gave a "little idea of where [Apple] is going."

    Apr 12, 10:28 PM
    Wow, looks like the rumours WERE true after all! Apple killed the Pro of Final Cut Pro. That guy who turned the much admired iMovie into garbage has done it again. All they had to do was rewrite the engine with 64 bit support, had proper file handling, rendering titling tools amongst other necessary pro features and keep the same F*&$#@*&& interface as pro users of ANY pro software don't want to re-learn an interface for no reason! It takes YEARS before you really know a software under the hood.

    We'll now see FCPx turn into a hit with amateurs and will be completely abandoned by pro users who will all return to avid.

    Yawn...'cause if it ain't kludgy, it ain't pro.

    Apr 19, 09:36 PM
    This would be nice:

    1) Sandy Bridge of course
    2) Decent graphics
    3) Large hard drive plus option for laptop size SSD port easily accessible via a door on the bottom of the iMac. Having a SSD build option is nice but this way you also can easily upgrade RAM and SSD easily as time goes on. That way you can have a TB hard drive as a base and then add more storage as desired and as the price drops.

    Bottom line is that the new iMac would be killer fast and user upgradable for great value.