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  • harley3k
    Apr 14, 02:44 PM
    Ok, I'll play along.

    It's a BEATLES branded iPAD (like the U2 Branded iPod from years ago).

    Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9


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  • celebrian23
    Jul 25, 11:23 PM
    I just want to know the price
    I"m sure these can be built but can the average teen afford one?

    Consider the current ipod is $400. This is looking like it could be quite expensive. I just don't see it selling for less than half a grand


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  • CalBoy
    Apr 14, 12:27 AM
    I wonder if anyone has been waiting on getting a iPhone 4 because white hasn't been released yet. Well 10 months later here you go.

    I originally waited for the white version (back when it was only delayed until "late summer".) but once September rolled around, I just decided to wait until the 5 came out. With the rumors of the 5 being delayed until fall, I might have to seriously consider some backup plans. I'd prefer to stick with an iPhone, but the 3GS is getting long in the tooth and I will not sign a contract for outdated hardware.


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  • CorvusCamenarum
    May 1, 10:27 PM
    Are you sure it wasn't UK forces who eliminated him? Either way, you gotta say "he was killed by allied forces".

    So who gets the bounty? IIRC there was a $25 million price on his head.


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  • cleanup
    Sep 13, 06:17 PM
    The trick is to go early for dinner.

    If it's too lined up, Fionn McCool's next door is fun.

    McCool's was always equally as packed (though not quite the lineup) as Bier Garden. We'll try going early for dinner, but I heard the food wasn't all that great. For me, it would be a nice dinner at The Boiler House in the distillery, then a few pints at The Bier Garden. It's too bad the weather's getting colder!

    hubba hubba. i guess? hahaha

    3 month supply set me back $70 with copay. $370 with no insurance!! :eek: Boys are lucky.

    LOL. Is that attached picture for me? I'm actually stumped. Looks like estrogen or progesterone, but I'm not sure which. Also it's in its enol form? God, orgo was so long ago. Please correct me if I'm wrong. You're the one who should know all these structures. I'm the idiot who just studies what they do. :p


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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 12, 09:30 AM
    Oh I forgot...yes...the "Specs" argument. My bad. AND the Closed vs. Open debate. Yes...that too. It's so open that I can't upgrade to the latest Android version, because it's not available for carrier XYZ. But that's not Android's fault, or the Phone's fault. You can root it though. That's awesome...root it, then download the newest launcher, then reset it, and do this, and do that. Then when that's all done, it's no better than it was when I started. But hey, my icons are Green! Cool...

    Also, Apple is Evil and you are living in Steve Job's RTF.

    and... and... 4G.

    and... widgets.


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  • eRondeau
    Jan 25, 10:50 PM
    The people who own AAPL stock are not like you and me. I'd be shocked if they've even heard of Macworld. They don't use or own Apple computers, they just automatically buy whatever hot stock happens to have gone up this week. When it starts going down, they sell off. Tech stocks are especially prone to this kind of short-sighted selling. It's cold in New York, investors are selling in order to go on vacation. Simiple as that.


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  • puckhead193
    Nov 1, 01:38 PM
    I've also come to the conclusion that I *want* a D7000 to replace my extremely old, 6 month old D90 :D


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  • chrono1081
    Sep 12, 07:59 PM
    I bought this, a 16 gig. I paid two day shipping and it should have been here friday but it looks like I won't get it until Mon or Tues :( So much for two day shipping :(


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  • JosiahPB
    Jul 18, 12:04 PM
    I think cement and gravity are more of a killer to an iPod than a Microsoft product will ever be.


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  • Buschmaster
    Apr 23, 06:29 PM
    Is it possible that they would make a phone that would cover both AT&T's and T-Mobile's bands? AT&T could really combat the coverage problems they've had on the west coast with that, correct?


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  • GeekLawyer
    Apr 21, 10:42 PM
    Desperate move is desperate.


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  • mr.steevo
    Apr 28, 04:41 PM
    I have both the white and black 32gb iPhone 4's next to me now. How anyone can say one feels immediately thicker than the other is beyond me lol.

    That's what I thought.


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  • Moyank24
    Apr 25, 10:56 PM

    Thanks! You are now my favorite God.


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  • Mord
    Apr 27, 11:44 AM
    I get the feeling that the person taking the video isn't an employee

    He was, though isn't anymore.


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  • bloodycape
    Jul 12, 03:02 AM
    In Japan and Korea iRiver currently has one or two mp3/pmp wi-max players which is doing decent for what it is. But the wi-Max is only for multiplayer games it offers, plus all those odd things the have available there wi-max can use.


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  • bloodycape
    Jul 12, 02:16 PM
    1. HELLO, the current ones are old already, they are bound to have better batteries. Its been a year. a year ago that was the best apple could do. Its not the best anymore.

    2. If this is a VIDEO IPOD... 2hrs-3hrs of battery life for videos, sure as hell wont cut it. the current ipod makes video as more of a cool feature as opposed to MAIN feature. music was most important.

    I see what you are saying however there were PMP's that came out the same time as the 5G iPod that gets 5 hours out of video from a removable battery with a 4in screen. When the iPod color came it had the same battery life as the monochrome ipod. So if history is a good indication of the past then the next ipod will have similar specs out of a larger screen machine? But I could be wrong.
    I think for Apple to be competitive in the pmp market against the best currently out now they need to do a few thing. The main thing this is have a player that gets 5 hours or more of video with 25hours of audio. Then they need to have video recording if they want to compete with the likes of the Cowon A2, and Archos AV500 series. And then there is the open source Digital Cube V43 with its touch screen and linux/unix based.


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  • MrCrowbar
    Jul 24, 08:44 PM
    Sounds cool to me. I guess all those people worried about fungerprints on the potencially touch screen iPod are psyched about this. So it is a touchscrenn you don't actually touch? This could really work out if done right. I wonder if you can still control your iPod in your pocked without having to look at it though... the iPod remote will come in handy if not :)


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  • Chef Medeski
    Oct 18, 05:18 PM
    That nothing.
    I made 600 million profit selling lemonade on my street just last week.
    Thats a whole lot of lemons and suger.... unless u used too much water!!!!!:eek:



    Sep 13, 05:53 PM
    This shipped today, 3 weeks for International Shipping though. Ouch

    Damn that design is awesome.

    Mar 31, 11:44 AM
    Awesome! Yet ANOTHER interface style.

    Hey Apple at this point, why not just give new cutesy styles to every built in app and every iWork and iLife app?


    Apr 28, 11:19 AM
    Why do you keep comparing a single phone model to an entire platform used on 20 some devices?

    Oh... that's right... it's all you can hang your hat on. Sorry... let's talk pummeled or badly beaten when any single Android phone outsells the iPhone.

    FULL OF........ probably has 3 iphones and is waiting for ip5 to belittle it
    as ip4. For those who do not know:

    He is an Apple and MR addict and has this forum on auto refresh and stored
    paste phrases.

    APPLE IS (A)
    going down,
    badly beaten,
    weak on specs,
    losing the battle

    You can insert that as you like or add.

    110 MILLION plus iphones sold and still selling strong (instead of buy one get one FREE) says it all .

    Apr 26, 01:25 PM
    i'm following the thread....the guy pays for 2TB drives to store his music on. music that he probably never paid for considering he has 2TB worth. your point?

    A little harsh here - you don't know if he payed for the music or not and it might also contain movies and other stuff. I know many people that collect lots of music CD's and movie DVDs over the many moons they are on the planet and ripping that in high quality needs lots of storage. Many people try to rip at highest quality possible and that is expensive storage wise. Just don't assume it's is stolen - might be, but you and I don't know.

    Why do people get so angry about the hypothetical details of a rumoured service?

    Because many people get angry about just anything that Apple does ... so I'm not sure why they go to a MacRumor site which is apple biased - but that might be just a way for them to vent off their frustration with life.

    Apr 29, 04:50 PM
    I saw and got my hands on a possible prototype IMac that had a touchable screen and a smug free screen. It also had the earlier uncoded virtual keyboard in the Lion OS. though it was only a prototype but a very realistic one for production. I believe it to be the IMac I and my father both got our hands on earlier this year.:apple:

    The rumor that was release about lion and possible indications of buttons on applications giving my claim more truth.:D two points!:apple: