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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 26, 09:55 AM
    No iPhone for me neither. But really, unless it was out-of-the-park good, there was no change I get one anyway.

    Is anyone else getting a bit tired of all this apple branding outside of the computer space? I mean, a phone? Why o why SJ? :confused:

    Okay, more Apple products out there means more brand recognition. More brand recognition means more people will be willing to check out Apple's hardware offerings. Got it?

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  • newamiga
    Sep 5, 10:27 PM
    Just saw this on Engadget .. coincidence?

    "Tzero Teams with Analog Devices to Enable Wireless High-Definition Video
    Ultra Wideband Design Connects HDMI? Devices Wirelessly, Helps Consumers Eliminate Cost and Complexity of Hard-wired Installations"

    Very interesting and they are just down the road in Sunnyvale.. makes one wonder??

    :cool: :cool:

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  • Analog Kid
    Sep 16, 02:40 AM
    This is the most credible of the iPhone rumors I've seen so far-- in no small part because it didn't have a picture attached... The feature set sounds right, the move away from doing everything from the ground up sounds right. There's a lot of companies that have put a lot of effort into building technologies for cell phones-- it would be foolhardy for Apple to think they could do everything better. Get into the market with something that innovates in one small area-- even if that's just in its support for iTunes. Once you understand the market a little better, improve on the pieces you think you can.

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  • AppleDroid
    Apr 30, 05:20 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7A341 Safari/528.16)

    To those clamoring for a matte option I feel your pain but our time is long gone. I bought a Mac Pro just so I could use matte screen because my underdeveloped eyes couldn't get used to "looking past reflections" on the new iMac (which I sold in less than a year)

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  • DVK916
    Sep 17, 06:59 PM
    There are two main types of cell phone system: CDMA and GSM. The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) was created in France throughout the 80's and the EU endorsed it as their official system, which caused it to spread globally. Meanwhile, across the pond, we were sitting on our little keisters and our brick analog phones and then a company called Quallcomm decided to do something six years after GSM had publically been out and they created a popular version of CDMA. CDMA is currently used by Sprint and Verizon (and I think a few Canadian carriers) and is pretty much only existent here in America. GSM is present in 78% of the world's markets.

    With that said, GSM phones will not work on CDMA networks and vice versa. If Apple does make a phone, I think it would be GSM in order to capture most of the international market as well as the US. CDMA is very limited because it is not used anywhere besides a few carriers here in America.

    You are wrong. CDMA is also in SK and Japan. Most 3G users in Japan are on CDMA2000 a varient of CDMA that is used in the U.S.

    Here there are carries that offer free unlimited incoming calls too. I have a plan, 40 a month and I get 500 out going minutes to anyone in the U.S or Canada, plus unlimited incoming minutes from anyone. I also have free internet on my phone, and 500 text messeges.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 07:18 AM
    I still don't get why there is still no mention of built-in 3G support. For a device as mobile as the MBA, it's beyond me why it's still missing.

    But maybe I'm missing something here :-)

    Yes, built-in 3G is more costly to buy, usually locked into a particular carrier (what do you mean I can't switch my 1500$ laptop to a new carrier ?) and with the Rev D's 2nd USB port being next to a display port, the "extension" cable is moot.

    So you are quite missing tons of things. The current scheme of "get a stick from your carrier" is the best as far as costs and carrier non-attachment go. I tether to my iPhone using Bluetooth anyhow, making the USB thing even more moot.

    Built-in 3G is overrated.

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  • lexidata
    May 3, 10:37 AM
    I've just finish chatting with a person on the apple website. She told me that I can use the new imac (21 and 27") thunderbold input to use the imac as an external display. Only if it comes from a thunderbolt output (like an macbook pro for exemple).

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  • whatever
    Sep 11, 10:51 PM
    The margins on a mid-mac should be better than the iMac since it's using standard (and therefore cheap) desktop components. So any mid-mac sales in preference to the iMac would probably make Apple more money anyway.
    I want Apple to release a stupid "mid-mac" just to shut you and everyone else up.

    Professionals buy Mac Pros or laptops. Consumers buy iMacs or laptops. That's a sound and successful strategy for Apple. And if you need a cheap Mac, you can buy a mini.

    Just because Intel releases a chip, does not mean Apple is going to use it. If that was the case then Intel should re-release the 486, so that Apple can put them in the "mid-mac"!

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  • Cpt.N00B
    Apr 25, 02:50 PM
    Thinner, no optical...perhaps SSD only?

    I'd prefer a smaller bezel the same color as the MBA. Say, 1/4" or a little smaller? Larger trackpad for more gestures?

    I doubt they will make optical drive external and have SSD as default. The price of SSD is still very expensive for its capacity. And taking out the optical loses part of the pro feature. (Ultra-large MBA? haha)

    Anyway, I would love to see a new case design. The current MBPs get scratched too easily, maybe a harder material (may be more expensive though). Better screen can be pretty nice as well.. :))

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  • MacSamurai
    Sep 5, 01:27 PM
    OH PLEEASE let it be the phone...i need a new one now!!!

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 10:58 AM
    Please! Let the Merom be overclockable in the next MBP or at least make it a CPU-swappable socket! If not, I may consider just getting a new Mac Pro that will be. Would hate to spend $3k on a new 17" with a stagnant (yet potent) CPU when every other Mac system out there will be overclockable or swappable. Any thoughts?


    Um. Most laptops are not overclockable or swappable. So you are asking a bit much there.

    Also, Professionals don't overclock, children do. Buy accordingly.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Mar 30, 12:48 PM
    Am I missing something from this? You're using a screenshot of Windows showing file types and the only thing showing the use of the term "Application" is on iTunes related files?

    How does that prove your point? I really don't know if I missed what you were actually trying to convey? It's kinda like when someone is horribly wrong and because of that you start to question yourself if you were even right in the first place.

    Thought it was clear so I'll try again.

    Notice the iTunes.exe in the middle? It being the actual program but is denoted as Application.;)

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  • FleurDuMal
    Sep 14, 08:38 AM
    If Apple can show a version of Aperture which will run smoothly on a Mac Pro, then my two grand is practically theirs already...

    An iCamera (CameraPro?) of some kind would be nice, though highly unlikely.

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 20, 12:04 PM
    Not good. I need an explanation. time to do research?

    if you are not doing anything wrong, what is there to worry about?

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 25, 01:16 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.



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  • MacMan86
    Apr 12, 06:21 AM
    Unless, as mentioned earlier in this thread, that 3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware. In that case, all customers will be required to install a mandatory "security" bug fix which installs support for a new private key, and everything proceeds as normal.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from, and also preprogrammed support for all of those keys into every properly licensed accessory. Maybe they just planned to use the first key up until it was compromised, and then move on to another.

    Now, they might just push a new iTunes upgrade that blacklists the compromised key and moves on to another one -- and at the same time, instruct all licensed equipment to also add that key to their own blacklist (while continuing to maintain seamless support for all the remainder of the preprogrammed keys) the next time the licensed equipment connects to an authorized audio source.

    (Unless, maybe the reverse engineer in this case already anticipated such an eventuality, and actually extracted all of the keys -- assuming, of course, that there really are multiple keys. If that were the case, then the reverse engineer hypothetically might have defeated the entire benefit that Apple might have derived from hypothetically having multiple keys to choose from in the first place...)

    What's a little crazy with that is you start to believe your own hypothetical, made-up engineering. Now, no one here knows anything for sure, but, I think we can say with some certainty that Apple won't be changing the key in iTunes.

    3rd party hardware includes the ability to upgrade its firmware
    Sweeping generalisation. Those simple iHome AirPlay speakers can be connected to a computer and then firmware upgraded? Very unlikely. Not every AirPlay licensed hardware is an expensive Hi-Fi amp with upgradable firmware.

    Heck, it's even possible that Apple might already have planned for this contingency, and instead of just having one private key, they may have come up with a set of many private keys to choose from
    Near enough pointless. If someone is able to get hold of one private key, they're in a position to get hold of any others. This guy dumped the ROM after all.

    The biggest reason for Apple not to change the key is it would break everything. A "mandatory "security" bug fix" isn't feasible for hardware, it would be like trying to organise a product recall - you could never tell everyone, and everyone would be wondering why their product suddenly broke - the companies behind these products would be swamped with support calls. You simply can't just bring out an update that breaks everything, hoping that customers will somehow update hardware that might not even be up-dateable.

    tl;dr - However Apple engineered this, it's almost certainly not like that ^

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  • holycat
    Sep 12, 05:44 PM
    Apple is in a slow fall...
    I love Mac's, and will always own one. However, the Intel Mac's are buggy as hell. (Still Not Compareable to Windows) The iPod's are not as good as the PSP, except for the large hard drive (and the ease of iTunes).

    PSP better than iPod??in what sense??:confused:

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  • spacemanspifff
    Apr 20, 10:28 AM
    Just downloaded the app and had a quick look. All I can say is this data would be pretty useless if you're trying to work out where I've been. As a lot - and I mean more than 60% - of the dots are in places that I've never even been! In the FAQ for the app they say this will happen, but some of these places are like 30-60 miles from where I actually was during the weeks in question.

    So I wouldn't worry about it too much, if it was actual GPS data and not Cell Tower triangulation then it would be much more accurate, but as it appears [at least from my cursory glance] you couldn't really tell where I was with any degree of accuracy. In fact, there was one week where it put me in Bristol UK with lots of dots all over the city and I was actually in Spain!

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  • Lollypop
    Sep 9, 02:20 AM
    I guess I've got mind whip lash from the transition to Intel. It's still kinda hard to wrap the mind around these speed improvments. I'm still used to the very modest speed bumps from the PPC days.

    How wonderfully refreshing it is to see these leaps in speed with each product update. I hope this pace keeps up. Some may disagree, but I think it's spectacular compared to what we used to get from Moto/Freescale/IBM.

    Its nice to see all these speed improvements, but at some point its going to end, Apple chose to transition at a very interesting time, Intel wont be releaing new chips like this all the time... but at least we can compare apples to apples now! :eek:

    Mar 22, 02:19 PM
    Brian Tong could announce a 30inch 300dpi + 6 Core SB i7 + 24GB RAM + 500GB SSD + crossfired 6970 iMac for 500.00...and he'd still be totally worthless (unintelligent + NOT funny + unattractive + annoying as hell + probably hides cameras in the CNET women's bathrooms).

    ...Now Brian Cooley on the other hand, THAT DUDE ROCKS!

    Apr 30, 03:16 PM
    Still loving my 21.5 inch i3 iMac.
    I am hoping it gets a chassis redesign though.

    i hope there is a white 27in

    Apr 30, 06:24 PM
    I think it will be just as big as USB2 was. Why wouldn't it? I would be surprised if all the PC vendors shipped machines with TB, if history is any indication. Far more Windows PC's were shipped with USB2 than FW. That may change this time around with TB but I doubt it.

    My desktop has eSATA and USB 2 built into the case (of course this requires some plugging in on the motherboard itself...) and the motherboard supports firewire.

    I think what will probably happen is just switching to USB3 and TB. Seems easiest and the most backward-compatible.

    I can't wait to get a USB3 flash drive so my laptop can finally put its USB3 to use :)

    Mar 23, 06:14 PM
    Ahh... America, the land of the free.... all rights and no responsibility. Its an insult to the concept of safe and responsible actions to think that an app that alerts you to a DUI checkpoint is OK. Speeding and red light is different, cause that STOPS people speeding and running red lights, but getting drunk (even moderately - you can still read an app and press a button on your phone) then knowing how to avoid the repercussions aint cool. And hey - try living in Australia - Random Breath tests and drug testing, but then the road toll here has significantly been reduced over the last decade - we have that wonderful campaign - 'If you drink, then drive - your a bloody idiot'!!

    Oct 27, 08:25 PM
    So all Greenpeace did was hand out leaflets in areas other than their stand? So they didn't smash up the Apple stand or invade Adobe chanting and shouting.

    They handed out leaflets and were ejected because no one's ever allowed to talk about the downsides of our throwaway consumer-trinket technojunk culture without being told to shut up.

    Heck, every trade show I ever go to has girls with their tits half hanging out wondering the halls handing out leaflets nowhere near their particular stand.

    Sad to see so many people now happy to have people's free speech stamped all over. No wonder Bush can dismantle the Bill of Rights and his lapdog Blair can swiftly remove centruries-old liberties with barely a whisper. I agree with Greenpeace's concerns. Vast toxic waste dumps with no proper processing are springing up across China.

    If some fat overfed Westerner's kids had to live and play near a site like that they'd be up in arms! But, no, let's pretend the problems are somehow 'made up' by 'subversives' and need stamping out with the jackboots.
    I didn't read every post, but the above nicely sums up my take on it. The reference to half-naked women at car shows is a stroke of genius. I mean, kids go to such shows. Greenpeace handing out leaflets, though, is an affront to mature businessmen.

    But Greenpeace aren't going to make a change at Apple. Only the consumers are going to do that. Not by forming a negative opinion about Apple's business practices/production methods but by not buying their products. Anyone here willing? Thought not. Me neither. Only the powers of the marketplace are going to force a powerful, important company to invest in change, and those powers need to be manifested as more than opinions.

    And sorry if this has been mentioned already, but in the picture on the GP site they're holding red apples, not green. Isn't that, like, stupid?