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  • walkerIV
    Mar 12, 10:45 AM
    If you installed the program in /Applicaions it should be accessible to anyone on the computer. If you have it installed in ~/Applications/ it will only be accessible to one user.
    I believe copying the app folder to /Applications should do the trick in the latter case.


    nike logo wallpaper. nike logo wallpaper.
  • nike logo wallpaper.

  • gkarris
    Apr 2, 08:09 PM
    Not limited edition according to Engadget and Joystiq. Worry not.

    The version but what about the Black color - is that permanent?


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  • michaelsviews
    Jun 25, 05:25 PM
    Is this SOLD or ?


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  • St0rMl0rD
    Dec 25, 04:56 AM
    My iPhone 4.



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  • ownamo
    Mar 24, 08:08 PM
    future shop is not handing out tickets (at least not here in ontario), i went today to ask about that


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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 25, 08:23 AM
    I found this interesting:

    Notebook Owners
    Your one-year warranty includes replacement coverage for a defective battery. You can extend your replacement coverage for a defective battery to three years from the date of your notebook purchase with the AppleCare Protection Plan. However, the AppleCare Protection Plan for notebook computers does not cover batteries that have failed or are exhibiting diminished capacity except when the failure or diminished capacity is the result of a manufacturing defect. Apple offers a battery replacement service for MacBook Air and all MacBook Pro notebooks with built-in batteries. You can purchase replacement batteries for late models of Apple notebooks directly from the Apple Store.

    So what constitutes defective. Is there are criteria for measuring this that is disclosed or it it up to the repair tech?

    The way I view this is that it essentially means 99.99% of the time the battery is not covered.

    That article provides some insight. In general, it has to be clearly defective before Apple will replace it. For current Macs it is 1000 cycles until it should drop below 80% but of course, Apple won't replace it if it has 999 cycles and it is at 79%.


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  • Tallhalfwit
    Jun 19, 04:23 AM
    Interesting to see that the key-visual (bunch of TV screens rotating) they use actually comes from the Apple TV starting animation and yet, there was no news on it.....:(


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  • RobertPS
    Apr 20, 05:17 PM
    Basically you are saying that the case is physically warped and that I should apply torque on the MBA case to fix the warp. That sounds a bit risky. I think I will bring this back.

    Yes, that's what I'm saying.

    It doesn't need a lot of pressure.
    The MBA case isn't very rigid.
    You can start with very little pressure.

    No harm in bringing it back though.


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  • chrono1081
    Mar 28, 03:33 PM
    Seriously! Hour and a half would be the most I could use, my time would be better spent on something else.

    But, as long as your sister is pleased with the shots, awesome! You should see if you can post some up here when she gets them!

    I'll be allowed to post. There were a ton of photo ops all over this place and the photog still didn't get to them all (even though he was working fast as were his assistants). It was a good time stalking them to see what shots they were getting. There were two shots I'd of loved to seen but I kept my mouth shut since its rude to harass the photog.


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  • CP1091
    Feb 2, 10:17 PM
    If you are interested in something else.. I have an unlocked Blackberry Pearl that could be yours.. :)


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  • NumeroTen
    Apr 13, 02:15 PM
    On your thinka bout Rapidweaver having bad reviews on the app store. I've had it for quite a while and have experianced no such bugs.. the only think is when u set up things u must read the manual. However, i can also recommend word press, and sandvox is a good program to.


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  • daveL
    Feb 17, 11:50 AM
    Use PithHelmet version 0.7.3. The latest versions don't work well. Always crashing, slowing down safari... ugh.
    Thanks, I'll try that!


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  • Benjy91
    Apr 18, 06:06 AM
    If I bring this to the Genius Bar, which is the more likely outcome: they will fix it, or exchange it? I'd like to know so I can start copying my files off of the computer.

    No harm in copying them now, if they simply fix it, you can delete the copy afterwards?


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  • pullman
    Mar 9, 01:24 PM
    Thanks for the info, guys. I appreciate it.

    Well I am considering the new MBPs too. Getting a PB would only be for curiosity, posterity, interest etc.



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  • homercles
    Jun 18, 08:59 PM
    Ayup. I'll be there tomorrow. Debating on whether to go down late tonight or just wait til early tomorrow...

    Anyone else going to be going to the apple store for their phone on the 19th?


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  • Tom B.
    Mar 31, 12:02 PM
    does anyone know exactly what the difference will be? pokemon wise? :D

    Me. :D

    Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Version Exclusives at (


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  • Sdashiki
    Oct 17, 12:28 PM
    your own post and you dont like it?


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  • iPhonePhan
    Jun 20, 05:44 PM
    Work and the World Cup will keep me pretty well occupied until Thursday. And this site of course.


    Sorry in advance to the non-Brazilians (and after today's awesome game, Cote d'Ivoiriens ;)


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  • eAspenwood
    Dec 9, 10:07 AM
    I find that a chilly day outside, like between 30 - 50 degrees Farenheit is the perfect temperature range for the G5 to comfortably heat up my small office. A really cold day, like below 20 degrees, is just too cold for it to keep up. Perhaps I need to upgrade to a quad.

    After cursing the G5 under my desk all summer long for giving me SLS (Sweaty Leg Syndrome), I now am reaping the full benefits of a G5. Kudos to Apple for thinking of us in these cold winter months by providing this great feature.

    Now, if I could just get that cup holder to stay put...

    Sep 8, 01:10 PM
    how can you install snow leopard off a usb flash drive? i am currently running tiger...

    Mar 29, 12:31 PM
    What's the value of $PWD for the process called by system ? Since you specify a relative path, it will write the file to $PWD/. Try setting an absolute path instead.

    Next, what is the euid of the process called by system ? If not run as root, does the user have permissions to write to $PWD ?

    Also, why are you casting the result of calloc ? You don't have to cast it if you include stdlib.h which you did.

    Silent Assassin
    Mar 28, 12:25 PM
    And only on iPad 1 NOT iPad 2, correct?

    I'm not 100% sure on that..

    Sep 9, 03:08 AM
    Hi all,

    Everyone keeps banging on about this Apple event 9th Sept (today), but when is it in UK time?

    I'm not sure about the time differences.


    6PM :)

    Feb 20, 05:29 PM
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    I would implore everyone on this site to donate atleast $10. This guy needs our help.

    No soldier left behind.